Adrian Trinks 
Team Secret
Stellar initiation delivers Secret a win
May 10, 2018
Fata performed extremely well on Magnus in a win vs Evil Geniuses at GESC Thailand. He finished with a 6/5/23 KDA.
Like most Magnus drafts, the success of this game was resting largely on Fata's shoulders. He was able to keep his cool though, using Reverse Polarity to great effect almost all game. He did miss a few, but in the long run all you need is one or two good ones at the right time to take a game. Fata delivered in the late game when it counted the most.
An unfortunate disappearing act for Secret offlane
May 4, 2018
Fata was nowhere to be seen in Mineski's dismantling of Secret at Epicenter XL. The German offlaner finished with a KDA of 0/6/8.
Fata tried his luck with Abaddon in the offlane. His first few minutes went extremely well for him while he was still accompanied by Yapzor's Slardar. He got a 10-minute Helm of the Dominator, which he used to stack armor on himself with the Ogre Frost Mage. However, his effectiveness quickly fizzled out as Mineski's teamfight was way too superior. He was just ignored by Mineski because he had to build utility items and could not pick up a kill to save his life.
Can't find any openings against Virtus.pro
May 2, 2018
Fata finished with an overall KDA of 3/12/16 in an underwhelming 0-2 loss to Virtus.pro.
In Game 1 Fata had a very tough time on Bristleback. The power of this hero is simply not what it used to be, and this game was a great example of why. He dealt a lot of spread damage over the course of fights, but could never actually finish off the kills Secret desperately needed. He finished with a 2/7/4 KDA. Fata played Magnus in Game 2. He was much more effective than on Bristleback, but when Secret fell behind things started to rest almost exclusively on Fata's shoulders. The Secret gameplan was quickly shifted to praying Fata could hit a huge Reverse Polarity, but Virtus.pro never game him the opportunity. He finished with a 1/5/12 KDA.
Very underwhelming performance from Secret offlane
April 30, 2018
Fata played a disappointing series for Team Secret against OG in Epicenter XL. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 8/10/14.
Fata's Nightstalker in Game 1 was rough around the edges but in the end, he still did his job for Secret. He got an early Heaven's Halberd to counter out Mad's Outworld Devourer. He died quite a few times but in the end, it created very good space for his allies to take objectives. In Games 2 and 3, Fata was nowhere to be seen for Secret. His Dark Seer failed to get a single kill and only managed an Arcane Boots and Helm of the Dominator for himself. In Game 3, his Puck was slightly better as he managed five kills. But he was often outplayed by s4's Leshrac who always predicted his movements with Split Earth.
Solid performance in a close loss
April 1, 2018
Fata finished with a 5/7/20 KDA on Abaddon in a loss to Virtus.pro at DAC 2018.
This was a pretty mediocre Abaddon performance for Fata. He wasn't able to go for any of the flashier carry items like Radiance, instead forced to build support to try and keep his team in the game as long as possible. He was effective in fights though, and was a major reason that Secret were able to extend the game and defend as long as they did.
Impressive Batrider game to seal a series win
March 23, 2018
Fata closed out the series with a dominant Game 2 win against Team Liquid at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9. He finished with an overall KDa of 8/3/28.
In Game 1 Fata played Pugna. He didn't have a flashy performance like MidOne's 17/1/10 Tiny, but Fata was positioned well enough in fights and usually lived through them to help Secret take objectives. Fata finished with a 3/3/10 KDA. In Game 2 Fata got his chance to shine on Batrider. His initiation was absolutely devastating all game, picking Liquid apart and letting Secret dictate the terms of practically every fight in the game. With vision setup from Puppey, there was no target out of Fata's reach. He finished with a 5/0/18 KDA.
Grinds his way to a win
March 4, 2018
Fata finished with a 5/4/26 KDA in a nice win against compLexity at PGL Bucharest.
Fata played a solid Underlord against compLexity. Underlord is not a very flashy hero, but Fata was able to get the job done for his teammates. He built a lot of items to make him hard to kill and just waddled into fights to soak up damage and disable people. His role as the ultimate space creator served Secret very well in the end.
Underwhelming series from Secret's offlane
February 23, 2018
Fata found himself shut down by Liquid in a 1-2 loss at ESL One Katowice. He finished with an overall KDA of 6/17/23.
Fata played an unremarkable Underlord in Game 1. Other than being extremely difficult to kill, Fata wasn't able to bring much to the table for Secret. He finished with a 1/5/6 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Pugna. This was a bloody and difficult win, but Fata made his deaths well worth it and contributed a lot of damage to his team. His burst magic damage in fights was a huge part of Secret's success, especially in the late game, when removing a hero from a fight can mean a huge swing. Fata finished with a 3/6/14 KDA. In Game 3 Fata played Batrider. He had a miserable time in this game, especially in lane against MATUMBAMAN's Broodmother. Firefly could only delay the spider onslaught, and as soon as it wore off Fata was run down by an army of little spiderlings. He finished the game with a 2/6/3 KDA.
Solid series from Secret's offlane
February 21, 2018
Fata finished with a 9/7/30 overall KDA in a 2-0 win over LGD at ESL One Katowice.
Fata played Beastmaster in Game 1. After his two deaths in the lane phase before five minutes, Fata didn't give up a single kill to LGD. His movement around the map was outstanding. Fata was always being effective somewhere, either pushing towers or finding kills in fights. He finished with a 2/2/13 KDA. In Game 2 Fata played Razor. He had a bit of a rocky game, but was still effective in fights even when he did end up dying. His Static Link wasn't extremely effective against all of LGD's mobility, but Fata was still able to dish out a lot of damage in fights. He finished with a 7/5/17 KDA.
Stellar series from the Secret offlane
January 5, 2018
Fata dominated the first game of Team Secret's 2-1 win against Evil Geniuses. He finished with an overall KDA of 13/13/28.
Fata played an amazing game on Razor to start the series. He got a nice start in the safe lane while he team laned aggressively, and transitioned into a mid-game powerhouse. Fata was crucial to Secret's success, buying the time that MidOne needed to get his Invoker back into the game. Fata finished with a 5/2/11 KDA. In Game 2 Fata had a rough time on Puck. His attempts to initiate were usually thwarted by EG's powerful counter-initiation, and once Fata fell behind it was all downhill from there. He finished with a 1/4/1 KDA. In Game 3 Fata played Legion Commander. This was a pretty average game all things considered, but Fata came up big for his team when they needed it. Despite giving up quite a few deaths over the course of the game, his presence in fights was often crucial to Secret's game plan. He finished with a 7/7/16 KDA.
Fights his way to a reasonable statline
January 4, 2018
Fata earned his stats in difficult fashion as Team Secret lost to Mineski in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. Fata finished with a 9/8/11 KDA.
Queen of Pain was able to bring some pain; not as much pain as was needed, however. Fata held his own in fights for the most part after being picked off repeatedly at the start of the match, but fell off again in the late game to give Mineski the lead for the final time. Mineski was the better team in this match.
Fights his way to tough win
January 4, 2018
Fata was always in the action as Team Secret defeated Team Empire in the Group Stages of Captain's Draft 4. Fata finished with a 11/7/13 KDA.
Fata was not afraid of anything in this game. Playing Axe, Fata was always looking for a fight and he found them often as he finished with a game-high 11 kills. His late-game kills were especially key, as it was part of a game-saving comeback for Secret to start the tournament out.
Gets his revenge after a brutal Game 1 loss
December 2, 2017
Fata showed off his mental fortitude in Team Secret's 2-1 win against Team Liquid at the DreamLeague Season 8 Major. He finished with a 12/16/41 overall KDA.
Fata started out the series with a very rough Abaddon game. He received a lot of hate in lane from Liquid's supports, and would die three times before ten minutes. He then went on to rack up the most deaths in the game with seven. Fata was never given the space or time to really catch up, and finished with a 0/7/2 KDA. Game 2 was a much more pleasant affair for Fata. His Brewmaster was extremely effective all game, and let Secret take some very close and crucial fight wins over Liquid. Fata's ability to turn around a fight is what gave Secret the time to build up their lead and eventually take control of the game. Fata finished with a 4/5/20 KDA. In Game 3 Fata played Legion Commander. His performance over the series improved a lot, culminating in a great Game 3 performance to seal a spot in the grand final for Liquid. He was on-point with his Duel targets, often blinking past the Liquid front-line to secure a critical support kill or lock down Queen of Pain. He finished with an 8/4/19 KDA.
Good all-around series for Secret off lane
December 1, 2017
Fata played a solid series for Team Secret in their win over Newbee. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 5/3/17.
Fata kicked off the series with Abaddon in the off lane. He didn't get to contest Moogy's farm as much as he would have liked, but he did find a lot of farm for himself. He got both Vladimir's Offering and Solar Crest before the 22-minute mark, and provided a lot of good utility for his team. He played a good frontline game for Team Secret and didn't even die a single time. Fata then switched it up to the more elusive Puck in Game 2. He had a poor early game but still found a respectable 16-minute Blink Dagger. His initiations weren't super effective, but were enough to swing fights in Secret's favor.
Wishes he could have done more
November 24, 2017
Fata had a forgettable time against LFY in their loss at the Perfect World Masters. The mid-turned-off laner finished with a KDA of 5/10/5.
He started the series with off-lane Tidehunter. Fata did very well early, finding good farm for himself as well as harassing the enemy carry. He picked up a 10-minute Hood of Defiance and was often in the thick of the action. His Ravages were okay, but his team wasn't really farmed enough to capitalize on Fata's initiations. In Game 2, Fata tried his luck with the off-lane Pugna. His early game was again pretty effective. He pushed out the lanes as best he could and dished out decent damage, but he honestly should and could have done more for his team.
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