Alaan Faraj 
Free Agent
Leaves Geek Fam, joins Hellraisers
September 6, 2017
In an announcement on the team's website, it was revealed that SexyBamboe will be returning to Europe with Hellraisers.
A grizzled vet of the Dota scene, SexyBamboe will be trying his luck back in Europe after an unsuccessful stint with Malaysia-based squad Geek Fam.
Joins Geek Fam
May 24, 2017
According to the Valve roster lock website, SexyBamboe has joined the Malaysian squad, Geek Fam.
SexyBamboe has been competing in competitive Dota 2 for almost six years, but the last time he was on a prominent team was in 2013 when he played for Evil Geniuses.
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