South Korea
Huge Anti Mage game not enough
November 4, 2017
Qo was the best player for Immortals despite the losing effort in Dota Pit. The unpredictable carry finished with a KDA of 7/3/5.
Qo was Anti Mage in the lone game of the series. He farmed up a storm early on and got himself an impressive 13-minute Battle Fury. His control of the map equilibrium really helped Immortals have a fighting chance in the uphill game. He racked up seven kills and had the highest net worth in the game but his team was a non-factor as SG eventually ran away late.
Crumbled under pressure
November 4, 2017
MP collapsed under the pressure against SG Esports in Dota Pit. The mid laner was limited to a poor KDA of 2/7/4.
MP's Viper in the elimination match really left a lot to be desired. Despite being on a lane dominating hero, MP badly lost against 4dr's Razor. He rushed a Veil of Discord at the 14-minute mark but it never amounted to much for his output. His positioning was decisively poor and he often overestimated his own tankiness.
Struggled with his spotty initiations
November 4, 2017
Forev wasn't able to set the tempo for Immortals as they lose to SG Esports in Dota Pit. The veteran offlaner finished with a KDA of 3/6/10.
Forev played Puck in the lone game of the series. He struggled against SG's trilane early on but still managed to buy a 14-minute Blink Dagger. His initiations, however, weren't clean as Immortal started fights on the wrong foot. His 30-minute Aghanim's Scepter proved useful for his team and he was still the second-best player for Immortals in the loss.
Rough rotations doomed Immortals
November 4, 2017
Febby had a terrible series for Immortals as they are eliminated from Dota Pit. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 1/10/15.
Febby hard committed to helping MP with his early game struggles. But he was often too late to the party and his Ice Shards weren't too effective. His 35-minute Force Staff underlined his struggles of the game.
Gutsy showing for the Immortals carry
November 3, 2017
QO kept Immortals afloat with his performance against Team Liquid in Dota Pit. The risky carry finished with a KDA of 22/11/19.
QO got very early nine-minute Boots of Travel to keep up the pressure and followed it up with a 15-minute Diffusal Blade. His aggression, however, backfired in key moments of the game since his team was not in a position to fight. However, his 15 kills were the game high, and the match wasn't even a contest. In Game 2, QO went with mid Terrorblade. He again won early thanks to his lane control and last hitting, but his game was a far cry from his previous one. When mid game rolled in, he was jumping in at unreasonable times and died six times.
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Dota 2
Immortals picks up Team Phoenix
September 13, 2017
Immortals announced via their official Twitter that they had acquired the Team Phoenix roster to compete for the upcoming Dota2 season.
Immortals who have been a powerhouse in other esports is finally stepping into the Dota2 scene. Their roster was once an incredibly powerful SEA team, but, now reunited, Immortals will bring the team to compete in the North American region.
Dota 2
MVP Phoenix reunite as Team Phoenix
September 7, 2017
In a tweet today, QO confirmed the roster for a new Korean team. Team Phoenix will consist of QO, MP, ForEV, DuBu, and Febby.
This roster comes as excellent news for any fans of the classic MVP.Phoenix lineups that took western fans by storm. The Korean squad became famous for their style of hyper-aggressive play, coined 'caveman Dota'. The individual members of the team failed to find the same success on their own, so this new team's success will be very important.