Team Secret
Big plays all around from the Secret support
June 9, 2018
Yapzor continues to impress at the China Dota Supermajor. The flamboyant support finished with a KDA of 9/6/44.
Yapzor was back in business with his Rubick. He kept stealing important spells for Secret even stealing Dream Coil in one of the first important engagements in the game. Yapzor's mechanical skills were once again on full display with Elder Titan in Game 2. He was stacking three stacks at a time a time and using it with Ancestral Spirit to hit like a truck early on for Secret. His discipline of holding his Earth Splitter, until after the Call from Axe or Duel from Legion Commander made all the difference for Secret.
Hard-hitting series from the Secret mid laner
June 9, 2018
MidOne had a solid series for Team Secret at the China Dota Supermajor. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 16/5/36.
MidOne's Zeus had a fruitful laning stage against Ori's Puck. MidOne finally drew a late First Blood in the 12-minute minute mark against Fenrir's Bane. He was just dishing out so much magic damage for Secret especially after his Kaya and Aghanim's Scepter. In Game 2, MidOne tried his signature Ember Spirit. He rushed Aeon Disk because of the burst damage potential on the side of Vici Gaming. The item worked out perfectly for MidOne as he was always alive in the crucial engagements and he eventually got his damage items.
Stepped up in a big way
June 9, 2018
Fata stepped up when Secret needed him against Vici Gaming. The veteran finished with a KDA of 10/10/33.
Fata's Mirana successfully gave Paparazzi's Slark a hard time in the laning stage. The extra pressure from the Moonlight Shadow also allowed Secret to keep Vici Gaming on the backfoot. Fata had an excellent laning stage in Game 2 with his Pugna. Later on, once Vici Gaming were hard committing fights with Legion Commander and Axe he was always there with his defensive Decrepifys.
Just what Secret needed
June 9, 2018
Ace continues to be the trump card for Team Secret at the China Dota Supermajor. The Danish carry finished with a KDA of 14/6/28.
Ace got an early boost with his Lone Druid thanks to his efficient last hitting of Lanm's Cogs. He consistently held the top networth spot. Ace was just left unchecked by Vici and he eventually took over the game. In Game 2, Ace brought Lycan to the midlane against Paparazzi's Invoker. He gave first blood and was forced to play from behind but Ace was making all of the right decisions. He was farming at the right place and taking objectives and possible. When he eventually did join fights he just went straight for the supports and Vici just crumbled.
Comes back after a tough start
June 3, 2018
Puppey played well on Ogre Magi in a 2-0 win vs VGJ.Storm at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/20/45.
In Game 1 Puppey sacrificed his own stats to boost up his team. Puppey spent most of the game as the lowest net worth and finished with the most deaths in the game but he still provided a lot for his team through Bloodlust buff. He finished with a 3/14/17 KDA. Puppey took on the same role in Game 2 but got to spend more time alive thanks to Secret taking control early and never letting up. Although Ogre Magi can't contribute much other than Bloodlust, it allowed Puppey to do some great shot calling this series. He finished Game 2 with a 4/6/28 KDA.
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Dota 2
Qualified through to The International
June 27, 2017
After finishing the round-robin group stage with an 8-1 record, Team Secret has secured their spot at The International 2017 this August.
Team Secret was one of the teams potentially on the cusp of receiving a direct invitation, but fell short. Going into the qualifier, they were clearly among the top teams and their impressive record reflects that. Secret's only loss was to Mousesports.