Yao Lu 
LGD Gaming
Electrifying Storm Spirit game not enough for LGD mid
February 1, 2018
Maybe gave a very commendable effort against Liquid in Starladder but it wasn't enough. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 22/12/20.
Maybe opened up the series with Storm Spirit in the mid lane. He struggled early on against the rotations of Liquid but quickly bounced back. His 12-minute Kaya and 18-minute Bloodstone were still very good timings. He was really making plays for LGD in the best way possible picking up the game-high 17 kills in the losing effort. In Game 2, his Shadow Fiend did not have as much impact. He died often, and his 14-minute Eul's Scepter of Divinity did not amount to much for his team as they were quickly routed by Liquid.
Decent individual performance not enough
December 14, 2017
Maybe finished with an overall KDA of 21/9/16 in three losses to Optic at The Summit 8.
In Game 1 Maybe played Puck. This was a particularly rough game for Maybe. He was forced into a position where his teammates needed him to create space, but Maybe didn't have the gold or levels to really make this happen. He finished with a 5/0/5 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Tiny. He was looking hot in the early game, but after LGD failed to get enough of an advantage from this he started to fall off hard. His Ava-Toss combo was no longer enough to get kills, and he was completely helpless against Optic's Medusa. Maybe finished with an 8/4/5 KDA. In Game 3 Maybe played Shadow Fiend, once again showing off his individual skills. In an eerie repeat of Game 2's storyline, Maybe got off to a hot start but was brought to a sudden and hard stop by Optic's teamfighting ability. He finished with an 8/5/6 KDA.
Styled on SumaiL
October 22, 2017
Maybe completely styled on Evil Geniuses in his team's victory at the PGL Minor. The explosive midlaner finished with a KDA of 23/5/18.
Maybe completely outdueled Sumail for the majority of the series. His opening game on Ursa dominated the early game. He was picking up kills left and right as he snowballed in perfect fashion. He picked up ten kills and only died once in Game 1. His follow-up game on Mirana was once again highlight-reel worthy. He didn't dominate the early game but he quickly picked up the pace in the mid-game. His Sacred Arrows were hitting at crazy moments and he really set the tempo for his team with 13 kills.
Weak showing from LGD's fiery middle lane
October 22, 2017
Maybe finished with an overall KDA of 8/9/11 in LGD Gaming's 0-2 loss to Mineski in the grand finals of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 Maybe played Ember Spirit. He played pretty well despite being behind practically all game. Although his team was losing, Maybe was still a decent threat to Mineski. Maybe also did a nice job staying alive for most of the game. He had no good answer to Mineski's physical burst damage though, which would prove to be his downfall. He finished with a 4/1/7 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Mirana. This was another tough game for LGD. Without the elusiveness of Ember Spirit, Maybe found himself dead a lot more in this game. He didn't get a good start in lane, and once both teams started grouping up Maybe found himself dying quickly to the Mineski cores. He finished with a 4/8/4 KDA.
Outdueled and outclassed
August 12, 2017
Maybe was schooled by Miracle and Team Liquid in the International 2017. The prolific midlaner finished with a KDA of 5/11/6.
Rarely do you see Maybe struggle in a series, but Team Liquid were too much for LGD's star player. In the opening game, Maybe's Mirana just couldn't hit the mark. His Sacred Arrows were missing and his damage output was sorely missing in the lopsided lost. In Game 2, he went with the unorthodox safe lane Death Prophet. His level progression was slow because of the lane and he had to buy too many defensive items that he never really became a threat.
Odd picks punished by opponents
August 9, 2017
Maybe was simply outplayed by No[o]ne in LGD Gaming's lost in The International 2017. The young star finished with a KDA of 6/11/7.
Two not-so-great picks for the mid laner really hurt Maybe in the series. He went with Necrophos in the opener but was quickly countered by Virtus Pro's Lina pick. He had an okay early game but was forced to go defensive with his items. He got a Veil of Discord and a Hood of Defiance at a decent timing but his positioning was faulty, and he often got punished for it. In Game 2, he went with an even riskier pick in Leshrac. He got a few kills early but was easily singled out by VP as they took him out before he could dish out any damage. Maybe got a decent Bloodstone timing, but its value went down quickly along with their chances of winning.
Dominates as Queen of Pain in Game 1
August 4, 2017
Maybe finished LGD's 1-1 draw with Team Liquid during the group stages of The International 7 with a final KDA of 22/6/11
Maybe played Queen of Pain and Ursa in Games 1 and 2 respectively in the series against Team Liquid. In Game 1, Maybe trounced Miracle and anyone else foolish enough that was in his sight. He had finished his Veil of Discord at 8 minutes and finished with a spotless 14/0/9 KDA. Game 2 was a complete reversal of fortune for Maybe, as his Ursa was constantly disabled and frequently kited about teamfights as Liquid split-pushed their way to victory.
Weak series from LGD's star middle lane
August 3, 2017
Maybe finished with an overall KDA of 14/13/14 in LGD's 0-2 loss to iG.Vitality in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Maybe played Death Prophet. Despite LGD being behind for most of the game, there were a few moments when it looked like Maybe might have been able to turn the tides. He was so close to living in fights so many times, but unfortunately couldn't keep himself alive long enough in the end. He finished with a 7/7/5 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Legion Commander. This was a pretty underwhelming performance from LGD's typically explosive middle lane. He got some nice Duel wins on the iG.V supports, but he couldn't bring down the two targets that really mattered, Timbersaw and Weaver. He finished with a 7/6/9 KDA.
Destroys everything he sees for second sweep of the day
August 2, 2017
Maybe continued his hot streak as LGD Gaming took a 2-0 sweep over Team Empire in the group stages of The International 7. Maybe finished the series with a 19/3/21 KDA.
Already making his case for team MVP, Maybe has been an absolute force. After finishing Game 1 with a perfect KDA on Ember Spirit, Maybe switched over to Leshrac and dominated again. Game 2 saw LGD have to face their first deficit of the tournament, something that should bode well for them in the long run.
Punishes anything that gets in his way
August 2, 2017
Maybe was an unstoppable force as LGD Gaming took a 2-0 sweep over Fnatic in the group stages of The International 7. Maybe finished the series with a 21/3/26 KDA.
Maybe came out hot and determined to make an immediate impact at TI, and he definitely made his mark. Just when you thought his 10/3/17 KDA in the Game 1 win was as good as it could get, he followed it up with a perfect 11/0/9 KDA on Ursa to complete the sweep. This was a perfect start for LGD and some great momentum to take through groups.
Lethal once more
July 7, 2017
Maybe looks to be back in his deadly form with yet another good showing for LGD against OG in MDL 2017. The Chinese star finished with a KDA of 22/4/26.
He managed to completely outplay OG's mid lane in both games of the series. His series opener on the Mirana was an eye opener in Maybe's quality. Despite many recent nerfs towards Mirana, Maybe made it look like that the hero was back in the meta. Nine kills and zero deaths against the four-time Major champions is no easy feat. In Game 2, Maybe's showing on the Queen of Pain was not as impressive. He won the laning stage against N0tail's Death Prophet and racked up many kills in the game. Some of his deaths were due to some unforced errors from his part, which blemishes his otherwise excellent showing.
LGD star middle laner gets demolished
July 6, 2017
Maybe seriously struggled in his game against iG in the MDL 2017 group stages. He finished with a 3/12/5 KDA.
Maybe's Lina got off to a decent start, but he got obliterated in almost every fight that LGD tried to take. His 16-minute Bloodstone quickly lost its charges, and Maybe became less and less effective with every death. This was a dramatic departure from his first day of competition, and will need to be addressed before LGD takes on OG in the playoffs.
No doubt about it, LGD's middle lane is among the best
July 5, 2017
Maybe finished with an impressive 15/1/6 KDA in an LGD win over Evil Geniuses in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Maybe played Lina middle. Despite the nerfs to Dragon Slave in the most recent patch, Maybe still made Lina work extremely well for LGD. He was constantly in position to land multiple-hero stuns and dish out damage in an extremely effective way. His magical burst potential was very strong, especially when combined with the physical damage of Ame's Chaos Knight. Between the two of them, there wasn't an Evil Geniuses hero they couldn't handle.
LGD's middle laner dominates OG
July 5, 2017
Maybe finished with a 14/2/16 KDA in LGD's commanding win over OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Maybe played Mirana. Maybe has had an impressive event so far, and this game was no exception. After the end of the lane phase, Maybe absolutely crushed OG. His burst damage was too much for OG to handle, especially combined with Chronosphere and Ice Blast. This was crucial in LGD's efforts to counter OG's Meepo, and worked out excellently for LGD.
Far from his killer form
June 16, 2017
Maybe was an underwhelming presence for LGD in their loss to Team Secret in The Summit. The high profile Chinese mid laner finished with a KDA of 4/5/12,
His opening game on the Queen of Pain definitely did not get the desired impact. He paled in comparison to MidOne's Dragon Knight in the early game and couldn't get any momentum for himself. His lone kill in the game was when the game was all but over for his squad. In Game 2, his Puck had a better time in the early game against Team Secret. He picked up a bunch of kills and went with a very early Dagonm, but he made a costly mistake in the late game that threw away his team's chances to force a deciding Game 3.
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