Team Secret
Could have, should have done more
October 29, 2017
YapzOr was outclassed in Team Secret's defeat at the hands of at the ESL One Hamburg final. The flashy support finished with a KDA of 5/8/24.
YapzOr kicked off the series with a roaming Mirana. His early game rotation wasn't so good as he recorded 5/31 Sacred Arrows on heroes in the first 20 minutes of the game. His game didn't get much better as his decision to get a Dagon did absolutely nothing for his team. In Game 2, YapzOr stepped up with his signature Rubick. His farm was pretty good as he got a 20-minute Blink Dagger. He also stole Viper Strike and Fiend's Grip often which gave them an extra edge during fights.
Collapses under pressure
October 29, 2017
MidOne had one of the worst series of his life against in Team Secret's lost at the ESL One Hamburg Final. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 11/20/14.
MidOne's Lina in the series opener was shaky at best. He struggled early on and died twice against VP's aggression. He still got a 16-minute Bloodstone but its value quickly dwindles. He died 12 times in the game and really couldn't help his team find the victory. His Ember Spirit in Game 2 had a similarly rough time. He was often dying first in the team fights and his greed of not leaving a farming Flame Remnant was punished often by
Could not rise to the occasion
October 29, 2017
Fata had a rough series for Team Secret in their lost to at the ESL One Hamburg Final. The German offlaner finished with a KDA of 6/17/16.
Fata went with Pugna in Game 1 of the series. He won the early game against 9pasha's Brewmaster. He tried shoving out lanes often with Nether Blast but his map awareness was questionable as he got killed often. His decision to buy a Dagon had no impact for his team. In Game 2, his Magnus was a better showing. He got a respectable 15-minute Blink Dagger. His Reverse Polarities in the game often got multiple heroes but he could not get the perfect one to change Secret's fate.
Odd Timbersaw carry pick punishes Team Secret
October 29, 2017
Ace was the best performer in Team Secret's lost against in the ESL One Hamburg Final. The carry finished with a KDA of 12/9/14.
Ace played the unorthodox Timbersaw carry in the opening game of the series. He was mostly unkillable for most of the game but his damage output eventually fell off with's Black King Bars. He oddly had this one dive late on that brought up questions on his focus in the series. In Game 2, he was on the Phantom Lancer. His early game was a bit shaky but he stepped up after finally getting 18-minute Diffusal Blade. He kept Team Secret in the game but his nine kills were not enough.
Under performs on signature heroes
October 22, 2017
YapzOr finished Team Secret's 2-1 loss to Immortals during the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor with a final KDA of 12/13/38.
In Game 1 YapzOr played his signature Zeus support, which combined well with Ace's middle lane Meepo, enabling plenty of multi-kills with Thundergod's Wrath and Poof inside a Wukong's Command. In Game 2, YapzOr played Zeus again, but without much to combo with, Secret was undone by an aggressive assault by Immortals. In Game 3 YapzOr turned to another signature hero, Rubick. Secret was prepared for another highly aggressive strategy from Immortals but it never came. Immortals were patient and thus Rubick had few opportunities to steal high impact spells and turn the game.
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Dota 2
Qualified through to The International
June 27, 2017
After finishing the round-robin group stage with an 8-1 record, Team Secret has secured their spot at The International 2017 this August.
Team Secret was one of the teams potentially on the cusp of receiving a direct invitation, but fell short. Going into the qualifier, they were clearly among the top teams and their impressive record reflects that. Secret's only loss was to Mousesports.