Kevin Marco 
United States
SpaceStation Gaming
Good positioning with Gul'Dan
November 1, 2017
TalkingTrees played well in a 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Playoffs Quarterfinals.
TalkingTrees played only two heroes in the best-of-five series against Superstars, Valla and Gul'Dan. Of the two heroes played, Gul'Dan took the cake for best micromanagement and damage output/impact. Game 2 was especially awesome for TalkingTrees as he played extremely well on Infernal Shrines in a double warrior and double support comp. With TalkingTrees as the sole damage dealer, the weight of the game was entirely on him, and he made sure to deliver an epic win with some very strong damage output and great positioning. Game 4 on Sky Temple was another great match for TalkingTrees as he was able to utilize his MultiArrow ability on Valla to hit three targets at once as Superstars drafted a triple melee comp, great for TalkingTrees to maximize his damage output and force his enemies to expend mana healing. These small blunders by Superstars were capitalized on to great effect which led to a Spacestation Gaming victory.
Intelligent Abathur play
September 25, 2017
TalkingTrees was great in a 3-0 victory over Gale Force eSports during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
TalkingTrees had an absolutely monumental game on Infernal Shrines to open the best-of-five series. Upon selecting Abathur, both teams knew that this would be no ordinary game, as they would need to adjust and counter adjust to the strange and unorthodox playstyle of an Abathur hero. TalkingTrees soaked a massive amount of experience at over 16,000 and also managed to pull away multiple players of the opposing team to deal with his harassment. In addition to the great utility, he provided in being in two places at once, TalkingTrees also was able to pull off a respectable 2/0/6 KDA and top the siege damage done for either team at 112,000. Overall, TalkingTrees had an epic game and deserves a lot of respect for his Abathur play.
Signed by SpaceStation Gaming
August 31, 2017
TalkingTrees has been signed by SpaceStation Gaming, according to the official Blizzard team website.
Kevin "TalkingTrees" Marco had a difficult time in his year with No Tomorrow. Filling in a flex position that leaned heavily towards tanks and warriors, TalkingTrees worked very hard to post results for his team. Unfortunately, even some of his best games would end in ruin, in part due to his team not following calls or understanding the meta and which heroes to push for drafting. TalkingTrees was perhaps the most talented player on the No Tomorrow roster, and will certainly be a boon to SpaceStation Gaming due to over a year playing in a professional league. TalkingTrees excels on heroes with massive utility, like Zarya or Tassadar, who can completely carry a team if put in the correct hands. Expect good things from TalkingTrees should he continue to play as well as he has in the past few weeks.
Removed from No Tomorrow
August 28, 2017
TalkingTrees has been released from No Tomorrow, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
TalkingTrees Marco has been released from No Tomorrow after a wild one-year ride with the organization. During his time with his former team, TalkingTrees was able to secure a spot in the HGC for multiple back-to-back seasons. While he was unable to ever rank in the upper half of the North American HGC, he did make great strides as a player. When he began playing for No Tomorrow he was mostly a flex player, soon after though he developed strong macro and game-sense that allowed him to transition to a more warrior/tank oriented style of play. This really helped his confidence as he found a secure role to play in for his team. TalkingTrees would be a great addition to any team looking for a solid offtank player, and should not be discounted due to his team's overall poor performance in the HGC.
Good Genji play in win
July 31, 2017
TalkingTrees was great in a 3-1 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
TalkingTrees started off the series rough with an ineffective Zarya pick on Infernal Shrines. Going 0/3/6 didn't help much, but the main reason why he Zarya pick was so poor was due to his lack of finesse while enabling teammates. Too many times his teammates died to burst that he could have mitigated had he been a little smarter about when to use his shield ally talent. Had he kept better management of his cooldowns, his Zarya would have been far more effective. In Game 3 however TalkingTrees went for a Tassadar pick in a Tass/Tracer dynamic duo that allowed his teammate Equinox to make some great plays an earn a solid 4/2/8 KDA. TalkingTrees also had a great KDA on Tassadar at 2/0/9. Overall, this was TalkingTrees best match of the night and his team should consider having him play Tassadar more often, as he appears to be much more comfortable on the support hybrid.
Deny Trees Li-Ming if you want to live
December 31, 2016
TalkingTrees earned his spot in the 2017 HGC after the 3-1 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the second 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
TalkingTrees had one job in Game 1 on the map Towers of Doom; shield Valla. And he did just that, shielding over 108,000 damage in the 28 minute game. Game 2 TalkingTrees traded Tassadar over to Jason and picked up Li-Ming for himself. Doing a great job maximizing his resets TalkingTrees was one of the biggest contributing factors to their Game 2 win. Paired with Casanova on Tracer all Trees had to do was get an enemy low enough for Casanova to dive in and finish them with a well aimed Pulse Bomb. Game 4 had TalkingTrees on the hero Jaina for the final match on Dragon Shire. This hero was picked up to support Thrall and Tychus with their auto-attack damage. When Jaina puts out the slows no one is safe. This is especially devastating to the enemy Zeratul as one quick Ice Lance followed up by a Cone of Cold is all it takes to end his life.
Half a head above the rest of his team
November 29, 2016
It was very apparent that TalkingTrees was the best performer on No Tomorrow during their 2-0 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
It was a rough start for TalkingTrees in Game 1. Playing the hero Lunara, Trees decided that it was a great idea to stand within a few paces of a nearby bush causing him to die to an enemy flank on his poor positioning; this took place just shy of the three-minute mark. Unfortunately for No Tomorrow, this started a snowball in favor of Dumpster Tier Superstars successfully putting No Tomorrow on the back foot for the rest of the match. With that said, TalkingTrees was one of the biggest reasons No Tomorrow was able to pull out a sketchy 25-minute victory. Lunara's ability to apply incredible amounts of sustained damage allowed TigerJK's Auriel to put out a lot of healing, successfully saving the foolhardy Jason from dying more than he already did. TalkingTrees was on Alarak in Game 2's Sky Temple match. Using Discord Strike to net two kills eight minutes in, Trees was doing a good job at capitalizing on Dumpster Tier Superstars out of position heroes. This would continue throughout the Game with Trees single-handedly setting up his team for game-changing kills. Despite Trees performance, it was a still a relatively close match with No Tomorrow barely taking the series.
Dropped from Astral Authority
September 28, 2016
Astral Authority has released TalkingTrees due to their complete roster dump according to Josh Bury of theScore esports.
TalkingTrees will no longer be playing under the Astral Authority banner, as the organization has decided to part ways with their Heroes of the Storm team for the time being, stating that they will continue to maintain a presence in Heroes esports and recommend following them for future updates regarding what that future will entail. TalkingTrees was a flex player for Astral Authority and will resume the same role on the unidentified roster. He will also remain with his former squad, though they have not decided if they will form their own org or will be picked up by another sponsor.
Solid hero diversity
September 27, 2016
TalkingTrees busted out a new hero in a 2-0 victory over Red Team during the 2016 Bloodlust Invitational.
TalkingTrees started Game 1 on a popular highly picked and occasionally banned Li-Ming. This was a great game for him as he posted top hero damage, siege damage, and experience gathered for either team and also had an 18 KDA with only a single death to his name. Much of his stats can be attributed to his very greedy level 1 talent Power Hungry which increases his ability damage output by 10% for 20 seconds after each health globe he gathers. Some strong game sense and good map control allowed him to have almost a 100% uptime on this buff, increasing his damage output dramatically. In Game 2, TalkingTrees went with a different approach by selecting Tassadar, a hero that has seen a lot of competitive play recently and is more and more becoming a staple in any teams drafting pool of viable heroes. TalkingTrees took a very standard approach to his talent build with the survivability talents and shield upgrades that synergize with his teammate Equinox on Tracer so well thanks to the 30% life steal they provide. He also managed to outheal his teams main healer, darkchimaera on Auriel 59,000 to 28,000, which just goes to show that Tassadar is quite the hero when put in capable hands.
Li-Ming dominance
September 9, 2016
TalkingTrees dominated in the 2-0 series against GFE at the second 2016 Fall Regional.
Game 1 TalkingTrees drafted Abathur and did an excellent job at soaking in the early-to-mid game. Even though Astral Authority gave up three deaths in the early game, Trees was still able to soak multiple lanes, securing level 10 before GFE. This continued throughout the game, and at nine minutes in Trees made an incredibly subtle play by soaking his team to a 13-12 level advantage, quickly shifting gears using his ultimate evolution to force a disengage over a curse point tribute cap on Cursed Hollow. After acquiring the curse Abathur was allowed to shine, pushing in multiple lanes while his allies were able to put constant pressure on the enemy team. Game 2 we had a change of pace, and TalkingTrees was moved onto Li-Ming. At the six-minute mark Trees was able to abuse Li-Ming's Dominance talent (level 4) along with her trait, not only sustaining through the GFE's burst but securing his team four kills and the rest of the Sky Temple shots. This was a deciding moment in the game, and from that point on, GFE were never fully able to recover.