Virtus.pro's punching bag for a game
May 24, 2018
Fly finished with a 0/10/1 KDA on Jakiro on a brutally one-sided loss to Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham.
Fly was almost a complete non-factor in this game apart from the vision he provided and his shot calling. He died in practically every single fight and was never able to get in range to make very good use of his spells at all.
Struggles to make an impact
May 24, 2018
JerAx was ineffective on Doom in a loss to Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 1/6/1 KDA.
Even if he got Doom off on a good target, OG didn't have the damage to actually follow up and get the kills. Fights that should have been won by Doom were instead easily turned around thanks to JerAx and the rest of OG's miserable start.
Comes up short
May 24, 2018
s4 finished a demoralizing loss to Virtus.pro with a 1/4/1 KDA on Queen of Pain.
His mobility wasn't nearly enough to save s4 this game. After losing middle to No[o]ne, s4 was forced to spend the rest of the game on the back foot. Virtus.pro just had too much damage and control for him to commit to fights, and his damage barely tickled them all game.
Shut down hard by Virtus.pro
May 24, 2018
N0tail played a poor game as Kunkka vs Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 0/7/2 KDA.
This was a consistently miserable experience for N0tail, who spent a lot of the game either dead or running away. He was useless in fights beyond his initial round of spells and he wasn't even guaranteed to get those off. Once Virtus.pro got ahead, N0tail was pretty much useless to OG.
Rough game for OG's carry
May 24, 2018
7Mad finished with a 1/3/0 KDA on Phantom Lancer in a brutal loss to Virtus.pro at ESL Birmingham.
This was a tough affair for 7Mad, who started out the game on the back foot after a rough lane vs 9pasha. 7Mad needed to be able to deal a huge amount of damage but was never given the time or space to farm up the items he needed. The Virtus plow was just too fast for 7Mad to keep up with.
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Invite to The International 2017 confirmed
June 19, 2017
To no one's surprise, it was confirmed on the official Dota 2 website that OG have received a direct invitation to The Invitational 2017.
Of all the teams in contention for International 2017 invites, OG was the most obvious choice especially after Wings was disbanded earlier this year. OG's consecutive first place finishes at both Valve Majors, Boston and Kiev, all but guaranteed its invite. Between Boston and Kiev it finished second at Dota Pit and the Dota 2 Asia Championships. OG's recent performances have been lackluster though, 5th-6th at the Manila Masters and 7th-8th at EPICENTER: Moscow. There is still one premier event for OG to play between now and The International 2017, the Mars Dota 2 League finals in early July.