South Korea
New roster confirmed
September 7, 2017
QO confirmed the roster of the new Immortals today on Twitter. The lineup will consist of the old MVP.Phoenix roster: QO, MP, ForEV, DuBu and Febby.
The past year has been comparatively disappointing for all five members of the new Immortals. QO and Febby struggled immensely on Fnatic, failing to post any good results. ForEV, DuBu and MP enjoyed more success on their teams, but none ever reached the same status they enjoyed on MVP.Phoenix.
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Dota 2
Immortals picks up Team Phoenix
September 13, 2017
Immortals announced via their official Twitter that they had acquired the Team Phoenix roster to compete for the upcoming Dota2 season.
Immortals who have been a powerhouse in other esports is finally stepping into the Dota2 scene. Their roster was once an incredibly powerful SEA team, but, now reunited, Immortals will bring the team to compete in the North American region.
Dota 2
MVP Phoenix reunite as Team Phoenix
September 7, 2017
In a tweet today, QO confirmed the roster for a new Korean team. Team Phoenix will consist of QO, MP, ForEV, DuBu, and Febby.
This roster comes as excellent news for any fans of the classic MVP.Phoenix lineups that took western fans by storm. The Korean squad became famous for their style of hyper-aggressive play, coined 'caveman Dota'. The individual members of the team failed to find the same success on their own, so this new team's success will be very important.