Gustav Magnusson 
Unable to play from behind
January 9, 2018
s4 finished OG's 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the semi-finals of Captains Draft 4 with an average KDA 4/8/10.
s4 played Spirit Breaker in Game 1 with limited effect. He was able to farm some items, but quickly fell off as Vici Gaming started their ganks. In Game 2, s4 played Clockwork. While he was able to accelerate the progress of some of his teammates he fell off to hard towards the end of the game and became more fodder than formidable.
No problem playing from behind
January 6, 2018
s4 showed some impressive mental fortitude, battling his way back into both games of a 2-0 win against Empire at Captain's Draft 4. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/11/30.
In Game 1 s4 played Brewmaster. He started the game off by dying four times in lane, but after 10 minutes he only gave up a single additional death. His initiation was fantastic, and he was able to provide some excellent control in fights that let OG pick targets with a lot of freedom. s4 finished with a 6/5/17 KDA. s4 delivered a repeat of his Game 1 performance in Game 2, this time on Centaur Warrunner. He died a lot in the early game, but was able to fight his way back into the game by grouping up and taking small engagements with his team. Eventually, he was farmed enough to start full fledged fights, at which point OG completely took over the game. s4 finished with a 4/6/13 KDA.
Bounces back after poor start
January 4, 2018
S4 played a solid game for OG in their win against compLexity in Captain's Draft 4.0. He finished with a KDA of 5/3/12.
S4's Clockwerk in the only game of the series had some early struggles. His 20-minute Blade Mail was a lot later than he would have liked, but his incredible Hookshots in the latter stages of the game really allowed OG to take control.
Consistent as always
December 18, 2017
s4 finished OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8 with an average KDA of 2/5/11.
In Game 1, s4 played the damage sponge as Abaddon, helping to protect Resolut1on and keep his carry from a single death. s4 finished with a 0/5/11 KDA. s4's Puck in Game 2 got off to a hot start but couldn't recoup the losses from the other lanes, finishing with a 2/7/4 KDA. In Game 3, s4 came through as Brewmaster, soaking up damage and controlling fights as N0tail was split pushing. S4 finished Game 2 with a 4/4/19 KDA.
Solid performance from the OG offlane
December 16, 2017
s4 played well in a commanding 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/4/22.
In Game 1 s4 played Puck. This was a strong start to the series for s4 and the rest of OG, taking a relatively easy win over EG. s4 was very effective at setting up fights for OG, as well as contributing to bursting down enemy heroes. He finished with a 6/1/13 KDA. In Game 2 s4 played the coveted Omniknight, showing off just why this hero is banned so often. He made his team so incredibly difficult to kill all game. Between his healing, Guardian Angel and the evasion from Resolut1on's Magnetic Fields, OG was impossible to fight into. s4 finished with a 5/3/9 KDA.
Classic performance from the veteran
December 8, 2017
s4 played a great game for OG against TNC in MDL Macau. The Swedish off laner finished with a KDA of 12/6/24.
s4 played Puck in their only match against TNC. He was aggressively zoned out by 1437 and couldn't find a lot of farm or experience. He did still buy a Blink Dagger at 17-minute mark. His game then just improved from there. His Dream Coils were efficient and he was making really good space. Whenever TNC killed him they had to work for it which opened up the map for N0tail and Resolution.
Uses solid start to control the game
December 8, 2017
s4 had an excellent game for OG in their win against LFY. The Swedish off laner finished with a KDA of 8/3/12.
s4 went with Brewmaster in the only game of the series. He had as much farm he could get in the early game as an off laner. The nine-minute Blink Dagger was key in keeping up the tempo for Resolut1on. He then followed it up with a 17-minute Vladimir's Offering, which showed his dedication to just help his team win fights. His Brewling control was also efficient, as he utilized the full kit and disabled the enemy as much as possible.
Struggling to find his feet in the new patch
November 4, 2017
s4 finished with a 1/5/12 KDA in OG's loss to Newbee in the loser's bracket at the DotaPit Minor. OG are now eliminated.
s4 played Centaur Warrunner and had a rough time this game. He landed a couple of very nice initiations, but these came too far and few between to turn the tides in OG's favor. s4 seemed to be just a step behind the pace that Newbee was setting, and once he fell behind it was an impossible task for him to catch up.
Struggles to get anything done
September 27, 2017
S4 was far from his normal productive self as OG lost to Team Secret in the Starladder EU Qualifier Finals. The former mid laner finished with a KDA of 8/14/20.
S4's opening match on the Batrider had a few good plays early on as he got a 14-minute Blink Dagger, but as the game progressed he ended up telegraphing his intentions to his opponents. He only picked up 12 assists and couldn't even break the 300-gold-per-minute mark. S4 tried his luck with Brewmaster in Game 2. His decision to pick a greedy 17-minute Hand of Midas after a good 11-minute Blink Dagger ended up greatly hurting his progression and his team's chances of winning.
Back to Brewmaster in the off lane
August 9, 2017
s4 had a solid performance in OG's win against Infamous in the elimination match of The International 2017. He finished the series with a KDA of 4/1/14.
s4 did an excellent job in the off lane with his Brewmaster. Matching up against Troll Warlord and Lich in his lane was no issue, as he still managed to farm up a Blink Dagger in under 10 minutes. Once he had his Blink, his initiations became lethal with Primal Split. Showing off his micro skills with the spirits, he managed to disrupt multiple heroes from Infamous in every confrontation, allowing his Chaos Knight and Invoker to deal the main damage. He ended the game third in the net-worth chart, just behind teammates Ana and n0tail.
Veteran struggles to find form
August 5, 2017
s4 had a rough series in OG's draw against Execration in The International 2017. The Swedish star finished with a KDA of 5/9/24.
s4 opened the series with Batrider. S4 died before the first bounty rune and he really struggled to pressure the lane. He got one kill against the Shadow Shaman early, but it was still an uphill battle from there. His 16-minute Blink Dagger without a Drums of Endurance summed up his underwhelming showing. In Game 2, he had a much better performance on Clockwerk. His early game went very well and he rotated efficiently. His initiations helped OG keep Execration at bay while Ana did his thing.
Makes the Brewmaster work in the off lane
August 4, 2017
s4 finished OG's 1-1 draw with Newbee during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 9/16/29
S4 played Clockwerk and Brewmaster in Games 1 and 2 of the series respectively. In Game 1, Clockwerk was the wrong pick to deal with Newbee. Cordoning off a space to fight around Power Cogs enabled all of Newbee's heroes with an easy opportunity to throw down big nuke spells with a guaranteed hit. In Game 2, s4 was able to outlane Newbee's tragic Alchemist with the help of rotations from JerAx's Earthshaker. This allowed OG all the space they needed in the other lanes to dominate the game and even the series.
Same role, different hero
August 3, 2017
s4 finished OG's 2-0 victory over Cloud9 during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 14/8/21.
s4 played Centaur Warrunner and Axe in Games 1 and 2 respectively. He performed the same job admirably on both heroes. He survived his lane, found his farm and was able to keep the enemy team locked down while his allies pounded them into dust.
Rough day in the office for OG off lane
July 7, 2017
s4 played a below-average series for OG in their loss to LGD in MDL 2017. The soft-spoken off laner finished with a KDA of 8/13/17
s4 kicked off the series with the Tidehunter in the off lane. s4 heavily struggled early on despite being on a tanky hero. He tried his best to stay in lane, but he could have jungled instead to help his economy. LGD took advantage of s4's mistake as they killed him off seven times in the game. He even picked up a 20-minute Buckler, which was very surprising. In Game 2, s4 stepped it up on his Enigma. His farm game was much more on point with his nine-minute Hand of Midas. He had some okay Black Holes in the game as he racked up six kills and 12 assists, but it still wasn't enough.
Commendable initiation from the OG off lane
July 6, 2017
s4 finished with a 0/6/23 KDA in a win over LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
s4 played Centaur Warrunner. s4 had a rough game, but his suffering was the part of something good for his team. His initiation was solid all game, but it often resulted in his own death. Despite his KDA not looking very impressive, s4's ability to start fights was crucial to OG's success. His disable also contributed a lot to Ana's Invoker's ability to deal maximum damage with his spells.
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