Rori Bryant-Raible 
United States
Free Agent
Free Agent
Released from Tempo Storm
November 29, 2017
CauthonLuck has been released from Tempo Storm, according to an official Tempo Storm blog post.
CauthonLuck has yet again found himself without a team. After over three years in the professional scene, and a handful of years playing professional Starcraft II, CauthonLuck is no stranger to free agency. While mechanical play and game knowledge is relatively weak for CauthonLuck, his skill and ability at finding a team to take a chance on him is unparalleled by anyone in NA, and perhaps even the world. CauthonLuck will find another team if he is looking for one, but it won't have anything to do with his skill at playing ranged assassin or split-pushing with Falstad; it will have everything to do with him being a great talker.
Strong Abathur Push
October 31, 2017
CauthonLuck played his heart out in a 2-3 defeat to Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
CauthonLuck played Abathur in both Games 1 and 4 during the best-of-five series against Team Freedom with mixed results. In Game 1 on Cursed Hollow, CauthonLuck was hard countered by daneski with an annoying Brightwing pick that allowed him to shadow his every move while still joining the team fight when needed, this rendered CauthonLuck obsolete in a lot of ways and negated much of the macro benefits of having Abathur on the team. In Game 4, however, CauthonLuck was able to play his Abathur experience soaking minigame uncontested as he played on Towers of Doom and drafted later in the draft once he could not be feasibly countered. This time CauthonLuck was able to soak a massive amount of experience while also gaining a lot of free damage on Team Freedom structures with his summoned minions and strong siege damage.
Solid Falstad play
September 28, 2017
CauthonLuck had some good plays in a 3-2 victory over Lag Force during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
CauthonLuck played a mighty good Falstad in his victory over Lag Force, winning 3-2. Game 1 on Dragon Shire was a decent game for CauthonLuck as he out performed his lane opponent, Leoric and was able to secure the top lane. Game 2 was the best game of the night for CauthonLuck though, as he managed to post a perfect 2/0/4 KDA on Cursed Hollow while primarily soaking experience and hunting down the enemy Abathur. CauthonLuck opted for a Mighty Gust build at level 10 that gave him a massive amount of utility for his team. While the damage ultimate is a good one, the utility ult can still save an entire raid if used correctly.
Master of Genji
September 22, 2017
CauthonLuck played his heart out in a 3-1 victory over Spacestation Gaming during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
CauthonLuck opted for a Genji pick straight out of the gate on Cursed Hollow. Throughout the match CauthonLuck was issuing heavy harassment to the enemy backline, destroying Falstad's effectiveness in battle. CauthonLuck was also adept at securing kills with his shurikens, as evidenced by his 8-0-10 KDA. Game 2 on Dragon Shire was another insane game for CauthonLuck. Playing Abathur, Cauthon went for a full team fight build and buffed Psalm on Genji. The dynamic duo were literally unstoppable, netting CauthonLuck a perfect 5-0-13 KDA while Psalm went 8-0-8 himself. This strategy caught SpaceStation Gaming completely off guard and managed to end the match in just under 13 minutes, far sooner than the majority of matches played on Dragon Shire.
Solid on support
July 30, 2017
CauthonLuck played well in a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
CauthonLuck opted for a tricky play in Game 1 with an Auriel pick in a rare double support Battlefield of Eternity game. Despite Tempo Storm running two supports and an Illidan, the low burst damage team had a ton of CC with three reliable stuns and were able to lock down and kill Naventic heroes with ease throughout drawn out objective phases that were more like battles of attrition, with mana being the key ingredient to victory. Game 1 saw CathonLuck with a 1/0/6 KDA and top healing for his team at 32,000. Game 2 was another unorthodox match for CauthonLuck on Cursed Hollow as he went for an Abathur pick. Naturally, Team Naventic went for Dehaka to counter the Abathur but even with the good split pushing by Zuna it wasn't enough to overcome the team fight advantage that Tempo Storm had over them due to Abathur's Symbiote always tipping the odds in their favor. CauthonLuck was fire this match with a 7/0/5 KDA.
Mechanical improvement
June 29, 2017
CauthonLuck made some improvements in a 3-0 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
CauthonLuck started out the best-of-three series on Li-Ming on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Playing in a double mage team comp, CauthonLuck was able to sit back and relax while tossing out Arcane Orbs with incredible accuracy as the two warriors soaked the brunt of the damage from Even in Death. The second mage pick alone was a game winner as Even in Death drafted Johanna, an anti-auto-attack warrior who falters heavily when faced against ability damage. Game 2 saw CauthonLuck on Greymane. This hero is where CauthonLuck showed the most improvement in his mechanical play. The map was Cursed Hollow, and when the objectives spawned on the map it was time to fight, as CauthonLuck and Psalm on Genji waited until just the right moment to attack and dive in. CauthonLuck had some incredible moves that helped mitigate a lot of damage due to his excellent reaction time and strong mechanical play.
Good supportive damage
June 28, 2017
CauthonLuck wasn't the star of the show, but he was there to support his team's stun chain with some finishing power in their tiebreaker victory against Soul Torturers at the Mid-Season Brawl Group Stage.
CauthonLuck played a solid Greymane in the tiebreaker game, securing half of his teams kill's with some great uses of Cursed Bullet. Cauthon's best play was at the 12-minute mark when he was able to solo burst the enemy Valla, killing her almost instantly due to Auriel being caught in Fury's Cocoon. While Cauthon didn't boast insane damage numbers, he did share perfect kill participation with his team, always ready to jump in and finish off a stun-locked target.
Strong even during loss
May 16, 2017
CauthonLuck played a strong series against Gale Force eSports, winning 3-1 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
CauthonLuck opted for a Zarya pick on Cursed Hollow, a strange pick for the typical ranged assassin player. Stepping out of his comfort zone seemed to benefit his team greatly as they earned their first win while CauthonLuck put up a 2/0/2 KDA. Game 2 on Braxis Holdout was a difficult one to watch as Tempo Storm appeared to be in control despite their first and only loss being on this map. CauthonLuck drafted Chromie and had a 3/2/6 KDA, but his damage output was just a little too light for a hero that doesn't bring much else to the table. In Game 3, CauthonLuck opted for an old favorite in Falstad. The hero choice was great given that the map was on Warhead Junction and allowed him to make full use of his global presence. This match CauthonLuck posted a 3/1/8 KDA. In Game 4, CauthonLuck decided to play Greymane on Towers of Doom, as his Zarya was banned during the draft. This match he had a 1/1/14 KDA for a total KDA of 9/4/30.
Diversity key in big win
April 28, 2017
CauthonLuck had a diverse hero pool in a close 3-1 victory during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
CauthonLuck hit the ground running in Game 1 with a Gul'Dan pick. Just five minutes into the game, CauthonLuck had already racked up multiple kills as well as a boss grab. It already looked like the game was in hand for Tempo Storm, but in Heroes of the Storm, just a single mistake can turn the tides no matter how far ahead you get. Fortunately for his team, CauthonLuck played a nearly perfect game, netting three kills, eight assists, and zero deaths in the process while also just barely missing the top slot for every other statistical category. Game 3 was similarly a great game for CauthonLuck on Dragon Shire, as he drafted Valla into a solo-warrior team comp that allowed him a relative measure of free reign to do as he pleased. This resulted in top hero damage, top siege damage and a 3/0/5 KDA. CauthonLuck also managed to help net his team two Dragon Knight objectives, the last of which ultimately won them the game.
Gets the job done
April 28, 2017
CauthonLuck played hard in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
CauthonLuck opted for a Tychus pick in Game 1 on Dragon Shire. While he was not flashy and didn't make any phenomenal plays, he had good mechanics, strong map awareness, and managed to keep himself alive throughout the match, not dying a single time. While doing so he racked up six assists and 33,000 hero damage. This was not a particularly strong performance from CauthonLuck; however, given his past blunders this certainly goes down as a win for him. In Game 2 CauthonLuck once again relied on his most played competitive hero, Falstad. It should be noted that CauthonLuck has rarely gone a series without playing the versatile bird hero at least once, and almost always takes him off the board if he's still available during his pick phase. His heavy reliance on Falstad was noticed in Game 3 where No Tomorrow target banned him and he was forced onto a less familiar hero, Valla. If CauthonLuck wants to help his team he will need to get more comfortable on other assassin heroes.
Pulls the team together
March 31, 2017
CauthonLuck was very consistent in the 2-0 victory against Infamous Gaming at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
CauthonLuck played a good Valla in Game 1 on the map Sky Temple. The only misplay this game was not being the one to split-soak during the early stages of the game, forcing Tassadar to not be paired with Psalm on Tracer. This gimped the team's potential, considering tracer is typically at her strongest pre-10. Game 2 had Cauthon on the hero Li-Ming for the map Towers of Doom. Beautiful rotation of abilities at the eight-minute mark, when Cauthon noticed an enemy Falstad's Flight icon, instantly bursting him as he touched down. This exact situation replicated itself again at the 12-minute mark, which says more about Infamous than it does Cauthon's reaction speed.
Much better vs Superstars
February 27, 2017
CauthonLuck showed heavy improvement in a 3-0 victory over Superstars.
CauthonLuck opted for a Falstad pick in Game 1 of the best-of-five series. This is quickly becoming his go-to hero when he seemingly does not know what hero to pick. CauthonLuck used Falstad to split soak and gain experience advantages while his opponents were forced to rotate for the objective, then he would use his Epic Flight ability to near-instantaneously fly to the rest of his team and join the fray. This tactic worked well and kept his team even with Superstars who drafted Dehaka to match his soaking ability. In Game 3, CauthonLuck went for a Li-Ming pick that helped set his team up for some insane burst potential amid a Ragnaros and Valeera triple assassin combo. This was far too much burst damage for iakona on Rehgar to effectively heal through and thus Tempo Storm won this final match of the night before it really ever began, during the draft phase.
January 31, 2017
CauthonLuck did not do well in a close 3-2 victory over Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
CauthonLuck started out Game 1 on Sylvanas, which was actually an excellent hero pick for the map, Battlefield of Eternity. Sadly, he controlled his hero poorly and got swapped by the Elite Team Freedom daneski, causing his team to fall behind and never catch up. Game 2 was not much better on Gul'dan; though his team won that match, it was largely due to blunders by Team Freedom, rather than anything positive CauthonLuck did. In Game 3 CauthonLuck played Falstad, perhaps his best hero. Despite this, he just split-pushed the entire game. Remarkably though, he managed to do it without dying once to Team Freedom's ganks. Again, this fell more on Team Freedom passing up opportunities rather than CauthonLuck playing well. In Game 4 CauthonLuck was on Falstad once again. This time he played awfully, and this was perhaps his worst game of the night. His experience was low, his split-pushing failed, and his damage output was abysmal, less than half of his teammate cattlepillar, the other assassin player. In Game 5 CauthonLuck was once again on Falstad. It appeared that his team did not trust him in teamfights, so they just relegated him to split-pushing and soaking for an experience advantage. This time it was enough, but will it be enough for another series?
Great use of global pressure
January 30, 2017
CauthonLuck was one of the biggest contributors to Tempo Storm's 3-0 victory against B Step at the North America HGC Phase 1.
Game 1 was on Tomb of the Spider Queen with Cauthon playing Tychus. Due to the enemy tank players being overly aggressive, Cauthon was provided ample opportunities to burn them down with his Mini Gun trait. The kills he stacked up for his team ultimately led to a slow, yet effective victory. Game 2 was on the map Cursed Hollow and saw Cauthon playing on Falstad. Rarely fighting, Cauthon spent the majority of this match using his global to procure the majority of the curse tributes while his team applied pressure on opposite sides of the map. Game 3 was almost a repeat of Game 2, with Cauthon playing Falstad yet again. Matched in a 1-vs-1 situation with B Step's aPm on Brightwing, Cauthon was at a clear advantage, often forcing Brightwing out of lane with the help of Psalm on Zeratul.
Signed by Tempo Storm
January 20, 2017
CauthonLuck has been signed by Tempo Storm, according to their official website.
Rori "CauthonLuck" Bryant-Raible has been signed to Tempo Storm's roster, according to their official website. CauthonLuck was the leader of Astral Authority prior to them releasing their HotS roster last month. He was fortunate to be able to join Tempo Storm as their team captain along with the squad he put together just six months ago. CauthonLuck will primarily play ranged assassin but may also play some of his signature Kerrigan should his team require her for a specific team comp. CauthonLuck is best known for his recent success in HotS, winning both of the last two NA Regionals of 2016.