Jeffrey Dolan 
United States
Dropped from Superstars roster
November 29, 2017
iakona has been released by Superstars, according to the official Superstars twitter page.
iakona has been dropped from Superstars following a disappointing HGC season 2. iakona was never perceived as a top support in the region, but the fact that he mains the support role does add some potential draft stock to him in the assassin- and warrior-heavy NA region. iakona is best known for his Malfurion and Rehgar play, though currently the meta has shifted away from those heroes. Of late he has been making good use of the newer supports from the Overwatch universe with Lucio and Ana, but nothing that really stands out on its own. All told, iakona may be hard pressed to find himself another team.
Excellent on Rehgar
September 27, 2017
iakona played well in a 3-1 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
iakona started out strong in Game 1 on Lucio. During the match he made great use of his wall ride passive trait and Battlefield of Eternity and kept his team inside his pulsing area-of-effect heal while also managing to not die a single time. iakona ended the match with a 1/0/5 KDA. Game 2 was by far the best match of the night for iakona. Playing on Dragon Shire this time, iakona opted for the Rehgar pick over the Uther pick which seemed like a slight oversight on his part; however, he made it work wonders by chaining his heals and keeping both frontline warriors topped up so they could continue providing a buffer for the backline Hosty on Falstad to do massive damage. iakona ended the match with a perfect 2/0/4 KDA and showed the stage that he does not need to play meta heroes to win big games.
Strong on Malfurion
September 21, 2017
iakona was a solid player in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Game 1 saw iakona with an easy match as he had two sturdy warriors tanking for him in Dehaka and Arthas as well as a pseudo support in Medivh helping out as well. iakona went with a Malfurion pick in this match on Sky Temple and opted to go full healing spec, with the exception of Twilight Dream at level 10. The build that iakona opted for happened to be excellent for such a tanky team, and his 87,000+ healing was more than proof of this. Additionally, iakona earned a 4/1/11 KDA in his victory over Even in Death. In Game 2 iakona also went for Malfurion, though this time the match was on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Once again iakona topped the healing charts, though this time with 69,000. He also managed a 1/2/9 KDA.
Mixed reviews for iakona
July 24, 2017
iakona had some good and bad in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
iakona played very well mechanically in his matches and almost never died. With that being said, he was unable to limit deaths for his team in a meaningful way and lacked the hard carry ability that some better support players can pull off in the North American scene. Game 1 on Dragon Shire saw iakona with a 0/0/10 KDA, however his team died a total of 10 times, far too many for any support to be considered playing his best. In Game 2 iakona once again did not die. On Rehgar this time, he posted a 0/0/6 KDA but missed some key heals on Srey throughout the match, leading to two deaths for the mage player. In Game 4 iakona had one death and a 0/1/8 KDA. On Auriel, he did very well of healing his team in the bot lane this match, and had excellent CC when it really mattered. Had iakona played this well in all his matches of the night, his team may have had a much easier time of sealing a quick victory.
Played with increasing confidence
December 31, 2016
Iakona made some notable plays throughout the 3-0 sweep against Cata's Encore at the third 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers
Iakona landed some amazing Twilight Dreams in Game 1 on the hero Malfurion. His biggest play was at the 20 minute mark when he was able to use Bolt of the Storm in combination with his heroic to pick up a great kill on the enemy Thrall. Game 2 was a repeat for Iakona playing Malfurion yet again, this time on the map Dragon Shire. Iakona did a solid job at helping his team stay sustained in lane with his trait Inverate, but overall it was his teams crisp rotations that made Game 2 a serious stomp. Game 3 had Iakona playing Iron Fist Kharazim in pairing with Hosty on Tyrande. This worked out incredibly well for DTS as they were able to take two pseudo supports who complimented each other incredibly well on the map Battlefield of Eternity. Using Seven Sided Strike on top of Starfall proved to be a very deadly combination.
Slow starter
December 31, 2016
Iakona had a few hiccups in the 2-0 victory against Imported Support at the third 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Iakona had a rough performance on the hero Reghar during Game 1, often seen overlapping his heroic Ancestral Healing on Medivh's Force of Will. This would later deny its potential to keep Thrall or Li-Ming alive in the midst of a teamfight. Game 2 on Infernal shrines had Iakona playing Reghar yet again. Proving that he could land a good ancestral, Iakona saved ally Goku at the eight minute mark from what should have been a certain death. Using his Lightning Bond talent at level one, Iakona did a great job in Game 2 taking camps for DTS which were able to pressure Imported Supports lanes through the entirety of Game 2.
iakona: epic CC wins the day
May 8, 2016
iakona had a strong showing beating Astral Authority 2-0 in the quarterfinals at Dreamhack Austin.
iakona started out in Game 1 on Tyrande and despite being the only support opted for Starfall, the damage dealing ultimate at level 10. This, when used in tandem with chain CC between himself and teammate Faye on Kael'Thas, allowed COGnitive Gaming the burst they needed to quickly dispatch with enemy heroes caught off guard. In Game 2, iakona selected Rehgar in a double support comp and once again utilized his CC to devastating effect that Astral Authority could not find an answer for. His ability to isolate opposing stragglers after teamfights and secure kills is what slowly brought his team further and further ahead. By the 20 minute mark, COGnitive Gaming was already up 3 levels and completely decimated Astral Authority, ending the series 2-0 at Dreamhack Austin.