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Returns to the NA scene
September 6, 2017
In an announcement on compLexity's website, it was revealed that Limmp will be returning to the team alongside his brother, Chessie.
Limmp's recent stint with Alliance was mostly met with poor results. He will be returning to coL after a successful time with the organization in 2016. It's a new meta, however, so only time will tell if he replicates his fine form of last year.
Returns to coL after break
September 6, 2017
In an announcement on compLexity's website, the team revealed that Chessie will be returning t alongside his brother, Limmp.
Chessie was a former Heroes of Newerth star, much like teammates swindlezz and zfreek , who made a successful transition to Dota 2. He recently took a break from the game due to health issues and was briefly part of ppd's team, WanteD. He returns to compLexity after previously playing with them late in 2016.
Joins compLexity
May 25, 2017
According to LiquidDota, based on a twitter interaction, Demon is now a full member of compLexity's Dota team.
After being brutally booted from Digital Chaos, Demon has found a new home with a North American rival, compLexity. After having an unstable roster for months, compLexity will hope to add some stability to their ranks with this addition of a seasoned veteran.
Dropped from compLexity roster
April 23, 2017
compLexity announced via their website that monkeys-forever and 747 were being dropped from the roster in order to better compLexity's chances at The International 2017.
monkeys-forever joined compLexity after their disappointing results during the International 2016. After failing to help compLexity regain their wounded pride, monkeys-forever will now be looking for a team before the International 2017.
Cut from compLexity
April 23, 2017
compLexity announced via their website that they would be making changes to their roster by dropping two players prior to the TI7 roster locks.
After a string of poor results with their "trial mid-laner," compLexity has decided to part ways with 747 and monkeys-forever as they gear up for The International 2017. Both players are likely to find homes amid the ever changing rosters of North American Dota.
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