Harrison Chang 
United States
Tempo Storm
Tried to do too much
October 31, 2017
psalm couldn't carry his team in a 2-3 defeat at the hands of Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
psalm played Zeratul in Game 1 on Cursed Hollow in a risky cheese strategy involving his cloak mechanic and CauthonLuck giving him the Hivemind Hat on Abathur. This strategy was completely countered by daneski choosing Brightwing as he could instantly CC psalm and render him useless while he escaped the ambush. In Game 2 psalm played Kel'Thuzad the newest hero in the game and had a pretty solid match. His slowing abilities gave CauthonLuck on Valla enough time to deal out some vicious damage and also allowed Fury on Garrosh to set up some sick plays with cattlepillar and Jun utilizing their hard CC. Overall, psalm tried to do too much with what he had and it resulted in some unnecessary deaths and an even bigger uphill battle for his team. Had he played a little more reserved during some of those losses the results of this series may have been different.
Crafty Illidan exploits
September 29, 2017
psalm was clever in a 3-2 victory over Lag Force during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
psalm opted for a Genji pick in Game 3 of the best-of-five series against Lag Force. The map was Towers of Doom and psalm started out with some heavy griefing of the enemy frontline. In addition to his heavy harassment, psalm also got some choice kills on the enemy Zagara that pushed his team further and further ahead, ultimately leading to a victory. psalm ended the match with a 5/1/4 KDA. Game 5 was psalm's best match of the night. He chose to go with an Illidan pick on Battlefield of Eternity, but rather than just teamfighting the whole game, he pushed down lanes and added pressure to Lag Force's structures, which forced a response that allowed for openings to be made, all to his team's benefit. psalm played excellent mind games with his enemies that led to a quick victory for Tempo Storm.
Rough time on Malthael
September 22, 2017
psalm did not play his best in a 3-1 victory over Spacestation Gaming during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
psalm started out in Game 1 on Malthael. This pick wasn't really the best given the map or team comp, and he was later punished heavily for his decision. While his aoe damage did get value against so many melee heroes, Spacestation Gaming was able to secure multiple kills on him while the rest of his team was relatively unkillable. psalm ended the first match with a paltry 1-3-15 KDA, low hero damage at 28,000, and a full 100% of all the deaths on his team. Game 2 was a much better game for psalm. Playing on Dragon Shire, psalm went all-in with a Genji pick paired with CauthonLuck on Abathur. Together they were hilariously unstoppable, and all of Spacestation Gaming had zero chance of ever winning the match once psalm got a talent tier up on them. Overall psalm was very inconsistent in this series, however he has proven that with the right support he can flourish and become the hard carry his team needs him to be.
Surprise Thrall pick
July 30, 2017
psalm worked hard for a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
psalm opted for an Illidan pick in Game 1 of the best-of-five series. Playing on Battlefield of Eternity, the Illidan pick wasn't expected from Tempo Storm and the quadruple frontline of Team Naventic plus their clear lack of ability damage allowed psalm to play relatively aggressive and unchecked. This made for some easy team fights for Tempo Storm and gave them a clear advantage during objective fights. psalm ended the match with a 2/1/5 KDA and top siege damage for his team at 92,000. Game 2 was an insane match as psalm went for a risky Thrall pick in a full melee team comp that Naventic failed miserably at punishing. While psalm had some small mistakes that led to a couple unnecessary deaths, he always made good trades for his team and thanks to CauthonLuck on Abathur, was able to close out the match without too much worry for Tempo Storm fans. psalm ended this match with a 3/2/8 KDA.
Menace on Genji
June 30, 2017
psalm was on point in a 3-0 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
psalm started out in Game 1 on Kael'Thas, a hero he is not known for playing. The map was Tomb of the Spider Queen, one of Kael'Thas's best maps due to the fast wave-clearing ability his Flamestrike move gives the team. Despite psalm's unfamiliarity with the hero in competitive play, he performed quite well with a 5/1/14 KDA and nearly topping the damage charts, just under cattlepillar on Stitches. In Game 2 psalm went for Genji on Cursed Hollow. The Genji pick was lightly countered, by both Chen and Varian being picked by the other team; however, psalm was a mastermind at saving his escapes for the perfect moment after both frontline warriors used their gap-closing abilities and put them on cooldown. This allowed psalm to grab three kills and nine assists to just one death for the match, ultimately sealing the victory for his team in just 11-and-a-half minutes.
Painfully slow start
June 28, 2017
Psalm was all over the place in the early stages of the tiebreaker victory against Soul Torturers at the Mid-Season Brawl Group Stage.
Psalm started off the tiebreaker game rather shakily, missing multiple Gravity Lapses on the hero Kael'thas. When he did land a Gravity Lapse it was often overlapping Anub'arak's stun and therefore giving up multiple early-game kills. Things finally clicked at the five-minute mark with a perfect crowd-control chain onto the enemy Tassadar, killing him before he could even use his Dimensional Shift. Psalm's biggest play was at the 15-minute mark when he was able to land a two-man Gravity Lapse onto Auriel and Leoric, who were already below half health. This would allow Fury on Anub'arak to dive in deep and pick up four kills for their team, safely ending the game at the 16-minute mark.
Solid Cassia play
May 16, 2017
psalm was dominant when playing against Gale Force eSports, winning 3-1 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
psalm went with a crazy Cassia pick right at the start of Game 1 on Cursed Hollow. He chose an all-out Fend build that focused on doing massive amounts of damage, as he was the only primary damage dealer on the team. psalms build worked out perfectly as he topped both the hero damage and the siege damage for his team as well as posted a 1/0/3 KDA. Game 2 was a little more rough for psalm as he went with a Thrall pick on Braxis Holdout. Thrall does not do well against Zagara in a solo lane and resulted in his team having trouble finding where to place him. He had a 1/3/9 KDA, which could have been much better if he had opted for a smarter pick during the draft. In Game 3, psalm went for a pocket pick in Tracer and absolutely dominated with top hero damage on Warhead Junction and a 4/2/6 KDA. Finally, in Game 4 psalm went with a Zeratul pick and was able to dismantle GFE's backline while amassing a ridiculous 9/1/8 KDA for a total KDA of 15/5/26.
Needs work on ranged assassins
April 29, 2017
psalm was inconsistent during a 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Game 1 saw psalm on Greymane, a heavy burst dive assassin, on the map Sky Temple. psalm was instrumental in the quick 13-minute victory that ensued for his team, scoring seven kills and five assists to zero deaths while topping every statistical category in the game. This was largely due to his Wizened Duelist talent choice at level seven, which allowed him to increase his basic attack damage by 3 percent for every hero kill or assist he got, stacking up to a 30 percent bonus. This snowball talent made his damage output far too much for the already behind Superstars to deal with, and they were heavily out gunned leading to the victory for psalm. In Game 2 however, with psalm on Falstad, Tempo Storm could not establish any momentum whatsoever. Their rotations were almost non-existent and their map awareness was poor, leading to some early deaths and lost opportunities that spelled the beginning of the end for Tempo Storm. psalm trying to split push and never being where his team needed him most was a big part of that. If psalm wants to realize international success with his team, he will need to expand his role beyond just a handful of melee assassins.
Not a good KT
April 28, 2017
psalm did not have a good series in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
psalm had a rocky start in Game 1 on Kael'Thas while playing Dragon Shire. He managed to get three kills for his team; however, his very untimely deaths, which he also got three of, made it difficult for his team to secure remaining kills and take objectives. While his team as a whole was dominant in this match, psalm was not at all part of the reason why they were so far ahead and, if anything, served more as an anchor for his team than a sail. In Game 2 psalm was on Zeratul and contributed even less. His damage was very poor, his experience soaking was poor, he didn't secure many kills with just two, and even though he was on an invisible hero with a long-range escape, he still died twice as well. Overall this was one of the weakest professional performances psalm has had, and if it wasn't for his teammate cattlepillar doing work and carrying the load, Tempo Storm would not have won this match, or likely even this series.
Weakest player on the team
March 31, 2017
Psalm is toted as a top Heroes of the Storm, player but he does not appear to fit that bill, even though they beat Infamous Gaming 2-0 at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Plasm was not nearly as aggressive on the hero Tracer in the early stages of Game 1 as he could have been. Picking up a kill on the solo Falstad at the six-minute mark was a good start, even though he missed his Pulse Bomb heroic. This kind of sloppy play was eventually punished at the eight-minute mark with Psalm getting silenced by the enemy Malfurion, even though he had ample time to move away or Rewind. Psalm appeared to gain a little more confidence in Game 2, picking up a great first blood against the enemy E.T.C. shortly after the first minute. Not satisfied with the cow, Psalm was able to pick up yet another kill, this time on an overeager Falstad, securing the top Bell Tower for his team.
Solid Valeera play
February 28, 2017
psalm played great in a 3-0 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC group stage.
psalm started off on Zeratul, a hero he is not known for playing, but in true flex-player fashion, he managed to make it work very well, terrorizing the enemy Malfurion to no end and occupying his opponents to the level that they could not completely focus on the objectives, but rather where psalm was hiding in the shadows, waiting for his moment to strike. Game 2 saw psalm on Illidan in a very strong Illidan comp featuring Zarya's shields and E.T.C.'s auto attack speed buff. Psalm did awesome in the solo lane and held his own against Rexxar, a much better suited hero for solo laning. In Game 3, psalm tried out yet another hero in Valeera, the newly added Warcraft Rogue. His Stun/Silence combo was ridiculous and far too much for iakona on Rehgar to heal through when utilized with the allied Li-Ming Arcane Orbs and cattlepillar's Sulfuras Smash.
January 31, 2017
psalm was the glue that held Tempo Storm together in a shaky win over Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
psalm, the newest player to the Tempo Storm roster, is often overlooked and overshadowed by his more accomplished peers; however, he had an impressive Illidan in Game 1, despite his team being awful and destroying his draft. Game 2 was yet another strong performance from psalm on Thrall, where he topped all damage meters by a large margin: 85,000 to the next-highest 62,000 and a respectable 10:3 KDA. Game 3 saw psalm on Zeratul, where he put out some respectable damage on the normally low-damage hero. In Game 4 psalm tried his hand at playing a tank on Artanis. This was his worst performance of the night and showed that even the most promising players cannot be jacks of all trades. He had some very clunky mechanics on the melee warrior and overextended multiple times. His playmaking was minimal at best. In Game 5 psalm went back to Zeratul and posted a 10-0 KDA that redeemed his abysmal Game 4 performance. Overall he had a great series and deserves some praise.
Reassuring Zeratul play
January 30, 2017
psalm was a good reminder that Korea isn't the only country that can play a good Zeratul, as he contributed greatly in the 3-0 victory against B Step at the North America HGC Phase 1.
psalm had his moments in the 34-minute Game 1 on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Getting caught out on the hero Thrall at the seven-minute mark, psalm would forfeit 35 gems, making the rest of the game a gem collection simulator for Tempo Storm. His best play was at the 33-minute mark, when he was able to use his blink to reach Valla in the back line, instantly killing B Step's only assassin. Game 2 and 3 psalm played the hero Zeratul to great effect. Game 2 on Cursed Hollow, psalm was able to pick up a kill on the solo Ragnaros in the top Lane, allowing his team to do significant structure damage. psalm's best play was at the 20-minute mark, starting a fight off with a great Void Prison that isolated both Ragnaros and McIntyre from the rest of their team. Game 3 psalm was able to pick up a great kill on Ragnaros with a very clever gank on a K1pro's rotation to top lane. This continued all the way up until the last moments of the game with K1pro falling victim to psalm's excellent play one last time.
Signed to Tempo Storm
January 21, 2017
psalm has joined the Tempo Storm roster in the ranged assassin/flex position. He will primarily be focusing his playstyle on niche heroes like Medivh who he has gained some measure of notoriety with on past teams. psalm's most notable accomplishments were when he and his team on Astral Authority took first place in both of the last NA regional championships during 2016. Shortly after that success, they were released from Astral Authority due to minimal success on the international stage. This is a chance for psalm to show the world that his release from Astral Authority was the wrong decision. Expect this man to play with a chip on his shoulder.
psalm released from Astral Authority
December 31, 2016
psalm has been released from Astral Authority according to Astral News on the Astral Authority homepage.
Harrison "psalm" Chang was the newest member to the Astral Authority roster and brought a lot of hero diversity to the team. He was best known for his Medivh play and would potentially be an interesting pick-up for a struggling team looking to flesh out their roster with a more diverse hero pool. It is yet unknown if CauthonLuck will keep psalm on his team or release him into free agency. psalm is unique in that he can play both Tank, Melee Assassin, and Ranged Assassin roles well and could swap to any of these in the near future to fit the needs of whatever team he lands on. With that being said, it is yet unknown whether or not he will continue in the professional HotS scene.