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Multifaceted outing for coL support
October 13, 2017
Zfreek was styling on Newbee with his multifaceted plays in Complexity's win in Starladder. The support finished with a KDA of 8/11/30.
Zfreek showed off his micro skills with Chen in the opening game of the series. His rotations and Centaur micro were spot on as he gave kpii a hard time. His farm game wasn't sloppy either, as he even managed a crazy 24-minute Aghanim's Scepter in his excellent showing. In Game 2, he was on the Winter Wyvern. His rotations weren't as great as Chen, but he made sure Limmp did not fall easily at the hands of Newbee with his pinpoint Cold Embraces.
Great all-around series
October 13, 2017
Moo was in scintillating form for Complexity in their win over Newbee in Starladder. The off laner finished with a KDA of 15/8/32.
Batrider was Moo's pick in the opening game in the series. While he lost the laning phase, his farm was far from slow. His 13-minute Drums of Endurance and 20-minute Blink Dagger was still a very good timing. His initiations were crisp and he even picked up the game-high nine kills. In Game 2, his Sand King wasn't as spectacular. He got himself a late 21-minute Blink Dagger, but his initiations afterwards made up for it.
Excellent outing for coL mid
October 13, 2017
Limmp churned out an excellent series for Complexity Gaming as they dismantled Newbee in Starladder. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 13/4/26.
He opened the series with Viper in the mid lane. His early game went perfectly thanks to Kyle's perfect rotations. He dominated sccc in his perfect Viper game where he didn't die a single time. In Game 2, his Death Prophet wasn't deathless, but he made Newbee work for every kill. His item progression was quick and he provided a lot of key Silences for his team.
Kills galore
October 13, 2017
Chessie racked up the kills in Complexity Gaming's victory over Newbee in Starladder. The versatile carry finished with a KDA of 17/7/22.
Chessie went with Visage in both games of the series. He managed to outplay kpii in the early game, which allowed him to really farm to his heart's content. His micro was also on point as his Familiar usage and stun stacking was perfect. His 485 gold per minute, may not have been eye-popping, but he brought a lot of intangibles for coL in their victory.
Returns to the NA scene
September 6, 2017
In an announcement on compLexity's website, it was revealed that Limmp will be returning to the team alongside his brother, Chessie.
Limmp's recent stint with Alliance was mostly met with poor results. He will be returning to coL after a successful time with the organization in 2016. It's a new meta, however, so only time will tell if he replicates his fine form of last year.
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