Lasse Urpalainen 
Team Liquid
Goes back to his roots on Venomancer
March 9, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished with an overall KDA of 11/9/30 in an exciting 2-1 win against Evil Geniuses.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Venomancer. It's been a while since Venomancer was extremely popular, but MATUMBAMAN showed just why it was so strong for Liquid back in the day. With MATUMBAMAN as the cornerstone of their teamfight, Liquid were able to hold on in 4-vs-5 fights while Miracle's Anti-Mage farmed up. MATUMBAMAN continued to scale well into the late game with his massive area-of-effect magic damage, finishing with a 6/2/15 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN got absolutely demolished on Lone Druid. He was countered at every turn by EG, completely unable to get anything going. He finished this total shutout with a 0/3/0 KDA. In Game 3 MATUMBAMAN played Venomancer again. This was a scrappy game much like Game 1, and MATUMBAMAN filled a similar role. This time he went for a Blink Dagger in order to get up in the face of EG and hit as many people as possible with his spells. He finished with a 5/4/15 KDA.
An underwhelming performance
March 8, 2018
MATUMBAMAN did not have much impact as Team Liquid was defeated by Evil Geniuses 1-0 in the group stage of The Bucharest Major. MATUMBAMAN finished with a 9/7/10 KDA.
We expect more from MATUMBAMAN, and rightfully so. Liquid is one of the world's best teams and MATUMBA is a vital part of their play. That is why it is concerning to see MATUMBA coming in last on his team in both assists and kill participation in one of the most battle-filled matches of the event. He was not at his best on Razor, and was forced to be a spectator as EG mounted a miracle of a comeback. This is a great wake-up call for all of Liquid.
Tough game keeps Liquid alive at PGL Bucharest
March 7, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished with a 2/6/18 KDA in a difficult win vs OG.
MATUMBAMAN played Dragon Knight in a close game vs OG. He died often to make sure his teammates had space in fights, which ended up working out well for Liquid in the end. MATUMBAMAN was able to help his team hold against two dangerous OG pushes, barely keeping his base alive. This gave Liquid the space they needed to recover and retake the game.
More impressive than Miracle in important win
March 7, 2018
MATUMBAMAN was the star of the show for Liquid in their victory against Vici Gaming. The Finnish carry finished with a KDA of 14/0/6.
He took his signature Gyrocopter to the mid lane. Matu did really well early on despite not getting a favorable matchup against Puck. He rushed a Black King Bar before even buying his Mask of Madness and the decision worked wonders for Liquid. He shrugged off Vici's magic-heavy teamfight potential and dished out the pain on his way to an impressive 14 kills. He also had a rare night where he had a higher gold-per-minute stat than Miracle at 602.
Looking strong right off the bat
March 4, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished a nice win over LFY with a 7/3/18 KDA.
MATUMBAMAN played a great Gyrocopter against LGD Forever Young. Apart from a few shaky fights, MATUMBAMAN played very well in Liquid's first game of the Major. His positioning was consistently good, letting him inflict a huge amount of damage to LFY while usually surviving in fights.
Outstanding performance vs Liquid
February 23, 2018
MATUMBAMAN had an amazing series apart from Game 2, finishing with a 24/7/25 overall KDA.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played a perfect Razor. He took control of his lane very quickly, then linked up with his team to move around the map and take down objectives with frightening efficiency. His positioning in fights was excellent, letting him get a lot of value from Static Link and wrecking Secret with all of his combined damage. He finished with a 10/0/13 KDA. MATUMBAMAN played Razor again in Game 2. This was far from a repeat performance for MATUMBAMAN, who got heavily focused and shut down by Secret. He was among the first targets on Secret's radar ever fight, and he was rarely allowed to get any good damage from his spells. He finished with a 4/6/6 KDA. For the final game of the series, MATUMBAMAN played Broodmother. This hero can be incredibly powerful, and this game was a great example of it. MATUMBAMAN completely went out of control. By 10 minutes he was diving tier four towers to kill supports, and he never let up the pace of the game. He finished with a 10/1/6 KDA.
Advances to the playoffs
February 22, 2018
MATUMBAMAN was excellent in Liquid's 2-0 win vs OG at ESL One Katowice.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Lycan. He had a rough time surviving in late-game fights because his role in the game put him on the frontlines, but he was very effective before being brought down. He did a good amount of damage in fights, as well as giving Liquid the pushing power to back up their lead. He finished with a 9/5/19 KDA. MATUMBAMAN played Viper in Game 2, getting some revenge on OG after dying so much in Game 1. He bested N0tail's Tinker in lane largely on his own, and continued to snowball his lead into the mid game and a quick win. He finished with a 10/2/10 KDA.
Shows incredible micro skill in win
February 1, 2018
MATUMBAMAN played an excellent series for Liquid in their sweep of LGD in Starladder. The carry finished with a KDA of 17/4/24.
MATU played Lone Druid in the first game of the series. He shifted to the mid lane and won his laning stage against Maybe's Storm. His 16-minute Radiance allowed him to really keep creep equilibrium in Liquid's favor. In the late game, he was always at the right place at the right time taking opposing barracks whenever possible. In Game 2, he was on his signature Lycan. His game was a lot more active in helping his team out during clashes after quickly farming his Helm of the Dominator and Necronomicon Level 3.
Dominant win for Liquid's carry
January 27, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished with an overall KDA of 6/1/28 in a convincing 2-0 win against Evil Geniuses at ESL One Genting.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Pugna, dominating EG from start to finish. He drew even in his lane, but as soon as the lane phase ended he went absolutely out of control. Not only did he deal huge burst damage in fights, but MATUMBAMAN also gave Liquid the tower pusher they needed to follow up their wins with building damage. He finished with a 4/0/14 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN played Lone Druid, one of his most played heroes. His experience really showed in this game. MATUMBAMAN was consistently in the right place, either split pushing the map or fighting with his team. MATUMBAMAN's positioning was great all game, only giving up a single death to EG. He finished with a 2/1/14 KDA.
Shows off his mental fortitude in frustrating win
January 24, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished with an 11/11/23 overall KDA in a 2-0 win over Na'Vi at ESL One Genting.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN had a rough time on Viper. He played the often necessary but never fun role of sacrificial lamb, so that the rest of Liquid could succeed. He was heavily pressured throughout the entire early game, forcing MATUMBAMAN into a very defensive but effective Blademail build. He finished the game with a 4/7/14 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN played Viper again, but thankfully he didn't have to be such a punching bag this time. He was able to hold his own in lane with some help from his supports, and actually managed to scale as a damage threat instead of just a tank this time around. He finished with a 7/4/19 KDA.
Another day in the office for Liquid carry
January 23, 2018
MATUMBAMAN played a solid game for Team Liquid in ESL One Genting. The versatile carry finished with a KDA of 11/2/9.
MATUMBAMAN played Viper in their only game of the match-up. With the perfect rotations of his supports he was able to easily control Ark's Phantom Lancer. His 10 minute Helm of the Dominator allowed him to provide extra crowd control for his team and helped him push the waves better.
Explodes out of the gate but can't seal the series
December 2, 2017
MATUMBAMAN played a dominant Game 1 but struggled afterwards in a 1-2 loss to Team Secret at the Dreamleague Season 8 Major. He finished with an overall KDA of 26/15/23.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Tiny with support from gh's Io. Together, the pair of them absolutely ravaged Secret. MATUMBAMAN was an unstoppable wrecking machine, constantly able to blink into Secret and make it out with his life. He finished the game with a godlike 11/0/11 KDA. Liquid was allowed to pick Tiny and Io again in Game 2, so once again MATUMBAMAN played Tiny. Although MATUMBAMAN finished the game with an impressive 14/6/6 KDA, he was the only one on his team getting kills. Secret had more than enough control to stop MATUMBAMAN from solo-carrying the game, and Liquid was forced to a Game 3. In Game 3 MATUMBAMAN played Monkey King. This game was a complete disaster for MATUMBAMAN. He had a terrible time in lane, didn't finish a Battle Fury until 29 minutes, and was just generally ineffective all game long. He finished with a 1/9/6 KDA.
Shows newfound love for Viper
November 3, 2017
MATUMBAMAN played a solid series for Team Liquid in their win against Immortals in Dota Pit. The shorts-loving carry finished with a KDA of 13/7/26.
It looks like MATUMBAMAN has a new hero to spam in pro Dota with Viper. In Game 1, he didn't have a super great early game against MP's Mirana. Game 2 wasn't much different for MATUMBAMAN early on against QO's Terrorblade, as he once again lost early. He interestingly went for Veil of Discord on Viper in both games. The extra tankiness and area-of-effect damage from Nethertoxin that came with the item turned out to be a genius idea. His stats weren't eye catching, but he made a lot of smart plays for Liquid throughout.
Not a glorious series, but a win nonetheless
November 2, 2017
MATUMBAMAN finished with an overall KDA of 22/10/31 in Team Liquid's 2-0 win over Newbee at the DotaPit Minor.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Necrophos. He played very well in fights, providing a durable and threatening frontline. His role was essentially to create space in fights for Miracle's Anti-Mage and then finish off targets with Reaper's Scythe. MATUMBAMAN did a great job baiting in Newbee and then turning the fight around with a huge burst of healing. He finished with a 7/5/16 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN played Viper. This wasn't a flashy performance for MATUMBAMAN, but he got the job done for his team. Liquid fell behind early to Newbee this time, so MATUMBAMAN's role as a damage soaking frontline hero was a bit less exciting this game, but he played well. It was his holding on to buyback in the late game that actually allowed Liquid to swing the game around and seal the series. He finished with a 15/5/15 KDA.
Grinds his way back to a tough Game 1 win
October 28, 2017
MATUMBAMAN finished with an overall KDA of 16/16/37 in Team Liquid's 2-0 win over Keen Gaming at the ESL One Hamburg Major.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played Venomancer and had a very difficult time in the early game, being heavily focused by Keen and falling behind. MATUMBAMAN was able to grind his way back into a somewhat comfortable position along with the rest of his team. Eventually Liquid made it back into the driver's seat, and MATUMBAMAN was able to flip the switch and play aggressively with his team. He finished with an 11/12/30 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN played Broodmother. With no clear counters on Keen's side, MATUMBAMAN was free to control the map and dominate this game. By 10 minutes, he was threatening the Keen base, having already pushed down an entire lane of towers. This advantage continued to snowball into a lead of 25,000 gold by the time Liquid claimed the game. MATUMBAMAN finished with a 5/4/7 KDA.
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