Consistent as always
December 18, 2017
s4 finished OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8 with an average KDA of 2/5/11.
In Game 1, s4 played the damage sponge as Abaddon, helping to protect Resolut1on and keep his carry from a single death. s4 finished with a 0/5/11 KDA. s4's Puck in Game 2 got off to a hot start but wasn't able to recoup the losses from the other lanes, finishing with a 2/7/4 KDA. In Game 3, s4 came through as Brewmaster, soaking up damage and controlling fights as N0tail was split pushing. S4 finished Game 2 with a 4/4/19 KDA.
Runs over compLexity
December 18, 2017
Resolut1on finished OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8 with an average KDA of 11/2/5.
Resolut1on kept a clean sheet in Game 1 as he put compLexity away with ease on Anti-Mage, finishing with a 14/0/4 KDA. Game 2 was a wash as OG weren't able to contend, being picked apart by compLexity's superior lineup. Resolut1on finished with a 2/5/3 KDA. In Game 3, Resolut1on was back to form on Storm Spirit, managing to hold down 4v5 fights while N0tail was split pushing. Resolut1on finished with a 16/2/8 KDA.
Struggles in odd roles
December 18, 2017
N0tail looked a bit lost in OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8, finished with an average KDA of 2/5/10.
N0tail played Dragon Knight in Game 1 with mediocre results, serving as mostly a damage sponge and tower siege weapon while Resolut1on did the rest. N0tail finished with a 1/3/12 KDA. In Game 2, N0tail was heavily targeted as Tiny managing very little and finished with a 1/11/6 KDA. In Game 3, N0tail found success as Broodmother, dealing 4.4k building damage en route to a win finishing with a 5/1/12 KDA.
Helps OG edge out compLexity
December 18, 2017
JerAx finished OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity during the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8 with an average KDA of 2/4/13.
JerAx played Earth Spirit in Game 1, assisting Resolut1on's Anti-Mage in an off-lane tri-lane with Fly's Shadow Demon. JerAx helped secure the lane for his carry leading to a perfect game for Resolut1on. Jerax finished Game 1 with a final KDA of 3/3/12. Game 2 saw JerAx struggle on Tusk, after winning his dual lane with s4's Puck. OG was unable to enforce their presence on the map despite a bevy of mobile heroes. JerAx finished Game 2 with a final KDA of 1/7/7. JerAx returned to Earth Spirit in Game 3, where he helped win Resolut1on's lane once again, earning OG the series and finishing with a 2/2/21 KDA.
Excellent series from the OG captain
December 16, 2017
Fly lead his team to an impressive 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 4/6/21.
Fly played a very solid Game 1. His Shadow Shaman was a key piece of OG's pushing power, and his disables were also very important in fights for OG. He finished with a 0/5/15 KDA. In Game 2 Fly went back to Shadow Shaman again, and for good reason. His Serpent Wards allowed OG to turn decent fight wins into objective pushes that expanded their lead extremely rapidly. In the later portions of the game, a single won fight was all it took for OG to storm down the entire EG base. Fly finished with a 4/1/6 KDA.
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Invite to The International 2017 confirmed
June 19, 2017
To no one's surprise, it was confirmed on the official Dota 2 website that OG have received a direct invitation to The Invitational 2017.
Of all the teams in contention for International 2017 invites, OG was the most obvious choice especially after Wings was disbanded earlier this year. OG's consecutive first place finishes at both Valve Majors, Boston and Kiev, all but guaranteed its invite. Between Boston and Kiev it finished second at Dota Pit and the Dota 2 Asia Championships. OG's recent performances have been lackluster though, 5th-6th at the Manila Masters and 7th-8th at EPICENTER: Moscow. There is still one premier event for OG to play between now and The International 2017, the Mars Dota 2 League finals in early July.