Jesse Vainikka 
Blitzes through series sweep
August 4, 2017
JerAx helped to push his team to victory as OG completed to 2-0 sweep over Hellraisers in group stages of The International 7. JerAx finished the series with a 2/4/26 KDA.
It was not even until Game 2 that JerAx finally died after he racked up 15 assists in a perfect Game 1. Before you knew it, Game 2 was over in just over 20 minutes and HerAx racked up another 11 assists. JerAx looked extra impressive on Nyx Assassin as OG shined overall.
Swings the middle lane for Ana
August 3, 2017
JerAx finished OG's 2-0 victory over Cloud9 during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 4/13/33.
JerAx played Nyx Assassin and Tusk in Games 1 and 2 of the series. Helping Ana to win the middle lane early on opened up many more opportunities for JerAx, who posted the highest assist numbers in each individual game.
Rare quiet game from spitfire support
July 7, 2017
JerAx could not swing the games in OG's favor as they fell to LGD in MDL 2017. The popular support player finished with a KDA of 5/16/29.
In Game 1, JerAx was on Tusk. He spent majority of his early game harassing for Ana. It backfired for OG often, as JerAx ended up giving his life to LGD nine times in the game. While he had some good Snowball saves in the game, it was definitely not a game that JerAx would want to remember. Despite his struggles in Game 1, JerAx again tried his luck on Tusk in Game 2. He didn't die as often in the early game and even picked up kills for himself.
OG's star support shows off his diverse hero pool
July 6, 2017
JerAx finished with a 3/5/11 KDA in OG's win against LFY in the MDL 2017 group stages.
JerAx played Visage. He did a nice job controlling LFY with his summoned Familiars, and was able to contribute a lot of burst from Soul Assumption. Combined with the rest of OG, his disables were very strong and enabled his team to deal a huge amount of damage.
Talent mitigated by the draft
July 5, 2017
JerAx finished OG's 1-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during the group stages of MDL 2017 with a final KDA of 0/8/8
Usually known for his dramatic and game-winning plays, JerAx was playing noticeably silent as Winter Wyvern. Rendered impotent by a hero whose skills were opposite his playstyle, JerAx was powerless to stop OG's swift demise.
Uneventful game for OG's support
July 5, 2017
JerAx finished with a 2/5/8 KDA in a loss to LGD in the MDL 2017 group stages.
JerAx played Night Stalker. Despite being on one of the most hotly contested heroes, JerAx was unable to get much done. He could do very little against LGD's heroes, who were either too mobile or durable for him to help bring down.
Underwhelming series from OG's support leads to an early elimination
May 27, 2017
JerAx looked mediocre in OG's 1-2 elimination match loss to Faceless at the Manila Masters. He finished with an overall KDA of 9/23/39.
In Game 1 JerAx played Pudge, and was great all game long. Early on, he was moving around the map and setting up kills. As the game went on, he put his Meat Hoot to great use, both as a tool for saving allies and for setting up kills. JerAx finished with a 4/8/16 KDA. In Game 2 JerAx played Sand King support. He played a pretty poor game this time. He was not very effective early, which seriously set back his levels and the all-important Blink Dagger timing. JerAx didn't finish his Blink Dagger until 25 minutes, and by then OG were behind almost 20,000 gold. JerAx finished with a 2/8/6 KDA. In Game 2 JerAx played Elder Titan. He played well, but had a tough time landing his spells in chaotic late-game fights. Without his aura, OG actually had severe damage issues especially against iceiceice's Bristleback. His teamfight setup did manage to keep OG in the game for a long time, but it wasn't enough in the end. JerAx finished with a 3/7/17 KDA.
Double duty on Monkey King
April 25, 2017
JerAx finished OG's 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 4/16/23.
In Game 1, JerAx's Monkey King posted up in the middle lane with Ana and shared the fate of his core player. Enduring a rough lane set a farm dependant JerAx back and put OG on the back foot early. In Game 2, JerAx found more success by roaming, but his itemization may have unknowingly hurt his team. Opting for a Shadowblade before a Skull Basher kept his Wukong's Command from providing some much-needed lockdown for OG. BurNIng's Anti-Mage proved too elusive and too strong for OG as they were swept for the second time this month by iG.
Solid series from OG's support
March 31, 2017
JerAx played a reserved but effective series in OG's 2-0 win over Newbee on the first day of DAC 2017 playoffs. He finished with an overall KDA of 5/10/41.
JerAx played Elder Titan in Game 1. He played a very solid game despite not getting himself a playmaking or roaming hero. It never looks like Elder Titan does much, apart from the occasional Earth Splitter combination, but JerAx contributed a lot to this game. He finished with a 2/2/26 KDA, the fewest deaths on his team. JerAx played Monkey King in Game 2. Although he still doesn't seem to have the hero's early game figured out as well as his Chinese counterparts, JerAx has been putting in serious work in the mid and late game. His ultimates and stuns were critical in OG's win. JerAx finished with a 3/8/15 KDA.
Split series gives a valuable learning experience to OG's support
March 28, 2017
JerAx spent the series learning Monkey King in OG's 1-1 tie with VG.J in the Dota 2 Asia Championships. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/20/29.
In JerAx's first professional Monkey King game, he quite simply didn't look as practiced on the hero as some of the Chinese Monkey King players. He was ineffective in the early game, and offered little in the way of damage or disables as the game went on. JerAx finished with a 5/12/11 KDA. JerAx took another crack at Monkey King support in Game 2. Although he once again struggled to roam early on, JerAx did a much better job fighting in the mid-game this time. His use of Wukong's Command was drastically improved over Game 1. He finished with a 6/8/18 KDA.
Quiet, effective series from OG's star support
March 28, 2017
JerAx had a low-key series for OG in their win over Team Empire in the Dota Asia Championship 2017. The flamboyant support player finished with a KDA of 5/9/37.
His signature Earth Spirit was constantly banned out by Team Empire so he went with Elder Titan in the opener. While he wasn't as flashy as he normally is known to be, he was still effective with his rotations as he was involved in 22 of his team's 32 kills. In Game 2, he was on a rare Kunkka pick. He was effective in the early game forcing rotations from Team Empire. But as the game went on, JerAx gave away unnecessary kills to the enemy in what was otherwise an effective performance.
Excellent showing from OG's support
March 26, 2017
JerAx dominated Wings in both games of OG's 2-0 win in the Dota 2 Asia Championships group stage. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/4/36.
JerAx played Earth Spirit in Game 1. The early game was a struggle for JerAx, but he managed to come back in force once it was time to fight. His stuns were extremely clutch, and even when he died JerAx was usually able to stun at least two or three heroes so the rest of OG could clean up. JerAx finished with a 6/4/16 KDA. In Game 2 JerAx played Rubick. JerAx had the time of his life in Game 2. His stolen Fissures were absolutely game-winning, securing kill after kill for OG's aggressive lineup. JerAx finished the second game with a 1/0/20 KDA.
Lackluster in loss
February 27, 2017
JerAx finished OG's 2-1 loss to Vici Gaming J during the semifinals of the Starladder Season 3 LAN with a KDA of 11/14/27.
In Game 1, JerAx played a roaming Pudge. JerAx found his gold through early ganks and was able to continue his success thanks to a quick Aghanim's Scepter from Ana's Alchemist. In Game 2, JerAx was given the gift of his signature hero, Earth Spirit. Despite his prowess on the hero, JerAx was unable to land ganks on the necessary heroes, failing a few too many times than OG would have liked. With sluggish item progression and no momentum heading into the late game, JerAx's Earth Spirit was bested. In Game 3, JerAx sought to rebound in a greedy lineup, with himself playing Slardar. JerAx was able to come up with several ganks early on, but the greediness of OG's lineup proved to be their undoing. With little protection in the ways of support heroes, OG were picked apart by Agressif's Weaver and exited the tournament with a third-place finish.
Insane performance from the Finnish support
February 24, 2017
Fan-favorite support player was a beast against TNC in OG's win in Starladder Season 3. The flamboyant player finished with a KDA 11/8/40.
JerAx started the series with the pub-favorite Pudge. His Meat Hooks throughout the game were insane and he really made TNC suffer. He was constantly out of enemy vision and this really affected TNC, as they were always on the watch for that game-changing Meat Hook. Then in the second game, JerAx was on the Chen. He took over TNC's jungle early and they couldn't do anything about it. His early-game pressure was immense and TNC never recovered from the harassment. At one point he even solo killed Kuku's Invoker, a very impressive feat.
Stellar support from OG's position four
February 23, 2017
JerAx looked good in both games of OG's 2-0 win over Team Secret at the Starladder iLeague Season 3 finals. He finished with an overall KDA of 5/13/39.
In Game 1 JerAx played his signature Earth Spirit. This game was a great example of just how scary a skilled Earth Spirit player can be. It isn't a powerful hero for every team, but JerAx's ability makes it top tier for OG. His stuns and silences were game-breaking for Secret, completely shutting down any of their attempts at starting a fight. JerAx finished with a 2/5/25 KDA. JerAx played support Slardar in game 2. Although he did lead his team in deaths by a large margin, JerAx did a nice job in fights. His stuns were all excellent, especially when set up by s4's Dark Seer. JerAx finished with a 3/8/14 KDA.