Weak series apart from Game 2
June 5, 2018
Moogy finished with a 21/10/10 overall KDA in a 2-1 loss to at the China Supermajor.
Moogy had a bad Game 1 on Faceless Void. He did poorly in lane and was never able to catch up to deliver the initiation and damage his team needed. He was forced to go for a Mask of Madness to catch up, but the silence betrayed him more than the farming speed helped. He finished with a 3/6/2 KDA. In Game 2 Moogy came back with a deathless Lifestealer performance. He went for the classic single target focused build with Desolator and Assault Cuirass, ripping through's heroes in a flurry of attacks during Rage. He finished with a 12/0/6 KDA. In Game 3 Moogy had a difficult time on Gyrocopter. He was pressured heavily in the early game and then never given any space to recover afterwards. He did manage to secure some kills, but they were mostly on supports. He finished with a 6/4/2 KDA.
Looks great when not on Dragon Knight
June 5, 2018
Sccc looked very underwhelming apart from Game 2 in a 1-2 loss to at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 17/11/12 overall KDA.
Sccc played Dragon Knight in a quick Game 1 loss. He did fine in lane but couldn't put enough pressure on the rest of the map to help out his teammates. He never managed to take more than the tier one towers, always forced to be playing on the defensive. He finished with a 2/3/4 KDA. Sccc came back in Game 2 with a nice Lina performance. He managed to edge out No[o]ne in the middle lane and transition into a very strong carry for his team in the mid and late-game. His burst damage helped Newbee eat through's tanky cores, putting them low enough to be right clicked down. He finished with a 14/4/6 KDA. In Game 3 Sccc played Dragon Knight again, having a similar experience to Game 1. This time he lost his lane though and was put into a much more disadvantageous position. He finished with a 1/4/2 KDA.
Hard losses for Newbee's offlane
June 5, 2018
kpii finished with a 6/18/23 overall KDA in a demoralizing loss to at the China Supermajor.
In Game 1 kpii played Sand King, doing his best to initiate in a losing effort for Newbee. He did alright in lane, but Newbee were constantly a step behind all game. kpii was forced to use his abilities defensively, giving the enemy the advantage of starting fights. He finished with a 3/6/3 KDA. In Game 2 kpii played Slardar offlane. He was able to secure a 16-minute Blink Dagger, becoming an effective Infest vehicle for Moogy's Lifestealer and initiator for Newbee. He could also stay in fights getting off multiple stuns thanks to Slardar getting some farm priority. He finished with a 3/3/16 KDA. kpii played Doom in Game 3, having an absolutely miserable time. He did fine in lane, but as soon as fights starting breaking out he began to suffer. He died in almost every single encounter, finishing with a 0/9/4 KDA.
Can't follow up on a great Game 2
June 5, 2018
Kaka played a poor series apart from the second game in a 1-2 loss to at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 4/18/26.
In Game 1 Kaka played Leshrac. The first few minutes of his lane went well, but after that it was all downhill for Kaka. He was the first target for in fights and finished with a 1/9/6 KDA. In Game 2 Kaka played a very nice Naga Siren. He did a great job using his illusions to scout and protect his team and hero. This gave him the vision to set up for fights with Song of the Siren, which was able to combo into a huge array of stuns from his teammates. He finished with a 1/1/14 KDA. Kaka played Disruptor in Game 3. He had a tough time setting up for fights against an extremely aggressive VP team. Just like Game 1, Newbee quickly found themselves on the back foot and were never able to recover. Kaka finished with a 2/8/6 KDA.
Knocked to the lower bracket by
June 5, 2018
Faith finished with a 4/24/27 in a 1-2 loss to at the China Supermajor.
Faith played Bane in Game 1, doing his best to save his teammates from's non-stop aggression. He started out the game playing aggressively but was quickly forced to use Nightmare as a weak save instead of trying to set up for kills. He finished with a 2/6/6 KDA. In Game 2 Faith played Jakiro. He had a rough time but still managed to contribute a lot to fights. With Kaka's Naga Siren setting him up, Faith was able to land easy Ice Paths. He had an extremely rough early game though, leading to a finishing KDA of 1/10/17. In Game 3 Faith played Undying. He had a rough time trying to exert an early lead on VP, and quickly fell off to the point of being useless. He finished with a 1/8/6 KDA.
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Dota 2
Silently snag last direct invite to The International 2017
June 19, 2017
Valve announced via their official Dota2 website the regional and direct invitations to The International 2017 on Monday. Newbee secured the sixth and final invitation.
Newbee, by poll of public opinion, would likely not be considered among the global elite teams. They have not achieved many high profile victories so much as they have lurked in the shadows, winning just enough to keep themselves in contention. After a poor showing at the Kiev Major, Newbee failed to qualify for both Epicenter and The Summit 7. Ultimately their first place finishes at ZOTAC Cup Masters and Galaxy Battles this past month, along with a string of second-place finishes to Evil Geniuses earlier in the year, allowed Newbee to claim the final invite to this years International.