Linus Blomdin 
compLexity Gaming
Excellent outing for coL mid
October 13, 2017
Limmp churned out an excellent series for Complexity Gaming as they dismantled Newbee in Starladder. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 13/4/26.
He opened the series with Viper in the mid lane. His early game went perfectly thanks to Kyle's perfect rotations. He dominated sccc in his perfect Viper game where he didn't die a single time. In Game 2, his Death Prophet wasn't deathless, but he made Newbee work for every kill. His item progression was quick and he provided a lot of key Silences for his team.
Returns to the NA scene
September 6, 2017
In an announcement on compLexity's website, it was revealed that Limmp will be returning to the team alongside his brother, Chessie.
Limmp's recent stint with Alliance was mostly met with poor results. He will be returning to coL after a successful time with the organization in 2016. It's a new meta, however, so only time will tell if he replicates his fine form of last year.
Free Agent
Out of Alliance
August 18, 2017
In a release on Team Alliance's website, it was announced that Limmp would be leaving the team.
After a year of poor results, Alliance's roster is finally undergoing changes. Since joining the team last year after The International 6, Limmp struggled to achieve any results outside minor tournaments with lesser competition. After a year of weak results, the team also failed to qualify for The International 7. Despite posting such poor results, Limmp has been a standout player in the past and will likely be a desirable pickup for the middle lane.
Alliance's only hope in a losing effort
May 20, 2017
Limmp played well individually, but that wasn't enough in Alliance's 0-2 loss to iG at the StarLadder iLeague Invitational. He finished with a 7/5/6 KDA.
Limmp played Shadow Fiend in Game 1. Limmp did well in his lane, and managed to actually transition that into some potent mid-game fights. Although Limmp was able to dish out some pretty impressive punishment, he was the only member of his team really having a good game. Limmp finished with a 4/1/0 KDA. In Game 2 Limmp played Tinker. He had one of the best Tinker starts imaginable, securing his Boots of Travel by seven and a half minutes. He managed to keep up his performance throughout most of the game, but the times that he did die were devastating for Alliance. Limmp was Alliance's major source of damage, but he was unfortunately vulnerable in the late-game to iG's mobile cores. Limmp finished with a 3/4/6 KDA.
Controls mid lane in VGJ sweep
May 18, 2017
Limmp played very efficiently for Alliance, as he and his team swept VGJ 2-0 in the group stage of the Starladder Invitational #2. Limmp finished the series with a final KDA of 15/6/38.
Limmp had no issues dominating the mid lane in Game 1, participating in a five-minute killing spree on Brewmaster. Limmp still led the game in net worth 15 minutes in, but he dove a little too deep in the mid game, allowing VGJ to grab a few profitable kills. In the end, Alliance had built up too early of a lead to allow any sort of a comeback. Game 2 posed a challenging mid lane for Limmp on Shadow Fiend, as he saw constant pressure from VGJ's supports. However, he did a great job of not feeding, and farmed safely when he could. This prevented Limmp from falling behind, and helped him snowball into the late game for the victory, dealing 16,218 damage to buildings.
Put together a solid series in a disappointing loss
March 12, 2017
Limmp was not as bad as the series looked as Alliance loses to Team Secret 2-0 and fall to the loser's finals of the EU Regional Qualifiers for Kiev Major. Limmp finished with a 10/7/4 KDA in the series.
This series was completely controlled by Secret from the very beginning. Each game may have started out in a competitive fashion, but Secret promptly went on to make their move and win each game decisively. Out of all of the performances on the side of Alliance, Limmp's was the least disappointing as he seemed to be the only one not completely outmatched by Secret. Alliance will now have to fight through the losers bracket.
Helps hold down the middle lane
March 10, 2017
Limmp finished Alliance's 1-0 victory over Team Secret during the European Regional Qualifiers of the Kiev Major with a final KDA of 4/2/16.
Limmp played Silencer in the middle lane with Handsken's Ogre Magi. Together they were able to hamper MidOne so that he was unable to snowball. With the rest of the team keeping MP in check, Limmp was able to reset any engagement with his Global Silence, helping Alliance to take the win.
Shutdown by Team NP
November 13, 2016
Limmp finished without a kill in Alliance's 0-1 loss to Team NP in the BEAT Invitational loser's bracket. Limmp's final KDA was a poor 0/6/4.
Limmp played Dragon Knight in the middle lane against EternalEnVy's Mirana. Limmp focused primarily on pushing after acquiring his Shadow Blade around 11 minutes. Limmp managed to do 2,200 damage to enemy structures and even dealt 13,100 damage to enemy heroes, but he was still unable to notch a kill. Limmp was often focused down first, trying to keep the attention off of Loda's Terrorblade. Alliance was simply outplayed by Team NP who both out-drafted and out-farmed the lads from Sweden.
Is a monster against CompLexity
November 13, 2016
Limmp tore up compLexity and sent them home after a best-of-one win during the BEAT Invitational. Limmp finished the match with a KDA of 11/0/9.
Limmp played Juggernaut in the middle lane against canceL's Mirana. He was able to hold his own despite canceL's range advantage. He farmed quickly and was able to join in the team fights early. He feasted on the Terrorblade and Oracle alike, cutting them down with ease. He dealt 16,100 damage en route to a commanding victory and a matchup with Team NP in another best-of-one.
Weak performance from Alliance's new roster
November 11, 2016
Limmp showed glimmers of hope, but eventually folded in Alliance's 0-2 loss to Evil Geniuses at the NA Beat Arena Invitational. Limmp finished with an overall KDA of 2/9/8.
In Game 1 Limmp played Timbersaw in the Dire middle lane. He had a difficult lane against SumaiL's Invoker. Although Limmp did get decent last hits, he lost a lot of creeps to denies. Limmp struggled to both deal damage and survive in early fights, and fell extremely far behind. He finished the game with a 0/5/2 KDA. In Game 2 Limmp played Batrider in the middle lane. Despite giving up a death early, Limmp got a lot of farm in the early game. He got an extremely fast Blink Dagger, just before nine minutes, but didn't manage to get a lot of kills shortly after. Limmp remained the highest net worth on his team for all of Alliance's 25-minute Game 2 loss, a bad sign going forward. He finished with a 2/4/6 KDA.
Insane Templar Assassin game vs Na'Vi
October 26, 2016
New Alliance mid laner Limmp played an excellent series against Na'Vi. He finished with a KDA of 19/5/18.
On his first game as Templar Assassin, Limmp was a wrecking ball against Na'Vi. He picked up a game-high 18 kills, and amassed a whopping 41,000 hero damage to boot. In the second game he was on the greedier Medusa and only managed to pick up a single kill in the whole match. He did manage to still pick up 22,000 hero damage, which was impressive from the losing side.
Unable to make the difference in 2-0 defeat
October 24, 2016
Limmp finished Alliance's 2-0 loss to Team Liquid in DreamLeague Season 6 with an KDA of 14/6/17.
In Game 1, Limmp got off to a quick start as Shadow Fiend. He was able to contend with Miracle's Outworld Devourer for farm and even came out ahead. As the game went on, Limmp was less equipped to handle Miracle during teamfights and Alliance fell flat in Game 1. In Game 2, Limmp was given Warlock. Again he was able to contend with Miracle despite being at a disadvantage and again he came out ahead on farm finishing a Midas in nine minutes and his Aghanim's Scepter in 18 minutes. Alliance held even with Liquid, despite being disadvantaged in gold. Ultimately, Alliance did not secure the necessary kills in teamfights that were needed to overcome Liquid, so the Swedes were swept away 2-0.
Solid performance in 2-0 win.
October 19, 2016
Limmp, while the stats may not show it, was very effective through both games. He posted a KDA of 5/4/30 as Alliance swept Team NP 2-0 in season 6 of Dreamhack DreamLeague.
In Game 1, Limmp managed to survive and contribute as Outworld Devourer. He surprisingly struggled in the middle lane against EternaLEnVy's Juggernaut. Limmp was able to find his farm and helped to contain EnVy in later fights. In Game 2, Limmp found much more success as Batrider, securing his Blink Dagger in just nine minutes. Without giving up a single death, Limmp helped to corral EternaLEnVy in the teamfights and racked up a game-high 23 assists as Alliance rolled over Team NP to complete the series sweep.
New addition to the Alliance roster
September 16, 2016
According to a post on Alliance's website, Limmp will be joining their roster for the upcoming major season.
Limmp first rose to prominence with the original Ninjas in Pajamas Dota 2 team that disbanded in Nov. of 2015. Since then, he played with compLexity gaming. With compLexity, Limmp achieved moderate success but never any major victories. The team had a clear skill ceiling, but one that Limmp often seemed to break. As compLexity's middle-lane player, his Tiny play carried compLexity to many victories.
Free Agent
Limmp and compLexity part ways
August 30, 2016
In a press release on their website, compLexity confirmed that Limmp will be leaving the team along with Handsken.
Limmp has played with compLexity since Nov. of 2015 when Ninjas in Pajamas disbanded their Dota 2 squad. Since then, Limmp has become well known for his exceptional Tiny play and wide hero pool. With compLexity, Limmp's results have been mediocre. The team recently failed to make it to The International 6 main event, losing in the Wildcards to Execration. According to the compLexity press release, Limmp will be returning to Europe to play in that region.