Yao Lu 
LGD Gaming
Lethal once more
July 7, 2017
Maybe looks to be back in his deadly form with yet another good showing for LGD against OG in MDL 2017. The Chinese star finished with a KDA of 22/4/26.
He managed to completely outplay OG's mid lane in both games of the series. His series opener on the Mirana was an eye opener in Maybe's quality. Despite many recent nerfs towards Mirana, Maybe made it look like that the hero was back in the meta. Nine kills and zero deaths against the four-time Major champions is no easy feat. In Game 2, Maybe's showing on the Queen of Pain was not as impressive. He won the laning stage against N0tail's Death Prophet and racked up many kills in the game. Some of his deaths were due to some unforced errors from his part, which blemishes his otherwise excellent showing.
LGD star middle laner gets demolished
July 6, 2017
Maybe seriously struggled in his game against iG in the MDL 2017 group stages. He finished with a 3/12/5 KDA.
Maybe's Lina got off to a decent start, but he got obliterated in almost every fight that LGD tried to take. His 16-minute Bloodstone quickly lost its charges, and Maybe became less and less effective with every death. This was a dramatic departure from his first day of competition, and will need to be addressed before LGD takes on OG in the playoffs.
No doubt about it, LGD's middle lane is among the best
July 5, 2017
Maybe finished with an impressive 15/1/6 KDA in an LGD win over Evil Geniuses in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Maybe played Lina middle. Despite the nerfs to Dragon Slave in the most recent patch, Maybe still made Lina work extremely well for LGD. He was constantly in position to land multiple-hero stuns and dish out damage in an extremely effective way. His magical burst potential was very strong, especially when combined with the physical damage of Ame's Chaos Knight. Between the two of them, there wasn't an Evil Geniuses hero they couldn't handle.
LGD's middle laner dominates OG
July 5, 2017
Maybe finished with a 14/2/16 KDA in LGD's commanding win over OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Maybe played Mirana. Maybe has had an impressive event so far, and this game was no exception. After the end of the lane phase, Maybe absolutely crushed OG. His burst damage was too much for OG to handle, especially combined with Chronosphere and Ice Blast. This was crucial in LGD's efforts to counter OG's Meepo, and worked out excellently for LGD.
Far from his killer form
June 16, 2017
Maybe was an underwhelming presence for LGD in their loss to Team Secret in The Summit. The high profile Chinese mid laner finished with a KDA of 4/5/12,
His opening game on the Queen of Pain definitely did not get the desired impact. He paled in comparison to MidOne's Dragon Knight in the early game and couldn't get any momentum for himself. His lone kill in the game was when the game was all but over for his squad. In Game 2, his Puck had a better time in the early game against Team Secret. He picked up a bunch of kills and went with a very early Dagonm, but he made a costly mistake in the late game that threw away his team's chances to force a deciding Game 3.
Continues to dominate the middle lane
June 16, 2017
Maybe played exceptionally well in LGD's 2-1 victory over at The Summit 7. He ended the series with a final KDA of 22/3/23.
Although the series went very well for Maybe, Game 1 was a bit rough for him as Puck. Unable to take an early lead, his damage output fell off very quickly, and he wasn't able to make much of an impact once started grouping up. In Game 2 he was back on his signature Queen of Pain, and he completely steamrolled his opposition. Finished with a KDA of 10/0/12, he led the field in damage output with 20,336, nearly double the next highest. Game 3 was another cakewalk for Maybe as Storm Spirit. Grabbing a few kills early on in the middle lane, he was able to pick up a very fast Bloodstone, and eventually snowballed into an unstoppable nightmare for He ended Game 3 with a KDA of 10/1/10.
Excellent plays from Maybe
June 15, 2017
Maybe had an impressive showing in LGD's 2-1 win over Team NP at The Summit 7. He ended the series with a final KDA of 38/12/28.
Playing as Puck in Game 1, Maybe did an excellent job of keeping Team NP's Bristleback at bay in the middle lane early on and not letting him take an early tier 1 tower. After LGD started grouping up, Maybe set up numerous teamfight wins with some excellent Dream Coils, allowing his teammates to land their spells with ease. Game 2 was a bit rough for Maybe on Lina. Although he dealt the most damage on his team, he wasn't able to effectively shut down Fata on the Queen of Pain, who would eventually take complete control and lead Team NP to victory. Game 3 was a dominating performance from Maybe on Storm Spirit. Taking advantage of his teammates' early rotations, Maybe grabbed a very quick lead and eventually became unstoppable. He finished this game with a KDA of 14/0/10.
Can't win on his own
December 9, 2016
Maybe finished LGD's 0-2 defeat to LGD.FY during the first round of the Boston Major with a final KDA of 14/12/9.
Maybe played Shadow Fiend in Game 1 and Timbersaw in Game 2. Although he farmed well and put up more kills than deaths, Maybe couldn't do it all on his own. LGD.FY isolated Maybe, making sure that if they were going to ignore him in the early game, then he would have no teammates to assist him when it came time to fight. Their strategy was executed to protection, holding Maybe down with Xiao8's Batrider while they slaughtered his comrades and left him alone on the battlefield.
Destroyed everything that came in his way
December 5, 2016
Maybe could not be stopped at all as LGD swept Faceless 2-0 in the group stage of Boston Major. Maybe finished with a 14/1/15 KDA and destroyed six towers, four barracks and a Roshan in the series.
Maybe was a wrecking ball all series long. Playing Outworld Devourer and Shadow Fiend, Maybe led the team in kills with 14 while only dying once in the series. He also led the team in objectives as Faceless just did not have an answer for him. Maybe will be more challenged as Boston Major advances, but this is a nice confidence booster.
Strong team play leads to a win in the battle of the LGD's
October 31, 2016
Maybe had a very strong showing against LGD Forever Young. With a 5/3/12 KDA, his scoreline tells the story of promising teamplay and a great performance.
With the last pick of the draft, LGD decided that Maybe should take Mirana to the middle lane. With high expectations and a close group stage, Maybe was able to deliver. With a 5/3/12 KDA, he was a force to be reckoned with, leading the team with 20,500 hero damage. While he had the highest hero damage, Ame's Juggernaut had the highest tower damage at 4,600, beating Maybe by 1,100. With overall strong play and teamwork, LGD took out their sister team in 39 minutes.
Unimpressive series from LGD's middle lane
October 21, 2016
Former TI5 semifinalist Maybe's subpar series as LGD's mid laner doomed his team's chances of making it to The Summit 6. The high-profile Chinese wonderkid had a forgettable 11/10/27 KDA.
In Game 1 Maybe got the Sand King, a seldom-used hero in the mid, to the surprise of many. The gamble didn't pay off, as Maybe started off the series on the wrong foot. He just didn't have the necessary impact desired from the mid laner and finished the game with an appalling 362 GPM. Game 2 was Maybe's lone saving grace in the series, as he got to flex his muscles as an Alchemist. An impressive 12-minute Armlet of Mordiggian and 15-minute Radiance allowed him to snowball into a beast. He finished Game 2 with an impressive 6/0/9 KDA with 952 GPM. In Game 3, Maybe brought the Juggernaut to the mid lane to dismal effect. He didn't spin to win as he was schooled in the mid lane by old chicken's Legion Commander. Maybe's Juggernaut ended with a pitiful 3/3/1 KDA. In the do-or-die Game 4 he went back to the Alchemist. He decided to counter EHOME's apparent deathball strategy, to poor effect. He went for a Medallion of Courage and Blink Dagger in a surprising albeit poor move. Maybe learned the hard way that Alchemist isn't much of a fighting carry in the early game. Maybe showed thst he does have an Achilles' heel, and LGD concede the slot to The Summit 6 to EHOME.
Below average play from LGD Gaming's middle lane in their elimination
August 12, 2016
Maybe played an all-around disappointing series as LGD Gaming went 0-2 against Digital Chaos and consequently were eliminated from The International 6. He ended the series with a 6/10/12 KDA.
Maybe started the series off as Templar Assassin middle lane. Even though Banana's Elder Titan frequently kept himself close to middle lane, searching to catch out w33's Invoker, Maybe found difficulty in intimidating him. He found his Refraction to be ineffective against the many sources of damage-over-time from Digital Chaos, making him easy to nuke down after just a few seconds of engagement. He and his team couldn't stand up to Digital Chaos's consistent push, and so they conceded Game 1. Game 2 was even worse for Maybe as he played Dragon Knight middle. His bonus armor from Dragon's Blood meant nothing against Digital Chaos's heavy magic damage, and Maybe was nuked down with relative ease. Black King Bar was a good pickup for him, and it gave him and the rest of LGD Gaming a bit of a resurgence. As its duration wore down and as Digital Chaos grew stronger over time, they overpowered Maybe and the rest of LGD Gaming once again, and LGD Gaming succumbed to Digital Chaos for Game 2.
Delivered under pressure even in the ultra-late game
August 8, 2016
Maybe played a difficult game against Team Secret, but managed to secure a spot moving forward for LGD. He finished with a 13/4/10 KDA.
In his elimination game vs Team Secret, Maybe played Juggernaut middle. Maybe got off to an insane start. After getting first blood by himself on Arteezy's Alchemist, he secured two more kills before five minutes. Although they never let the game slip too far, Secret were able to hold on for a very long time and keep the game close. Although the net worth was close, Maybe was never one crit away from crushing a fight. After a grueling hour and 10 minutes, LGD were finally able to close out a well-earned victory against Team Secret.
Showed some beautiful play in the series tie
August 7, 2016
Maybe ended the series in beautiful fashion as LGD Gaming split the series 1-1 with Evil Geniuses in Day 3 of Group Stages of The International 6. Maybe finished with a 14/4/26 KDA and destroyed five towers and two barracks in the series.
Game 1 seemed like a lackluster effort from LGD. EG allowed them to hold a lead, but LGD was not able to ever do anything with it or even grow it further. Sure enough, EG stormed back to take the win as Maybe did nothing. Game 2, Maybe turned it on and played an amazing game on Faceless Void. He finished with a 10/0/21 KDA and could not be stopped as LGD grabbed the tie. Game 2 showed just how strong Maybe can play; hopefully we get to see that more often.
Outcarried by excellent play from Na'vi
August 4, 2016
Maybe couldn't keep up with the blistering pace that Na'Vi put up, earning a 15/9/23 KDA during LGD's defeat.
Maybe took Death Prophet to the mid lane for Game 1, and found himself in the driver's suit early thanks to getting first blood and another kill off LGD's level-one smoke play. His control of the mid lane would pay off in the short run, as it gave MMY all the room in the world to roam and find an early lead for LGD. Unfortunately for LGD, Na'Vi would throw that lead on its head after Ditya Ra found a few free kills and ended up running with it all the way across the finish line, going from almost ignorable to absolutely unkillable within the span of a couple minutes, leading Na'Vi to an eventual win. For Game 2 he'd take another approach entirely and take Alchemist into battle. While his early game was quite subdued, as Na'Vi tried to deny all the farm possible from him, eventually their efforts would subside and he took over the net-worth chart despite Na'Vi pushing down all of LGD's turrets quite early. Na'Vi would spend the next half hour on the run from LGD, largely because of how powerful Maybe became, but LGD would only manage to delay the inevitable. After an hour of constant battle, Na'Vi would come back for the rest of the LGD base, as they had no answers to Ditya Ra's ludicrous late-game damage, spell immunity, and invulnerability thanks to Sonneiko. Despite what seemed to be a comeback, LGD would end up losing the game in the end, giving over a 2-0 victory to Na'Vi