Ben Bunk 
Tempo Storm
Played well in close loss
October 31, 2017
cattlepillar played his heart out in a narrow defeat, losing 2-3 versus Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
cattlepillar opted for a Li-Ming pick on Game 1 of the best-of-five series. The map was Cursed Hollow and his strategy was simple: delay the other team from getting the objective while split soaking with Abathur, piloted by CauthonLuck. The strategy was a good one, however, Tempo Storm did not foresee TF playing in a double support team comp and using brightwing to soak versus Abathur. This was the only flaw in their strategy. Game 4 was another match where the abathur strategy was used, this time to much greater effect. cattlepillar was on Valla and between him and his Abathur clone he was able to do terrible, terrible damage to the frontline of Team Freedom that none of their supports could heal through. cattlepillar displayed accurate mechanical maneuvering throughout this series and was a huge help to his team, despite the unfortunate loss.
Big Plays
September 28, 2017
cattlepillar was epic in a 3-2 victory over Lag Force during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
cattlepillar knocked one out of the park in Game 1 on Dragon Shire. cattlepillar opted for a Muradin pick that was used to set up ganks with his Storm Bolt while rotating mid and bottom. cattlepillar had some exemplary mechanical play as well as some solid map awareness. He was also able to tank the most damage in the game with over 56,000. cattlepillar saw great success with a full tank build, featuring Avatar as his level 10 ultimate. Overall cattlepillar was able to secure a perfect 2/0/7 KDA and was a leader for his team in the victory over Lag Force. If he can keep up this high level of play, the sky is the limit for Tempo Storm.
Incredible Anub play
September 22, 2017
cattlepillar was a beast in a 3-1 victory over Spacestation Gaming during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
cattlepillar started out in Game 1 on Cursed Hollow with an Anub'Arak pick. This hero choice was designed to be a heavy CC interruptor for the quadruple melee comp that SSG ran. The hero choice was highly valued as he was able to chain CC on Zeratul whenever he would dive on Jun playing Lucio. cattlepillar did not have many impressive stats for the match, but he was able to secure a 3-0-16 perfect KDA as well as help keep his team alive and send them to the next match with a solid win under their belts. In Game 4 cattlepillar went with a completely different type of warrior in Arthas. Arthas's strengths lie in bullying his opponent with sheer brute force and self sustain, both of which cattlepillar used to his advantage on Sky Temple while fighting over the powerful objectives. cattlepillar managed to score a 0-3-16 KDA, and while not perfect he did have a solid tanking score with 73,000 damage tanked.
Flexible player
July 30, 2017
cattlepillar played well in a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
cattlepillar was on point in Game 1 with Valla. Playing on Battlefield of Eternity, cattlepillar opted for the team fight multi-arrow build, rather than the immortal killer hungering arrow build. This was huge as Team Naventic did not expect it and drafted four melee targets for cattlepillar to spread his arrows to. This smart play by cattlepillar resulted in him topping the damage charts with over 58,000 and also grabbing over half of his teams kills with a 100 percent kill participation rate. cattlepillar ended the match with a 4/1/3 KDA. Game 3 was another ridiculous match for cattlepillar as he played Tracer on Warhead Junction in what had to be one of the most one-sided matches in the entirety of the HGC. While cattlepillar only did 9,900 damage and scored just two kills, he did so in a seven-minute game that saw Tempo Storm absolutely dominating a helpless Naventic that did not even appear to be trying to mount a comeback.
Quick and easy
June 29, 2017
cattlepillar played a strong macro game in a 3-0 rout of Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
cattlepillar opted for a Stitches pick in Game 1 on Tomb of the Spider Queen. This was a ridiculous pick that made absolutely no sense given both teams' drafts and likely indicated just how confident Tempo Storm was in their chances at victory against the HGC's newest competitors. Despite the crazy pick, cattlepillar showed some excellent mechanical play as he landed hook after hook on Even in Death. This proved to be too much for the fledgling team after cattlepillar upgraded his displacement ability at level 10 by adding Gorge into the mix. In Game 2 on Cursed Hollow cattlepillar swapped from the warrior role to a ranged assassin role with a Falstad pick. The Falstad pick was purely used for his utility in soaking lanes for extra experience points and putting his team ahead. cattlepillar made great use of this ability, and once his team got the snowball rolling, it didn't stop until Tempo Storm ended the series 3-0.
Unquenchable panda
June 28, 2017
Cattlepillar drank to his sweet victory against Soul Torturers at the Mid-Season Brawl Group Stage Tiebreaker, securing a seat at Dreamhack Sweden.
Cattlepillar did a good job in the tiebreaker game when it came to holding down the top lane of Dragon Shire by himself. Playing the hero Chen, Cattle kept the enemy Leoric in check, neither winning nor losing the lane. At the six-minute mark Cattle would receive a huge rotation from Soul Torturers, sending three of their members top to kill him and take back the top shrine. Noticing this, Cattle would use his Earth Wind and Fire heroic to not only delay the opponents from taking the point but to also allow his team to pick up the first Dragon Knight of the game. Opting for the talent Enough to Share at 16, Cattle was able to help his allies sustain way longer than they should have, using his brew to eat almost 100 percent of Valla's Multishot damage.
Impressive series
May 16, 2017
cattlepillar played an extraordinary series against Gale Force eSports, winning 3-1 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
cattlepillar started what can only be described as a rampage with a Dehaka pick on Cursed Hollow. The main strategy with this selection was to split push and soak for his team in order to gain a level advantage over his opponents. Despite always being alone and vulnerable in lane, cattlepillar pulled out a 0/1/4 KDA with top damage taken and experience soaked for his team. Game 2 was even better on Braxis Holdout as he completely dominated the top lane on Chen. His counterpick was deadly and the 3/1/7 KDA he got is a perfect demonstration of the strength of his play. In Game 3 on Warhead Junction, cattlepillar opted for another Dehaka pick and this time posted a 0/2/10 KDA with top experience and damage tanked for his team, a mirror of his first match. In what was the deciding match of the series, cattlepillar went with Leoric to counter the double frontline that Gale Force eSports drafted. This turned out to be his best game of the night as he earned an astounding 5/2/10 KDA while also topping the damage taken and experience gained categories. Overall cattlepillar had a 8/6/31 KDA.
Great with Greymane
April 28, 2017
cattlepillar had a breakout series against Superstars in a hard fought 3-1 win during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
cattlepillar started out the best-of-five series on Arthas, a frontline warrior that he played in Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3. In Game 1 cattlepillar went for the bruiser build since his teammate Fury was on another warrior and could handle the main tanking roles. This build included the level 1 talent Frost Presence, which allowed him to use Howling Blast as a very strong engage tool and have a high amount of kill potential. This was realized by Superstars just after the four-minute mark where cattlepillar got a great root off at the start of a fight, resulting in three deaths for Superstars and giving Tempo Storm a very early boss as well as a free temple objective. Game 4 was easily cattlepillar's best, though, as he rocked the stage with Greymane, a heavy burst and dive assassin. There is no other way to describe it; cattlepillar went ballistic with Greymane as he rotated to top and mid soaking experience, killing minions, and dishing out a respectable amount of hero damage in the process. cattlepillar ended the game with a 5/1/4 KDA and nearly 250,000 siege damage, some of the most ever seen in a HGC match.
Intense flexibility in huge win
April 27, 2017
cattlepillar played a strong macro game in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
cattlepillar started out in Game 1 with a Dehaka selection on Dragon Shire. cattlepillar immediately took to the top lane at the start of the map, instantly making that his domain. cattlepillar had such strong macro this game that he was able to out-soak his top lane opponent by nearly 40 percent, which is very impressive considering he was up against Jason on Falstad. This feat of strength allowed Tempo Storm to stay multiple levels ahead (and usually a talent as well) throughout the mid and late game despite teammate psalm having a very poor game and dying three times. In Game 2, easily cattlepillar's most impressive match of the night, he opted for a Greymane assassin pick. While he was up against double warrior and had to navigate through a ton of CC, cattlepillar was able to amass a staggering 100,000 Hero damage in just 21 minutes, more than double his highest-damage-dealing opponent at 49,000. In addition to that, cattlepillar also had a 4/0/7 KDA, and top siege damage at 163,000. cattlepillar topping nearly every statistical category in this game gave Tempo Storm a clear advantage and enabled them to seal the series 3-0.
Shoddy Shotcalling
March 31, 2017
Even though Tempo Storm took the series against Infamous Gaming 2-0, Cattlepillar had some very questionable shotcalling at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Games 1 and 2 had Cattlepillar on the hero Tassadar to pair with Psalm on Tracer. What transpired next was probably one of the most confusing and poorly planned decisions Tempo Storm could make. Instead of dominating the early game with this combination, Cattlepillar spent the majority of Game 1 split-soaking away from the rest of the team. Cattlepillar should have let Cauthonluck on Valla pick up the solo lane while rotating to allow Tracer to actually function in her critical role. Cattle had a very bad judgement call at the 14-minute mark when he could have easily escaped from the enemy and ended up playing very aggressively in a 3-vs-5 situation, dying and giving up an incredible amount of experience and map control.
Most comfortable on tanks
February 27, 2017
cattlepillar showed some growing pains in a 3-0 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC group stage.
cattlepillar played Li-Ming in Game 1 on Towers of Doom, an excellent map for the hard to lock down arcane mage. Superstars immediately soft countered cattlepillar with a Tracer pick and from that point on the game was rough for the long time tank player. The good things he contributed to the game were, in no particular order, high damage output, strong mechanics and great utility in delaying tactics during objectives. Sadly this was outweighed by his inability to deal with Tracer in teamfights and his difficulty scoring kills on the nimble assassin. In Game 2 when cattle was on Zarya, a ranged tank hero, he seemed much more comfortable and at ease. He chose Zarya on Braxis Holdout, her best map, and he completely destroyed the competition with epic shield saves for his teammate psalm on Illidan and crazy damage output. Overall cattlepillar showed that he still has room to grow as his teams incumbent flex player.
Carries team with Li-Ming
January 31, 2017
cattlepillar had a great series, beating Team Freedom 3-2 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
cattlepillar started out Game 1 on Li-Ming, where he did great despite losing to a determined Team Freedom in just nine minutes. cattlepillar managed to top the damage meters for both teams by more than a whopping 30 percent, despite the quick and relentless defeat his team suffered. Game 2 saw cattlepillar on Zarya, where he put out some excellent damage at 72,000, fully 10,000 more than the highest damage dealer on Team Freedom, despite playing a warrior. In Game 3, Team Freedom, scared of cattlepillar's intimidating Zarya, decided to ban her out. This caused cattlepillar to go back to Li-Ming, where he once again topped the meters and died an amazing zero times. Game 4 was more of the same, as cattlepillar ripped apart Team Freedom's backline on Li-Ming...only this time his huge damage output was not enough to carry his team to victory, netting a second loss for Tempo Storm. Finally, with the series on the line, cattlepillar went for a Tychus pick in Game 5. While his team did prevail, he was a little skittish in teamfights, and this affected his damage output significantly. He did a good job playing safe, but he may have been able to eke out a bit more damage for his team while still staying alive.
Grenades, grenades, and more grenades
January 30, 2017
cattlepillar racked up quite the fancy damage number with Zarya's grenades in the 3-0 victory against B Step at the North America HGC Phase 1.
cattlepillar played Zarya in Game 1 on the map Tomb of the Spider Queen. His Zarya play was extremely lackluster, getting caught out at four-minute mark, missing expulsion zone at the 14-minute mark along with countless other mistakes. The one thing he did do well was pour in over 140,000 damage with his grenades in the 34-minute game. cattlepillar did relatively well on the hero Tychus in Game 2. While this match was pretty much void of action, cattle did a good job using his Odin to slowly poke away at B Steps structures. At roughly the 18-minute mark, he was able to help his team pick up two keeps by using his Odin to siege with "The Big Red Button" level 20 storm talent. Game 3 cattle was on Li-Ming, playing the primary ranged poke for Tempo Storm on the map Towers of Doom. He did an excellent job at stopping B Step from capturing the alters, and that's about all that can be said about this series.
cattlepillar signed by Tempo Storm
January 20, 2017
cattlepillar has been picked up by Tempo Storm, according to the Tempo Storm website.
Ben 'cattlepillar' Bunk has been picked up by Tempo Storm. This is following the seemingly out-of-the-blue roster from that cattlepillar and his team experienced with Astral Authority just one month ago. cattlepillar and his team are best known for their recent success in professional HotS, winning both of the last two NA regionals of 2016. cattlepillar will be playing primarily in the flex position for Tempo Storm, but will also have some primary tanking duties as needed for his team.
Released from Astral Authority
December 31, 2016
cattlepillar has been released from Astral Authority according to Astral News on the Astral Authority homepage.
Ben "cattlepillar" Bunk has been released from Astral Authority effective immediately as Astral executives move to acquire more promising teams within the Heroes of the Storm professional sphere. cattlepillar was an excellent warrior player for Astral Authority and is a seasoned veteran of the free agent market. He and his team have plans to continue playing, despite back to back poor performances on two international stages, Blizzcon and most recently the Chinese Gold League. Should cattlepillar be released from his team he will have no trouble finding a new place to call home.