Gustav Magnusson 
Rough day in the office for OG off lane
July 7, 2017
s4 played a below-average series for OG in their loss to LGD in MDL 2017. The soft-spoken off laner finished with a KDA of 8/13/17
s4 kicked off the series with the Tidehunter in the off lane. s4 heavily struggled early on despite being on a tanky hero. He tried his best to stay in lane, but he could have jungled instead to help his economy. LGD took advantage of s4's mistake as they killed him off seven times in the game. He even picked up a 20-minute Buckler, which was very surprising. In Game 2, s4 stepped it up on his Enigma. His farm game was much more on point with his nine-minute Hand of Midas. He had some okay Black Holes in the game as he racked up six kills and 12 assists, but it still wasn't enough.
Commendable initiation from the OG off lane
July 6, 2017
s4 finished with a 0/6/23 KDA in a win over LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
s4 played Centaur Warrunner. s4 had a rough game, but his suffering was the part of something good for his team. His initiation was solid all game, but it often resulted in his own death. Despite his KDA not looking very impressive, s4's ability to start fights was crucial to OG's success. His disable also contributed a lot to Ana's Invoker's ability to deal maximum damage with his spells.
Rough game for OG's aging off laner
July 5, 2017
s4 finished OG's 1-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during the group stage of MDL 2017 with a KDA of 2/4/12.
s4 played Faceless void in the off lane. Unable to wear down a squishy Drow Ranger thanks to Cr1t's Io, s4 suffered. Arteezy continually put him down with help from SumaiL as well. If the off laner is supposedly the backbone of any good team, EG snapped OG's backbone in half this go round.
Terrible game for the OG off lane
July 5, 2017
s4 finished a miserable game vs LGD in the MDL 2017 group stages with a 1/13/6 KDA
s4 played Batrider. This game was nothing short of a total disaster for s4. He started out the game with five deaths before 10 minutes and things never improved. He couldn't initiate without dying, and in most cases he couldn't even get off a Flaming Lasso.
Shaky performance from OG's offlane
May 27, 2017
s4 had a rough series overall in OG's 1-2 elimination match loss to Faceless at the Manila Masters. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/22/33.
In Game 1 s4 played Earthshaker. He played a solid game as the primary source of initiation and counter-initiation for OG. Despite giving up a lot of deaths, eight, s4 was still very effective in fights. Usually his deaths came after he had used all his spells, leaving Faceless weakened and easy for the rest of OG to finish off. s4 finished with a 5/8/11 KDA. In Game 2 s4 played Dark Seer. He had a good lane, but was the only one on his team to do so. This meant that even when s4 found initiations, there wasn't enough damage to back him up. After a few failed fights early, s4 fell too far behind to even position himself to initiate. He finished the game with a 2/5/9 KDA. In Game 3 s4 played Clockwerk. He had a very rough time this game. He was somewhat effective in fights, but usually ended up dying instantly at the start of a fight or to random damage. As the game dragged on, his effectiveness continued to taper off even more. s4 finished the game with an 8/9/13 KDA.
Clinched his team a spot in the grand finals
April 30, 2017
s4 put together a solid showing as OG defeated Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the semifinals of the Kiev Major. OG advances on to the grand final to face Virtus.pro. s4 finished the series with a 8/13/31 KDA and destroyed a tower in the series.
Starting on Legion Commander, s4 had a solid showing in Game 1 as all of OG was able to be in control the entire game. They grabbed the lead early and never gave it up. Game 2, however, demanded OG to play from behind in the mid game as EG jumped out first. As the series ended in a 2-0 sweep, OG was able to mount the comeback but it wasn't anything flashy by s4 that allowed that. His statline was nearly identical in each game, playing Axe in Game 2, but it was great to see OG thrive from behind. s4 can and will play better as they advance to the grand finals.
Tries to force the Clockwerk
April 25, 2017
s4 finished OG's 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 12/14/19.
In Game 1, s4 never had a chance as Clockwerk. A few bad maneuvers in the early game led to iG abusing him in lane for as long as he was willing to stay. In Game 2, s4 had a better time as Clockwerk in the off lane. Doing everything he could to enable N0tail's Spectre, there never seemed to be enough burst damage to follow his hooks and OG were swept away.
OG's off lane delivers two games of excellent initiation
March 31, 2017
s4 played two good games in OG's 2-0 win over Newbee on the first day of DAC 2017 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/8/34.
s4 played Enigma in Game 1. He went for the same early Hand of Midas build that he did in the group stages, and it seemed to work just as well. OG won some crazy early fights, but couldn't close it out early enough for comfort. Even when the game went super late though, OG had the teamfight advantage as long as s4 could deliver. s4 finished the game with a 7/4/20 KDA. s4 played Enigma again in Game 2. He had a much more difficult game this time against Newbee's Rubick, but s4 proved that even hero counters can't stop his Enigma. He once again delivered multiple amazing Black Holes, netting OG a clean 2-0 series in. s4 finished with a 3/4/14 KDA.
Impressive offlane performance
March 28, 2017
s4 was the only member of his team with good stats in both games of OG's 1-1 tie with VG.J in the Dota 2 Asia Championships. He finished with an overall KDA of 20/7/27.
In Game 1 s4 played his legendary Batrider. He had a rough start, giving up two back-two-back deaths, and things never really picked up for him. Although he could initiate, he didn't have the damage or backup to actually finish off kills that mattered. s4 finished with an 11/7/12 KDA. In Game 2 s4 played Enigma. He went for a very greedy start, abandoning the offlane in favor of the jungle and going for a Hand of Midas as his first item. This paid off in spades for s4 and OG. He was able to quickly get up a Black King Bar and Blink Dagger, giving OG an unstoppable initiation advantage over VG.J. He finished with a 9/0/15 KDA.
Not the best series for OG offlane
March 28, 2017
s4 played a subpar series for OG in their win over Team Empire in the Dota Asia Championship 2017. The veteran Swede finished with a KDA of 7/12/26.
s4 kicked off the series with Axe in the offlane. s4 has recently had a good run with the hero, but this was a rare bad game for the International 3 Champion. His initiations after picking up a 10-minute Blink Dagger weren't very effective. His item progression was slow despite being on the winning team. s4 was on Centaur Warrunner in the second game. He had a rough early game and couldn't pressure the enemy Troll Warlord very effectively. s4 was forced to jungle early and picked up a late Blink Dagger at 16 minutes. But he made up for it with good initiation and Stampede usage in the latter stages of the game.
OG starts off DAC with a convincing win
March 26, 2017
s4 initiated his way to victory in both games of OG's 2-0 win over Wings in the Dota 2 Asia Championships group stage. He finished with a 7/7/32 KDA.
In Game 1 s4 played Centaur Warrunner. He had a rough lane up against iceice's Shadow Shaman and his recent plus-18 damage buff. His Blink Dagger came later than he would have liked, but once s4 got it, he became a very powerful initiator. This gave OG yet another means of getting right on top of someone, securing their late-game advantage. s4 finished with a 6/2/15 KDA. s4 played Centaur Warrunner against in Game 2. He had another excellent game. After securing Blink Dagger, OG took such a massive lead that there was almost no way for them to lose. Once again, s4 supplied the initiation advantage that proved critical to actually winning the game. s4 finished with a 1/5/17 KDA.
Rare off game for the all-star offlaner
February 27, 2017
s4 finished OG's 2-1 loss to Vici Gaming.J during the semifinals of the Starladder Season 3 LAN with a KDA of 10/16/40.
In Game 1, s4 played Centaur Warrunnerin the offlane. Despite suffering early setbacks, s4 still managed to pick up a 13-minute Blink Dagger. s4 made efficient trades that benefitted his teammates and was able to recoup his losses off of their success later in the game. Things began to go downhill for s4 in Game 2, where he played Slardar. In a dual lane with N0tail, s4 still managed a 10-minute Blink Dagger, but was unable to utilize it effectively. Often engaging in efficient trades OG would then be caught out of position or overextend having their advantage nullified. In Game 3, the battle was won in the draft. OG drafted a lineup predicated on combining ultimates for big nuke damage. While s4s' Dark Seer was an excellent instigator for this strategy, last picking a support hero left them open to being counter-drafted and they were, in the form of Naga Siren. With the ability to mitigate and interrupt OG's plays, VGJ made short work of the tournament favorites to take their place in the grand finals, leaving OG with a third place finish.
Former mid laner thrives in new role
February 24, 2017
Swedish star s4 continues to shine in the off lane for OG as they beat TNC in Starladder Season 3. s4 finished with a KDA of 13/8/37.
s4 kicked off the series with Axe, a hero he is continually impressing with as of late. Despite his 11 deaths, he definitely made his presence felt with several high-impact Berserker's Calls throughout the game. s4 dictated the tempo of the game after getting his 11-minute Blink Dagger. While his first game was good, his second game was much better on the Centaur. He only died once and got an even earlier Blink Dagger timing at eight minutes. His initiations were crisp and his Stampede usage was a thing of beauty.
OG's off lane delivers two solid wins
February 23, 2017
s4 played two impressive games in OG's 2-0 win over Team Secret at the Starladder iLeague Season 3 finals. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/3/50.
In Game 1 s4 played Dark Seer. Although Dark Seer received another round of nerfs in the recent 7.02 patch, the increased mana cost of Ion Shell did little to slow down s4. Although his lane phase wasn't as strong as old Dark Seer, the rest of the game was exactly the same. s4 set OG up for huge teamfight wins with Vacuum. He finished with a 5/2/28 KDA. In game 2 s4 played Dark Seer again. He played another solid game, setting up OG's fights with easy Vacuum combinations. s4 finished the second game with another impressive KDA, 3/1/22 this time.
Limited success from the OG offlane in their second place Dota Pit finish
January 23, 2017
s4's Underlord looked very strong, but he struggled on other heroes in OG's 2-3 loss to Evil Geniuses in the grand finals of Dota Pit Season 5. He finished with an overall KDA of 14/34/54.
In Game 1 s4 played Underlord in the Radiant offlane. s4 played a solid game, landing his spells and using Dark Rift wisely to save his team. The root from Pit of Malice was arguably the most important disable in OG's arsenal, and s4 devastated EG with it. s4 finished the game with a 0/2/14 KDA. In Game 2 s4 played Slardar in the Radiant offlane. s4 had a rough game initiating for OG. Despite picking a Brewmaster for themselves, OG were losing fights. s4 died in almost all of these fights, and no one on his team could follow up with the damage they needed. s4 finished with a 1/8/8 KDA. In Game 3 s4 played Underlord in the Dire offlane. Once again s4 put on a very understated performance on Underlord. Although it may not have looked like it, s4 presence in fights was the deciding factor in favor of OG all game. He finished with a 5/5/15 KDA, participating in all but five of his team's 25 kills. In Game 4 s4 played Omniknight in the Dire offlane. This was a rough game for s4, starting from the lane phase. He died multiple times to Arteezy's Weaver and wasn't able to play as aggressively in fights as he would have liked. Soon he became little more than food for EG's Invoker and Weaver in fights. s4 finished with a 3/13/8 KDA. In Game 5 s4 played Batrider in the Radiant offlane. s4 got off to a hot start, finding critical kills on heroes like Shadow Fiend and Enigma. Unfortunately for OG, this success wouldn't last much longer. As EG's lead grew, initiating became extremely dangerous for s4 to the point that he simply couldn't by the end of the game. s4 finished the game with a 5/6/9 KDA.