Adrian Trinks 
Team Secret
Team Secret's new offlaner
September 5, 2017
Team Secret announced on Tuesday via Twitter that Fata would be joining the team in the offlane role.
Not unfamiliar with the solo lane, Fata will be changing from the middle lane to the offlane for Team Secret, which may raise some concerns as his recent stint with Cloud9 was less than inspiring. Fata may take some time to adjust to his new role, but with MidOne and Ace comfortable in multiple laning positions we could see Team Secret swapping their cores around to create confusion.
Can't pull through for the late-game win
August 9, 2017
Fata finished with a KDA of 5/7/5 in Cloud9's loss to Team Empire in the elimination match at The International 2017.
Fata played as Dragon Knight in this single-game series. Although he performed well early on against fn on Queen of Pain, his ability to tank during teamfights didn't last as the round dragged on. Team Empire kept finding the easy pickoffs on Cloud9's supports, limiting the space for Fata to farm or dish out damage in confrontations. Combined with Chronosphere, Static Field, and Sonic Wave, Team Empire's chemistry was too much for Fata to handle, and Cloud9 eventually lost in 62 minutes.
Heavily focused down in a 0-2 loss
August 4, 2017
Fata finished with a 6/10/18 overall KDA in Cloud9's 0-2 loss to iG in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Fata played Death Prophet. The game started strong for Fata and Cloud 9. Fata was dealing good damage in early fights, and baiting iG into bad positions with his survivability. This didn't continue for the whole game though; Cloud9 lost a series of bad fights and gave up critical objectives to iG. Fata died multiple times when it counted most by underestimating the damage output of Terrorblade, finishing the game with a 4/4/10 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Templar Assassin. There were a couple of moments where it looked like Fata was going to bring the damage that Cloud9 needed to stop iG, but he couldn't stay alive in the late game. There was too much damage from iG for his Refraction to be very useful, and Fata just melted to the combined damage of iG. He finished with a 2/6/8 KDA.
Solid in both games, but only wins one
August 3, 2017
Fata finished with an overall KDA of 9/4/7 in Cloud 9's 1-1 split series vs Virtus.pro in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Fata played Medusa. Fata played very well in this game. He was the rock of his team who provided a huge majority of the damage. In addition to this, his Stone Gaze offered a surprising amount of control vs Virtus.pro in this game. Fata finished with a nice 4/1/7 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Puck. He had a pretty rough game all things considered. Cloud 9's ability to take fights hinged almost completely on Fata's ability to find an opening, and he was just too far behind. Even when he managed to find what looked like a decent fight, Virtus.pro were always able to strike back. Fata finished with a 5/3/0 KDA.
Lackluster performance contributes to loss
August 2, 2017
Fata finished Cloud9's 2-0 loss to OG during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 9/12/16.
Fata played Queen of Pain in Game 1 and Lina in Game 2, playing both in the middle lane. Having to lane against ana proved to be Fata's undoing as the young mid laner proved to outclass him even before JerAx got involved. Fata will have to improve immensely if Cloud9 hope to make it out of the group stages.
NP's middle lane puts on a solid show in a win over Empire
June 16, 2017
Fata played a good series in Team NP's 2-1 win over Empire at The Summit 7. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/12/36.
Fata played Puck in Game 1. He had a pretty nice game apart from a couple of deaths from playing extremely cocky. Fata didn't manage to get many kills for himself, but he did lead NP in assists. Fata finished with a 3/3/16 KDA. Fata played Puck again in Game 2. He was much less impressive this time. He didn't do as well in lane, and his first few rotations went completely wrong. Fata wasn't able to control fights in the same way he was in Game 1 because Empire picked a much more elusive lineup. Fata finished with a 2/4/1 KDA. In Game 3 Fata played Queen of Pain. He played a very strong game to close out the series. The game lasted over an hour, but Fata managed to keep himself relevant for all of it. He scaled very well into the late game with a mixed damage build. He finished with a 13/5/19 KDA.
Decent plays can't cut it
June 15, 2017
Fata struggled to take control in Team NP's 2-1 loss to LGD at The Summit 7. He finished with a final KDA of 25/16/21.
It was a difficult series for Fata. In Game 1 he went as Bristleback, and kept finding himself the victim of LGD's Flaming Lasso from eLeVeN on Batrider. Being taken out of fights early is never good sign when playing Bristleback, and he finished this round with a KDA of 5/7/6. In Game 2 it seemed as though Fata could do no wrong. Playing as Queen of Pain, he complete destroyed the field, ending with a KDA of 16/1/13, and dished out 39,499 damage. Unfortunately he couldn't recreate his performance in Game 3 as Lina. He was shut down early by some great rotations to the middle lane from LGD, and was never able to get back on track. He ended this match with a KDA of 4/8/2.
Solid individual performance just not enough to clinch a win
May 28, 2017
Fata played well, but crumbled in the final game of Team NP's 1-2 loss to Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket finals of the Manila Masters. He finished with a 27/18/22 KDA. Team NP finish the event in third place.
In Game 1 Fata played Queen of Pain in what was a very strong showing for him. He did well in lane and transitioned well into NP's major source of burst damage. He was extremely difficult for anyone on Evil Geniuses to lock down, giving him almost free reign in fights. He finished with an 8/3/6 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Ember Spirit. He played a very impressive and high-octane game despite NP losing in the end. Fata was very effective in fights, but eventually Evil Geniuses became durable enough to survive his damage. Fata attempted to scale into the late-game with a Radiance, but it just wasn't enough. He finished with a 19/10/12 KDA, leading his team in both kills and deaths. In Game 3 Fata played Bristleback middle. After playing a very good overall tournament, Fata went out on an unfortunately bad game. Even in NP's losses, Fata could still usually put up impressive personal stats, but he felt almost completely absent in this game. He kept up his net worth, but when it came to fighting he just couldn't finish anyone off. He finished with a 0/5/4 KDA.
Free Agent
Joins Team NP
May 4, 2017
In a post on their website, Team NP confirmed that Fata would be joining the team for the upcoming roster season.
Fata most recently played for B)ears, an unsponsored team that attempted and failed to qualify for the Kiev Major. Despite this, Fata is one of the players with the most competitive experience, and is sure to be a very solid addition to this team. This won't be his first time playing with many of Team NP's members, who he was on a team with in early 2015 Cloud9 squad.
Flat performance in 2-0 loss
February 11, 2017
Fata finished B)ears' 2-0 loss to Team Liquid during the Dota2 Asia Championships European Qualifiers with a final KDA of 9/7/6.
In Game 1, Fata played Luna in a tri-lane safe lane with 343's Rubick and YapzOr's Centaur Warrunner. Fata's farm started off quick, but slowed as he began to push objectives. His decreasing income coupled with a few early and mid game deaths made Fata an easy target, heading into the late game. In Game 2, Fata played Lone Druid in a dual middle lane with 343's Tusk. Fata was unable to get off the ground as B)ears suffered a full collapse, surrendering in a little under 30 minutes.
Figured out after hot start
February 9, 2017
Fata finished B)ears' 2-1 loss to Team Liquid during the Dota2 Asia Championships European Qualifiers with a final KDA of 25/15/40.
In Game 1, Fata's Weaver thrived in a dual safe lane with 343's Dazzle. He was able to grab a Desolator by 19 minutes and use it to deal 10.7k damage to enemy structures en route to B)ears' only win of the series. In Game 2, Fata continued his hot streak as a middle-lane Mirana. Dealing over 24,000 Starstorm damage to Team Liquid, however, was not enough. After a humiliating defeat trying to take the Ancient and dropping a Divine Rapier to Team Liquid, their opponents snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to force a Game 3. Heavily demoralized, Fata's Lone Druid didn't do much of anything in Game 3. B)ears played very safely hoping to win a drawn-out game with Lone Druid and Alchemist. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't keep Liquid from busting through their defenses and taking down their Ancient.
Styled on Na'Vi with his mid performance
February 6, 2017
Fata was playing out of his mind against Dendi as B)ears take care of Na'Vi in the Dota Asia Championship EU Qualifiers. The veteran mid laner finished with a KDA of 30/5/17.
Fata started the series with the snowballing Queen of Pain in the mid lane. He had an excellent laning stage against Dendi's Templar Assassin and this allowed him to pick up an 11-minute Veil of Discord. He killed nine heroes and also ended up with the game-high 396 last hits which underlined FATA's efficiency in the match. FATA again went the Queen of Pain in the second game as he was obviously feeling it. He amped it up and even managed to pick up an impressive 21 kills. He toyed with the whole Na'Vi team and had a whopping 861 gold per minute to show for it.
Free Agent
New unnamed team announced
December 30, 2016
theScore esports' Preston Dozsa reported today that Fata will be forming a new team for the upcoming Kiev Major.
In a tweet, Fata shared the new roster of his team. It will be him, Feero, FoREV, YapzOr, and 343. Fata, FoREV, YapzOr and 343 all have experience playing in top-tier competitions with Team Liquid, MVP Phoenix and Fnatic respectively. Feero, their fifth player, is a newcomer to the competitive scene. He is currently 8241 MMR, and number 10 on the European leaderboard. Whether he can make the transition from pub star to professional remains to be seen, but the raw skill is there.
Disappointing series from the Team Liquid middle lane
August 11, 2016
Fata had a rough series in Team Liquid's 0-2 loss to Fnatic. He finished with an overall KDA of 14/13/23. Liquid are eliminated from The International 6, finishing in 7th-8th place alongside TNC Gaming.
In Game 1 Fata played Death Prophet in the Radiant middle lane. He did well enough in lane, but Fnatic's early teamfighting was too much for Fata to deal with. Even with Exorcism going, Fata often found himself on the back foot in early-game fights. After Liquid fell behind in the mid game, Fata's game got much more difficult. Death Prophet doesn't play very well from behind, and Fata got easily dealt with in fights by Fnatic. He finished with an 8/7/3 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Razor in the Radiant middle lane. Once again, Fata did well in his lane. Thankfully for him, the rest of his team enjoyed similar success in the early game this time. Liquid took a substantial early lead in Game 2, but threw it all away in the span of 10 minutes, getting completely team wiped twice in a row. Fata finished with a 6/6/20 KDA after a disappointing loss.
Decisive series win vs Newbee makes sure Team Liquid's International run continues
August 10, 2016
Fata played three solid Mirana games in Team Liquid's 2-1 win over Newbee. He finished with an overall KDA of 23/7/29. Liquid advances to face Fnatic in the lower bracket.
In Game 1 Fata played Mirana in the Radiant middle lane. He did a nice job getting his early farm, and Fata's first major rotation was a huge success. Fata and Liquid got off to a great start, up 17 kills to three at 30 minutes. Unfortunately for them, Newbee were able to slow the pace of the game down, and Fata was forced to turn back to farming. Although Mirana is good against illusions, Naga Siren in the late game was too much to handle. Fata finished with an 8/3/8 KDA, but Liquid lost Game 1. Fata played Mirana again in Game 2. After a brutal Game 1 loss, Fata wasn't having any of Newbee's nonsense in Game 2. He took a lead in the middle lane and never let go, letting Liquid take an incredibly quick 17-minute win. He finished with a 6/1/7 KDA. For the third game in a row, Fata played Mirana middle. With Kuroky's Undying helping him out, Fata had a great time in the early game. Liquid managed to transition very well into the mid game, with Fata comfortably in second behind Anti-Mage in net worth. His burst damage was too much for Newbee to deal with without a hero like Shadow Demon or Oracle to save them, and Fata crushed Newbee in fights. He finished with a 9/3/14 KDA.