Jerome Tanguay 
Team Freedom
Solid double heals
October 31, 2017
KilluZiioN played a strong macro game in a 3-2 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
KilluZiioN played Lucio in both Game 1 and Game 4 of his best-of-five series against Tempo Storm. The first match was on Cursed Hollow and KilluZiioN played in a double support composition which allowed him to slowly weaken and drain his opponents while he and daneski on Brightwing passively healed the entire team, keeping them fresh and alive in the process. In Game 2 KilluZiioN played Auriel on Tomb of the Spider Queen in yet another double support composition. Game 3 saw KilluZiioN snag an Uther pick and opt into a more tanky build, rather than a full-on support role. Finally, in Game 5 KilluZiioN decided to go for a Lt. Morales pick on Battlefield of Eternity that was yet again a part of a double support comp, though this time with Nazmas on Lucio. KilluZiioN's double support meta picks were instrumental in their 3-2 victory over Tempo Storm.
Can't stop, won't stop
September 18, 2017
KilluZiioN was on fire in a 3-0 victory over Lag Force during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
KilluZiioN made a statement in Game 1 with Lucio, the sound barrier boosting support class hero that genuinely allowed KilluZiioN to show off his excellent mechanical skills with superb wallriding and skillshot dodging. Playing on Infernal Shrines, KilluZiioN had quite an impressive 1/0/7 KDA while also putting out nearly 50,000 healing at 48,789. This was even more impressive when compared to the abysmal healing of Tomster on Rehgar with only 29,000 for his team. Game 2 was more of the same as KilluZiioN locked in Lucio for a second time. If it can be believed, KilluZiioN played even better this match and put up a 1/0/14 KDA with closer to 70,000 healing than 60,000. He also managed to accomplish this on Sky Temple, a map where his AOE healing is often reduced in value due to the common split pushing nature of the map.
Woke up late
July 31, 2017
KilluZiioN had a late start in a close 3-2 series against Roll20 eSports, narrowly winning during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
KilluZiioN did not look himself in the first two matches of the night. Playing Rehgar in both games, he had shotty heals and even worse positioning. In Game 3, however, KilluZiioN woke up and went with a Malfurion pick on Towers of Doom. While the pick itself was nothing fancy, his play was outstanding. KilluZiioN went on to top the healing chart at over 87,000 and secure a 3/1/10 KDA, all while playing a very low damage, low kill potential hero. Game 4 was easily KilluZiioN's best match of the night. He opted for an Auriel pick on Sky Temple and both set up and secured many kills for his heavily snowballing team. Once ahead, Team Freedom stayed ahead and KilluZiioN grabbed a 4/0/9 KDA while topping healing at 35,009. While the healing number seems a little low, this match was so one-sided that it ended at just 14 minutes, not long enough to post huge late-game type numbers.
Proven team to beat
July 26, 2017
KilluZiioN had some epic saves in a 3-0 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
KilluZiioN opted for a Malfurion pick in Game 1 of the best-of-five series. The map was Braxis Holdout, and with two warriors protecting Nazmas on Chromie and KilluZiioN's expert healing, no one on the team was even coming close to dying. The match was over in just 11 short minutes, and aside from a Nazmas death on Chromie, nobody from Team Freedom died. KilluZiioN has been steadily improving his play week by week and is really carrying Team Freedom to new heights as they set their sights on the Mid Season Brawl coming up in August. With KilluZiioN playing like this, Team Freedom is really making themselves look like the team to beat.
Rough first match; solid finish
July 20, 2017
KilluZiioN had ups and downs during a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
KilluZiioN started out in Game 1 with a Rehgar pick on Towers of Doom. This was easily his worst match of the night as he posted a 0/2/8 KDA and was outhealed by the enemy Uther 19,000 to 15,000. In Game 2 KilluZiioN set a much different pace as he was quick to snatch up Kharazim as a support/melee-assassin hybrid on Dragon Shire. Opting for a tanky build by taking Spell Shield at level 13, KilluZiioN was able to dive deep and often, scoring an impressive 5-0-4 KDA and grabbing two epic multi-kills late in the game to help seal the match for Team Freedom. In Game 3 of the best-of-five series, KilluZiioN went for Rehgar once again, perhaps searching for some redemption after his abysmal play in Game 1. On Infernal Shrines, KilluZiioN used his static shield ability to assist his team in capturing the objective with the area-of-effect damage it provided. This proved to be just enough to ensure three of the four immortal punishers and ultimately close out the series for Team Freedom. KilluZiioN posted a much better KDA in the final match of the series at 2/0/8.
Mistakes were made
June 30, 2017
KilluZiioN had a hard time in a 3-0 victory over Even in Death during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
KilluZiioN had a rough series in what should have been a swift and easy victory for Team Freedom. In Game 1 KilluZiioN drafted Rehgar against a double support comp and was unable to keep anyone alive, dropping 10 total deaths from his team due to lack of healing. While KilluZiioN didn't die during the match, his healing output, mana management, and decision making was all suspect. Game 2 went better with Malfurion on Tomb of the Spider Queen, but in Game 3 KilluZiioN once again made some mistakes that cost his team big on Sky Temple. Playing Malfurion, KilluZiioN overstepped his area of safety multiple times, dying twice in the process and forcing his team into risky positions on both occasions. Team Freedom has already demonstrated that no player is safe on this team, should KilluZiioN continue this type of reckless play, he may soon find himself on the chopping block.
Weak on Kharazim
May 22, 2017
KilluZiioN had a rough start to a 3-1 victory over B-Step during the 2017 HGC Western Playoffs.
KilluZiioN opted for a Kharazim pick in Game 1 of the best-of-five series on Dragon Shire. The solo support Kharazim was not nearly enough for the damage output of both a Medivh and a Greymane. This resulted in a 0/1/0 KDA for KilluZiioN with his team scoring zero kills against the 10 from B-Step. Game 2 was much better as KilluZiioN went with a comfort pick, Malfurion. The map was Cursed Hollow and Team Freedom was very strong in their macro play from the first minute all the way until their last, passively playing the map and allowing daneski on Nazeebo to farm his ritual stacks. KilluZiioN ended the match with a 2/1/7 KDA. Game 3 on Sky Temple saw KilluZiioN on Uther. Solo healing with Uther is very difficult, but KilluZiioN made it work and even matched the enemy Malfurion in healing while also netting a 0/1/6 KDA. Game 4 on Tomb of the Spider Queen saw KilluZiioN on Uther once again, this time with an easier team comp as he had two warriors to help mitigate damage. The Uther pick resulted in a drawn out win with a 26 minute game. KilluZiioN posted a 0/0/6 KDA for the match and a total KDA of 2/3/13.
Epic Healing
May 16, 2017
KilluZiioN had a good series against No Tomorrow, winning 3-1 during the 2017 HCG Group Stage.
KilluZiioN opted for a Malfurion pick that just did not work out in Game 1 on Towers of Doom. While his KDA was a 1/2/3 for the match he was unable to keep his team alive and Team Freedom ended up losing with four total kills to 15 for No Tomorrow. Game 2 was a huge improvement, despite playing the same hero, Malfurion. In This match on Tomb of the Spider Queen KilluZiioN was able to post a very respectable 2/0/10 KDA. Game 3 was yet another Malfurion match, though this time the map was Cursed Hollow. In this match, KilluZiioN was able to net a 1/1/8 KDA, however, his overall healing was much lower than No Tomorrow's TigerJK on Lucio, though that was partially due to Team Freedom having much more damage output which padded the enemy Lucio's stats. In Game 4. the final match of the series, KilluZiioN played Uther and posted a 1/0/7 KDA for a total KDA of 5/3/28, for a total ratio of 11.
Interesting Lucio playmaking
April 30, 2017
KilluZiioN played very well in a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
KilluZiioN started out Game 1 on Towers of Doom with a Lucio pick. Lucio is a versatile suppport hero that can alternate between giving AOE healing and AOE speed boosts to his team. What made KilluZiioN stand out on this hero was his ability to cling to the walls using Lucio's passive Wall Ride trait that boosted his movement speed by 40 percent. He also had some excellent saves as the solo support for his team with his Sound Barrier ultimate that completely negated the would-be huge plays from the Valla and Nazeebo thanks to the massive shield his ultimate provided to all nearby teammates. Game 2 and 3 were played with a Malfurion pick, and while Game 3 was nothing special for KilluZiioN, he really stood out in Game 2 on Cursed Hollow. Part of this was Team Naventic's blunder in drafting Leoric as the solo warrior, but due to their lack of hard CC KilluZiioN was able to go deep into the backline worry-free and use his Twilight Dream ultimate, a massive AOE spell that did heavy damage and silenced anyone on the enemy team nearby. This allowed for insomnia and Nazmas on Lunara and Falstad respectively to charge in and clean up the mess.
Solid supporting
April 28, 2017
KilluZiioN played a strong series during a 3-1 victory over B-Step during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Malfurion was the star of the show for KilluZiioN as he drafted him in Game 1, 3 and 4. In Game 1 he took Malfurion in an aggressive dive composition featuring daneski on Greymane. Unfortunately, the lack of burst heals that a sustain healer like Malfurion brings to the table were unable to seal the deal and keep his frontline alive due to the heavy burst they were up against in Tychus and Lunara. Game 2 on Rehgar was a lot better though, as his burst capability is much stronger than Malfurion and B-Step had far less burst capability than in Game 1 with just Valla as their assassin. Game 3 was by far KilluZiioN's best game of the series with Malfurion, as he secured five kills on the enemy team, more kills than he got in all other games combined in just this one match. Along with 18 assists and only two deaths, it is easy to see how Team Freedom was able to come out on top of this series despite starting out 0-1 against B-Step.
Steadily improving in the support role
February 26, 2017
KilluZiioN shows some improvement every series in adjusting to the support role. His play was not enough to secure a win against Team 8, losing 3-0 in the North America HGC Phase 1.
KilluZiioN was playing Malfurion in Game 1 on the map Battlefield of Eternity. At the nine-minute mark, KilluZiioN found himself out of position placing a sight ward and Team 8 did not hesitate to capitalize on it. With some quick reactions KilluZiioN was able to use his Twilight Dream to assist in bursting down the enemy Zeratul trading one for one. Game 2, KilluZiioN opted to play Brightwing on the map Braxis Holdout in a duo support composition with Insomnia on Auriel. This ended up being one of the worst draft choices we've seen to date, as Team 8 already had Tassadar and Morales, two supports that in conjunction cannot be out healed. Instead of choosing to draft an all out damage composition to burst through the heals and shields, Team Freedom attempted to beat them at their own game, a truly unwise decision.
Has an okay performance vs GFE
January 30, 2017
KilluZiioN left room for improvement in a 3-2 victory over GFE in the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Game 1 saw KilluZiioN opt for a popular Malfurion pick. While he posted decent healing numbers with 35,000, he managed to let his team die 18 times, a huge number for a professional match. While some of it came down to awful positioning by his teammates, much if it was due to lackluster mana and cooldown management. Great improvements could be made in these areas. In Game 2 KilluZiioN opted for a Rehgar pick. This game went much better for him, as he only allowed five deaths for his team to GFE's 10. He also managed to heal about 40 percent more than the other teams support hero, a marked improvement from the first match of the series. In Game 3 KilluZiioN went for a Brightwing pick. This was already a poor choice but it was made worse by his inability to effectively play the hero. In Game 4 KilluZiioN went back to Rehgar, a smart decision as he pulled out another win and had a big game, keeping his team alive for the entire duration and beating GFE 4-0 in kills. Game 5 was equally impressive for him, as he managed to hold GFE to just 3 kills while landing some clutch roots that helped his team soar to a 3-2 victory over the mighty Gale Force eSports.
Joins Team Freedom
December 31, 2016
KilluZiion has been picked up by Team Freedom according to Lydia Mitrevski of
KilluZiion has some limited experience with semi professional/amateur teams like Peter Dinklage and Astral Authority when they were a lower tiered professional team. KilluZiion normally plays in a main tank role however to be a part of Team Freedom he has agreed to make the switch to Support. He still has a ways to go in order to get up to a level where his teammates can depend on him but he did some show glimmers of improvement during his time qualifying for the 2017 Heroes Global Circuit earlier this month.
Game changing Twilight Dreams
December 31, 2016
KilluZiion played a brilliant series in the 3-1 victory against Vox Nihili at the second 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Game 1 had KilluZiioN on the hero Brightwing, drafted specifically for the map Sky Temple. At the eight minute mark KilluZiioN found himself trying to hold top temple against the enemy Dehaka. This ended up being a terrible idea as KilluZiioN let Dehaka Drag him stopping him from Phase Shifting to his team. This resulted in his team losing three members in the bottom lane. Game 2 had KilluZiion on the hero Malfurion and he was able to get a very impactful Twilight Dream off at the 10 minute mark, netting two kills for his team. Great cleanse at the 14 minute mark to deny enemy Falstad from Gusting Valla into the enemies front line. Game 4 KilluZiioN was back onto hero Malfurion and had some insanely impactful Entangling roots. At the 29 minute mark he was able to land one without any set up on the enemy Zarya locking her in for a game ending kill.
Joins Peter Dinklage
July 7, 2016
KilluZiion has joined Team Peter Dinklage for the upcoming BlizzCon qualifiers, according to the ESL team registration site.
KilluZiion will be filling the main tank role for Peter Dinklage. KilluZiion is widely regarded as one of the best main tank players in the North American scene, and will be paired up with a number of quality free agents forming this ragtag team. Nobody knows how long this team will last, but if the results at the Blizzcon qualifiers are good this weekend, they may be here to stay.