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Looking comfortable in the offlane again
September 20, 2018
zai played well in both games of a 2-0 win over Team Liquid in in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/9/36.
zai did a good job starting fights and finding kills for Secret on Tiny in Game 1. He moved very well around the map, putting a lot of pressure on Liquid and enabling Secret to choose its fights. zai's initiation created a lot of space for Nisha to wreak havoc on Juggernaut, easily rolling over Liquid in fights. zai finished with a 7/4/18 KDA. In Game 2 zai played Storm Spirit, benefiting from Nisha's Drow Ranger Precision Aura. Although zai did have a tough time playing around gh's Nyx Assassin, his team was able to help him out in this regard and enable zai to play the aggressive game Secret wanted. He finished with an 8/5/18 KDA.
Far from expectations
August 23, 2018
Zai choked against Virtus.pro on the Main Stage of The International 2018. The Swede finished with a KDA of 6/28/38.
Zai played Elder Titan in the opening game against Virtus.pro. He couldn't pressure Ramzes with 33 in the laning stage. However, he stepped it up coming into the mid game as his Echo Stomps always caught Virtus.pro at awkward positions. In Game 2, he shifted to Vengeful Spirit. His laning stage helped Pajkatt have his space in the offlane. However, as the game dragged on, Zai wasn't really the saving grace that his team needed. Zai went with Undying in the final game. He got the First Blood after whittling down Ramzes' Strength with several Decay stacks. Zai missed some early rotations that really hurt OpTic's chances while his Tombstone placements were easily singled out.
Snuffed out on the main stage
August 23, 2018
Pajkatt wasn't his usual self against Virtus.pro. The veteran finished with a KDA of 17/16/19.
Pajkatt tried his luck with Clinkz in Game 1 against Virtus.pro. He was uncontested for most of the early game, which helped Optic swing the game in their favor. Pajkatt was constantly a threat around the map as VP couldn't contain the veteran. Pajkatt was completely a non-factor in Game 2 with his Drow Ranger. He never really got the farm going and was just a free kill for VP most of the time. Pajkatt went back to Clinkz in the final game of the series. He managed two early kills and even a tower deny in the laning phase. He couldn't set the tempo in his team's favor and VP were steamrolling OpTic in the mid game.
Can't build on good first game
August 23, 2018
CCnC was on a downward spiral against Virtus.pro. The young star finished with a KDA of 21/18/17.
CCnC gambled with mid Huskar in the series opener. He managed to easily bully N[o]one's Dragon Knight in the laning stage with controlled aggression. CCnC was just styling on Virtus.pro with 11 kills. CCnC played Alchemist in Game 2. He died four times in the early game but still managed a 15-minute Radiance. However, he couldn't win against the three farmed core heroes in the game. For the final game, CCnC went with Lina against N[o]one's Tiny. His laning stage wasn't too hot. He died two times early, but he still got some return kills to catch right back up. However, his growth was way too slow for Optic as VP overpowered him in the end.
Not consistent enough for Optic
August 23, 2018
33 only had one good game in the series against Virtus.pro. The Israeli finished with a KDA of 13/19/26.
33 brought Necrophos to the offlane in Game 1 of the series. His early game left a lot to be desired for OpTtic. Whenever he had Reaper's Scythe, 33 managed to secure some kills for OpTic. 33's good performance in Game 2 was all for naught. He shifted to the mid lane against Bloodseeker with his Batrider. He found several key pick-offs to keep Optic in the game. However, a misplay in the late game destroyed their chances of a clean sweep. 33 played Ursa in the final game. His quick Blink Dagger allowed him to take some return kills against VP, but he didn't get much help from his teammates.
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Picks up The Dire Dota 2 roster
September 26, 2017
OpTic Gaming announced via their official Twitter that they have signed The Dire as their new Dota 2 squad for the 2017-18 season.
OpTic Gaming, which is a big name in Call of Duty and CSGO, is finally stepping into Dota 2 hot off the heels of League of Legends heavyweight, Immortals. OpTic's selection of Peter 'PPD' Dager's team, The Dire, brings in a unit with a lot of experience and plenty of potential to match. The team has been in several North American qualifiers for Dota 2 Pro Circuit tournaments over the past few weeks and has found its way to the finals in nearly all of them.