SG e-sports
Terrible series from the SG roaming support
April 14, 2018
Thiolicor couldn't make any tempo plays for SG esports against Natus Vincere in StarLadder. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 2/13/5.
Thiolicor started the series in the worst way possible with Nyx Assassin. Despite the excellent kit of Nyx Assassin to get himself involved in team fights, Thiolicor was involved in none of SG's kills in the series opener. Game 2 started better for Thiolicor as his perfect Ice Shard secured the first blood against LebronDota. But that was pretty much the only good play of Thiolicor in the series.
Forgetabble showing from SG offlane
April 14, 2018
Liposa was a non-factor for SG esports in their defeat against Natus Vincere in StarLadder. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 2/10/3.
Liposa could not keep up with the blazing tempo that Natus Vincere set against SG. His risky Razor pick in the first game never got any farm apart from a Drums of Endurance and a Force Staff. While his Centaur Warrunner had a more fruitful laning stage getting his Blink Dagger at the 13-minute mark but his initiation was sloppy at best.
Poor farming game spelled doom for SG
April 14, 2018
Costabile could simply not step it up for SG in their elimination match against Natus Vincere in StarLadder. The carry finished with a KDA of 1/6/7.
Costabile never averaged above 400 gold per minute in the two-game series. He was always pressured effectively by Navi's GeneraL and Crystallize. He never had the space to farm easily during the laning stage and it really hurt his chances of scaling well. He only managed one kill in the series that didn't even last 50 minutes.
Never got going for SG
April 14, 2018
4dr seemed out of his element against Natus Vincere in StarLadder. The Brazilian midlaner finished with a KDA of 3/13/2.
4dr is usually a strong driving force for SG esports but his performance in this series was truly unforgettable. He was outclassed by Natus Vincere's Dendi both games of the series. He did show glimpses of quality micro on his Visage game but 4dr needed to do so much more for SG to have a fighting chance.
Well-predicted by his opponents
November 4, 2017
Thiolicor didn't have the desired impact against as SG Esports are eliminated from Dota Pit. The support finished with a KDA of 1/9/11.
While his Bounty Hunter has worked in the past, his constant use of the hero has given the time to prepare for it. He spent the majority of his time at the midlane helping 4dr but it didn't amount to much. His 21-minute Urn of Shadows underlines his struggles in the game and he never really got going with the Track gold for his team.
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Team News
Dota 2
Dota 2 roster disbands
August 29, 2017
In a post on the team's official Facebook page, SG e-sports announced that its Dota 2 team is disbanded.
SG e-sports rose to fame when they qualified for the Kiev Major and managed to upset Team Secret, which had dominated in the group stages. Unfortunately SG couldn't keep up this standard of results, and failed to qualify for The International 7. The post stated that the move came at the request of the players, but that the SG organization would be fielding another Dota 2 team soon.
Dota 2
Joins the fray at DreamLeague Season 7
May 23, 2017
In a post on their website, Dreamhack announced that SG-esports would be joining the DreamLeague to replace Team NP.
Team NP recently withdrew from DreamLeague, and SG-esports were invited to take their place. The Brazilian squad rose to fame at the Kiev Major, where they upset and eliminated Team Secret. Their first match is Tues. May 30 at 6:30 p.m CEST.