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Steps down from iG
September 6, 2017
In a release on weibo, the iG esports club announced that BurNIng would be leaving the team to take a break from competition.
BurNIng is perhaps the most famous Chinese Dota 2 player of all time, with a career spanning back almost 10 years. Despite being among the best players in China for most of his career, BurNIng never managed to secure the ultimate goal, an International victory. BurNIng is also one of the oldest competing professional players at 29 years old, and it's unclear if he will return to a profession team or transition into a coaching or analysis role.
Secures much-needed 2-0 win
August 4, 2017
BurNIng finished with an overall KDA of 20/4/18 in iG's 2-0 win over Cloud9 in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 BurNIng played Terrorblade. iG started the game on the back foot, but BurNIng did a very nice job staying alive and making sure to keep his farm going. Eventually he started to present a serious damage threat to Cloud9. With Shallow Grave from Q's Dazzle, BurNIng was able to get off Sunder easily and completely turn the tide of fights. He finished with an 11/2/5 KDA. In Game 2 BurNIng played Juggernaut. He played another solid game in the safe lane, delivering exactly what his team needed from him. He once again did a nice job staying alive in fights, ending the game with a 9/2/13 KDA.
Rare quiet game from the Chinese legend
August 3, 2017
Burning posted below-average numbers for Invictus Gaming, but they still got the win against Digital Chaos. The iconic carry finished with a KDA of 7/3/22.
His opening game on Weaver was not the primary carry for his team. Burning was mostly making space for Op's Alchemist in the game. His 16-minute Diffusal Blade was acceptable, but his survivability turned out lacking as he was picked off two times in the game. In Game 2, he was again on Weaver, but this time around, he was more impactful as he was dishing out a lot of damage for his team. Burning's 475 gold per minute is way below average, but it didn't matter as they got the sweep.
Turns it around after a weak Game 1
August 2, 2017
BurNIng finished with an overall KDA of 13/7/24 overall KDA in iG's 1-1 series vs Newbee in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 BurNIng played Necrophos. He looked uncomfortable and awkward on the hero. His positioning was pretty poor, but the worst part was that he was often split up from his team. This resulted in iG taking a lot of fights with only three or four members, and a quick defeat. BurNIng finished with a 1/2/0 KDA. BurNIng played Lycan in Game 2. This was a much more impressive game from BurNIng. He looked a lot more comfortable on Lycan than Necrophos, and was actually able to be an effective split-pushing threat in this game. He finished with a 12/5/24 KDA, a major turnaround from Game 1.
iG's star carry finds success in unfamiliar role
July 6, 2017
BurNIng finished with a 6/7/17 KDA in a victory over LGD in the MDL 2017 group stages.
BurNIng played Zeus in the off lane, a departure from the norm for him. He played Tidehunter off lane in iG's previous game, and was once against in the off-lane position while Xxs piloted the Slark from the safe lane. Despite this switch-up, BurNIng played a pretty good game. He did die a lot due to Zeus' lack of inherent mobility, and BurNIng's choice to delay Blink Dagger until after getting three other items, but also contributed massive damage.
Decent plays can't cut it
June 9, 2017
BurNIng played well but couldn't carry his team to victory as iG was swept 2-0 by Team Secret in Epicenter. He finished with a final KDA of 12/9/14.
Game 1 BurNIng played as Razor in the safe lane. Constantly draining damage from Bristleback, he was able to accumulate decent early farm; however, he fell victim to a few great rotations from Team Secret, and iG fell behind early on. Although BurNIng was able to help his team mount a mid-game comeback, it didn't last long as Team Secret eventually won after a late-game team wipe. Game 2 he went as Lifestealer, and although he played very well, he was only one of two players for iG that had a kill, as iG struggled to get anything positive going all game long. He finished this round with a KDA of 6/2/0, and he and his teammates called GG in just over 30 minutes.
Just another day in the office for iconic iG carry
June 6, 2017
BurNIng once again showcased his consistency as Invictus Gaming dismantle Clutch Gamers in Epicenter. The iconic player finished with a KDA of 22/5/18.
BurNIng kicked off the series with the aggressive Ursa in the safe lane. He efficiently turned off his normal farming mentality and amped up his rotations. BurNIng managed to grab the game-high 13 in the series opener. In Game 2, he was back on his farming ways on the Juggernaut. Despite this change in approach he still rotated efficiently and came away with nine kills. BurNIng still made use of the ample space that his team provided for him.
Commanding win from iG's legendary carry
May 20, 2017
BurNIng played a great series in iG's 2-0 win over Alliance at the StarLadder iLeague Invitational. He finished with a 22/4/16 KDA.
BurNIng played Razor in Game 1. iG picked Razor to hard-counter Alliance's Troll Warlord, and BurNIng executed that plan excellently. Static Link was absolutely devastating this game against Troll and Shadow Fiend. BurNIng finished the game with an impressive 7/1/7 KDA. In Game 2 BurNIng played Juggernaut. He played another very impressive game, especially thanks to the Empower buff from Xxs' Magnus. He was a beast in fights, blinking into the enemy and finding key targets like Tinker and Rubick. With setup from BoBoKa and Xxs, BurNIng was able to rack up the kills with ease. He finished the game with a 15/3/9 KDA.
Veteran savvy from IG carry
May 20, 2017
BurNIng again proves to be Invictus Gaming's most consistent player as they easily dismantled Vici Gaming J in Starladder. The Chinese icon finished with a KDA of 14/4/25.
BurNIng's first game was an explosive opening statement. He easily farmed a nine-minute Vladimir's Offering and found himself fighting on the front early. Despite this early aggression his Troll Warlord did not die a single time and he even finished the game with highest kills at eight. His second game on Sven was not as imposing. He farmed pretty slowly to start but caught up thanks to his teammate's stacks. BurNIng did not dominate and was killed four times, but did enough to help his team secure the victory.
Pedestrian performance from Chinese icon
May 18, 2017
BurNIng didn't have the best showing against TNC Pro Team, but his performance was still encouraging in Starladder. The icon finished with a KDA of 6/6/11.
Rarely do you see BurNIng get shut down so effectively, but TNC did just that. His opening performance on Luna was underwhelming. He was bothered by TNC's dual-lane aggression with Jakiro and Nyx Assassin as his 21-minute Manta Style was uncharacteristic for him. In Game 2, he was on his signature Juggernaut. His farm was much better, but TNC had too much control for him to flex his muscles as he was limited to a measly three kills and 480 gold per minute.
So close yet so far for Chinese fan-favorite
April 30, 2017
BurNIng and Invictus Gaming's run in the Kiev Mjaor came to an abrupt end against Virtus.pro. One of China's most beloved player finished with a KDA of 6/10/15.
The B-God started the series with Morphling. He had an excellent early game managing the most last hits by end game with 477. But VP was not going to wait for BurNIng to get online as they took the fight to him early, limiting his ability to take over the game. In Game 2, his Sven was mostly a non factor. Sven isn't currently relevant in this meta and BurNIng's performance affirmed this as he picked up eight deaths.
Carries Invictus Gaming closer to the grand finals
April 29, 2017
BurNIng is showing that age is only a number as he and Invictus Gaming eliminate Team Liquid in the Kiev Major. The legendary carry finished with a KDA of 28/7/33.
He took Morphling to the safelane in the series opener. It was a perfect game for the B-God as his farm was abundant and his damage output was extreme. He also didn't die a single time. He was on his specialty Anti Mage in the second game. Unfortunately, Team Liquid were ready for him on the AM as they found ways to shut him down effectively. 650 gold per minute on his Anti Mage is something BurNIng is not proud of. In the final game of the series, he was on the Wraith King in the aggressive trilane set up. He was contained early by Liquid, but leave it to BurNIng to still find the farm no matter what. His frontlining and effective use of Reincarnation gave Liquid fits in the end game.
Chinese icon shows off vintage performance
April 27, 2017
BurNIng was his consistent self as Invictus Gaming eliminated mouseports in the Kiev Major. The legendary carry player finished with a KDA of 28/6/26.
BurNIng kicked off the series with Juggernaut in the safe lane. He was pressured early by mouz's aggressive trilane, even dying once at around the one-minute mark. Despite this, he stayed on top of the net worth chart and proceeded to dominate the game afterwards en route to 15 kills and a game-high 785 gold per minute. While his second game was his worst of the series, BurNIng still managed over 600 gold per minute, so it was by all means still an effective showing. His final game of the series had him on the carry Venge. He somewhat looked awkward trying to get himself involved early, but seven kills and two deaths is nothing to scoff at in the highest level of competitive Dota 2.
Legendary Anti-Mage runs over OG
April 25, 2017
BurNIng finished Invictus Gaming's 2-0 victory over OG during the Kiev Major group stages with a final KDA of 23/6/22.
In Game 1, BurNIng's Juggernaut was more than just a carry. The seasoned veteran helped his teammates gank and win lanes, enabling his own success as well as that of his team. In Game 2, things looked bleak for iG, but never for BurNIng. iG diligently protected their carry player, trusting him to guide them to victory if given the space to farm. Their trust was not misplaced as BurNIng showed OG the true power of his Anti-Mage, mowing down heroes, then towers and finally OG's ancient to finish the sweep.
iG's iconic carry continues his resurgence
April 4, 2017
BurNIng had an acceptable series for Invictus Gaming as they dominated Newbee in DAC 2017. The legendary carry player finished with a KDA of 10/5/32.
He began the series with Juggernaut. BurNIng had a rough early game as his usually consistent farm was hampered. He then had a very late Manta Style at 34 minutes and was pooled an Aghanim's Scepter and Moonshard by Alchemist to remain relevant in the game. In Game 2, he had a much better series on Spectre. He got involved early after a very convenient Urn of Shadows before transitioning into the staple Radiance. BurNIng's contribution to his team was underlined by his game-high 19 assists.
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