Team Secret
Team Secret's new offlaner
September 5, 2017
Team Secret announced on Tuesday via Twitter that Fata would be joining the team in the offlane role.
Not unfamiliar with the solo lane, Fata will be changing from the middle lane to the offlane for Team Secret, which may raise some concerns as his recent stint with Cloud9 was less than inspiring. Fata may take some time to adjust to his new role, but with MidOne and Ace comfortable in multiple laning positions we could see Team Secret swapping their cores around to create confusion.
Picked up by Team Secret
September 5, 2017
Team Secret announced via Twitter on Tuesday that Ace would be joining the team as their new carry for the upcoming season.
Ace who has spent most of his career playing in an all-Danish lineup never found much success with the exception of being picked up by Cloud9 last season. Ace should be a nice addition to Team Secret and will undoubtedly shock people with improved play over the course of time.
Leaving Team Secret
August 14, 2017
Team Secret announced Monday via their official Facebook page that KheZu and MP would be leaving the team for the upcoming season.
KheZu leaving Team Secret is somewhat surprising, considering that he didn't become an elite player until after joining the team. As has been the past trend with Secret players, leaving the team usually leads to bigger and better things. KheZu wrote a twitlonger in which he talks about this past season, his future and leaving Secret with no hard feelings.
Kicked from Secret
August 14, 2017
Team Secret announced Monday via their official Facebook page that MP and KheZu would be leaving the team.
MP leaving secret isn't a big surprise. He has consistently struggled with Puppey's drafting style and was far less dynamic a player than he was with MVP Phoenix. Though MP has yet to announce a new team, there is little doubt he will find one before the first event of the new season.
Another great game for the Rubick god
August 7, 2017
YapzOr continues to be a catalyst for Team Secret has they live to fight another day in The International 2017. The support finished with a KDA of 3/2/22.
YapzOr went with his signature Rubick in the lone game. He was rotating like a boss as usual and he helped Team Secret secure the early game. His 19-minute Blink Dagger wasn't the greatest, but his teamfight contribution still made up for it. He even stole Epicenters and a Requiem of Souls that turned engagements in their favor.
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Dota 2
Qualified through to The International
June 27, 2017
After finishing the round-robin group stage with an 8-1 record, Team Secret has secured their spot at The International 2017 this August.
Team Secret was one of the teams potentially on the cusp of receiving a direct invitation, but fell short. Going into the qualifier, they were clearly among the top teams and their impressive record reflects that. Secret's only loss was to Mousesports.