Slowly getting used to the big stage
August 21, 2018
Topson continues to improve as The International 2018 drags on. The former pub star finished with a KDA of 16/16/25.
Topson played Zeus in the series opener. He had a rough start against Yawar's Dragon Knight. He was relegated to a fairly slow 15-minute Aether Lens but it helped his positioning tenfold. With his team struggling to defend, his damage output of 57,200 was key in holding their Barracks. In Game 2, Topson went his another nuker in Lina. His laning stage was a lot more fruitful as he managed a 12-minute Eul's Scepter of Divinity and 20-minute Shadow Blade. OG capitalized his good early game to go for the VGJ.Storm's jugular at the 35-minute mark.
Provided all of the right things for OG
August 21, 2018
Jerax had a successful showing against VGJ.Storm. The Finnish support finished with a KDA of 8/10/31.
Jerax kicked off the series with a support Lina. Despite not the pick being used as a support often at TI, he still made it work effectively. He shrugged off his rough early game to follow up Mad's good Winter's Curses with Light Strike Arrays. His 13 assists were largely thanks to his pinpoint Laguna Blades to guarantee kills for Topson. In Game 2, Jerax switched it up to Winter Wyvern. His positioning throughout the game was exceptional as he prevented VGJ.Storm from taking fights cleanly with his Cold Embraces and Winter's Curses.
Showed up in a big way
August 21, 2018
Ana made a return to his Major-winning ways against VGJ.Storm. The prolific carry finished with a KDA of 29/8/21.
Ana kicked off the series with his Phantom Lancer. His efficient laning stage allowed him to quickly buy up a Diffusal Blade at 15 minutes. Ana was incredibly smart with his movements as OG weathered the VGJ.Storm 14,000 networth advantage. His 12 kills and 4 deaths were highly impressive given that VGJ.Storm had him countered. In Game 2, he went with the rarely picked Troll Warlord. The pick worked wonders for OG as he mitigated a large part of Ursa's damage with his Melee Whirling Axes. His short game focused itemization on a 12-minute Mask of Madness and a 17-minute Sange & Yasha allowed his team to close out early.
Proved that utility builds wins games
August 21, 2018
7Mad was again the consistent force for OG in the offlane. Their former coach finished with a KDA of 8/14/26.
Mad played the niche Winter Wyvern in the offlane of Game 1. His laning stage is as rough as you would expect from the hero. Mad decided to go for full utility with Aether Lens and Blink Dagger which allowed him to make game-swinging Winter's Curses in the clutch. In Game 2, Mad switched it up with the Venomancer. He was given a favorable lane early against Sneyking's Nature's Prophet. Mad farmed up utility once again but still managed the highest hero damage with good Plague Ward usage and Poison Novas.
Secures 2-0 win for OG
August 17, 2018
N0tail played well in both games of a tight 2-0 win over Invictus Gaming in the group stages of the International 2018. He finished with an overall KDA of 9/20/30.
In Game 1 N0tail played Silencer to shut down the Relocate plays from Boboka's Io. He did a good job using Global Silence to ensure OG would win fights, and positioned his hero well to ensure that he survived to rack up some stolen intelligence. He finished with a 5/5/17 KDA. N0tail picked Silencer again in Game 2, but without an Io to counter this time. He still made the hero work extremely well for OG, using Global Silence to pull things back from the brink in a lot of bad looking fights despite giving up a worrying amount of deaths. He finished with a 4/15/13 KDA.
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Invite to The International 2017 confirmed
June 19, 2017
To no one's surprise, it was confirmed on the official Dota 2 website that OG have received a direct invitation to The Invitational 2017.
Of all the teams in contention for International 2017 invites, OG was the most obvious choice especially after Wings was disbanded earlier this year. OG's consecutive first place finishes at both Valve Majors, Boston and Kiev, all but guaranteed its invite. Between Boston and Kiev it finished second at Dota Pit and the Dota 2 Asia Championships. OG's recent performances have been lackluster though, 5th-6th at the Manila Masters and 7th-8th at EPICENTER: Moscow. There is still one premier event for OG to play between now and The International 2017, the Mars Dota 2 League finals in early July.