Orie Guo 
United States
Slight issue in overwhelming victory
September 27, 2017
Yoda was average in a 3-1 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Yoda opted for a Greymane pick in Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity. Yoda went for a fully aggressive build that focused on good solo laning and strong single target damage. This allowed his team to take control of the objectives with their superior firepower and end the game in just 12 minutes. Yoda ended the match with a perfect 2/0/4 KDA. Game 2, however, was a little different. Yoda chose Gul'Dan for this match on Dragon Shire and had a very hard time staying alive. The displacement ability of Garrosh was something that Yoda was clearly not accustomed to and it caused him a lot of issues throughout the otherwise straightforward and easy victory. Yoda ended the match with a 0/3/6 KDA and was the only member of his team to die during the game.
Disgustingly good Valla
September 21, 2017
Yoda was insane in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Yoda played Valla in Games 1 and 3 of the best-of-five victory over Even-In-Death. In Game 1 on Sky Temple, Yoda worked very hard as the sole assassin player for his team to score kills and create opportunities. This led to some great stats (over 100,000 damage) but also resulted in a couple deaths due to his hyper-aggressive playstyle. Still, ending the game with a 5/2/12 KDA is never much of a bad thing. In Game 3 however, Yoda was just on an entirely different level as everyone else. His aggressive play here was augmented by two supports and led to him scoring a massive 7/0/9 KDA as well as topping the damage meters at 37,000. For such a quick Battlefield of Eternity match at only 14 minutes, Yoda pumped out some massive stats.
Picked up new meta fast
July 24, 2017
Yoda was on his game in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Yoda played a strong Malthael in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death. Game 1 on Dragons Shire saw him on the newest Angel of Death and Yoda was able to bully the double warrior comp drafted by EiD. Yoda may not have had the best stats with a 1/3/6 KDA, but he did manage to make an impact that would force EiD to consider a target ban next map. Game 2 saw exactly that, Yoda's Malthael was banned by EiD and he was forced onto Dehaka to take over the solo lane duties while his team rotated mid/top. Yoda did an excellent job bullying Tychus in the bottom lane and forced uneven rotations from EiD to compensate. This gave SS a huge experience lead and took them out of the game early with an excellent snowball. In Game 4 on Braxis Holdout, Yoda was once again on Malthael and this time he really brought the pain down with some strong engages and a 1/3/8 KDA. While his numbers weren't outstanding once again, the team fight presence of Yoda on this hero was a game-changer for his team.
Free Agent
Released from Roll20 eSports
June 19, 2017
Yoda has been released by Roll20 eSports, according to the official Blizzard HGC eSports page.
Yoda, one of the founding members of the original Team8, has been released by their feeder team Roll20 eSports as part of the team's revamping process. Yoda was released as Roll20 attempts to broaden their drafting pool with more flexible players. While Yoda is a great player in his own right, and very much a part of Roll20's recent successes as the number one team in North America, his hero pool is weak and that is the reason for his release. Still, Yoda is a solid pick up by a team in need of a solid warrior player, which are very hard to come by in NA.
Great at sharing the flex role
June 13, 2017
YoDa and Prismaticism have done a good job picking up the flex role, showing that they are not afraid to swap characters in the 2-0 series against DeadlyKittens in the HGC Mid-Season Brawl Group Stage.
YoDa led his team in kills in the Game 1 victory on the map Infernal Shrines. Playing the hero Dehaka, YoDa was constantly looking for ganking opportunities, securing over six kills for his team on his own. With YoDa's Dehaka being such a threat, DeadlyKittens could not afford to hunt out the enemy Abathur knowing that Dehaka and the rest of Roll20 would not be far behind. Game 2 had YoDa on the newly reworked Tassadar, providing over 40,000 health points specifically to Glaurung on the hero Tracer. This pairing is known for being unstopable and even more so now that Tassadar's Leeching Plasma has been boosted from 50 percent life-steal to 90 percent life-steal.
Signed to Roll20 roster
May 31, 2017
Yoda has been signed by Roll20, according to the Team8 official twitter page.
Yoda has been officially picked up by his first organization with his recent Roll20 signing. He joins the remainder of his old squad Team 8 on the new team run by the digital tabletop company. Yoda has always been a flex/tank player and will likely continue to be so under his new team's guidance. Yoda is known for his large hero pool and variability in drafts. Because of this, he should serve as an excellent addition to his new team and provide some immediate results at the second annual international tournament: the Blizzard Mid-Season Brawl, being held next month. Yoda plays his best on Zarya and Johanna, so hopefully he will be allowed to continue playing his pocket picks when there is an opening to do so under his new team management.
Leoric for the loss
May 26, 2017
Not only did Yoda miss his Entomb's he also missed the boat on Leoric being in the meta, losing 1-3 to Gale Force eSports at the HGC North America Round 4.
Yoda played a very important role in Team 8's Game 1 victory. Without a careful eye it might have been easy to miss, but Yoda's Johanna play was one of the deciding factors in many of Team 8's teamfights. When Team 8 was within inches of finishing a kill, Yoda would use his blessed shield on the enemy Lt. Morales. This would effectively halt her healing for two and a half seconds, just long enough for his team to pick up a kill on a low health target. Apart from this brilliant decision making, Yoda was very limited in the amount of things he could do in the remainder of the teamfights. Game 2 and 3 had Yoda on the hero Leoric, doing almost nothing to the point that you could arguably say this hero choice was a waste of a slot. His use of Entomb in these last two games was so bad that its not even worth mentioning. Perhaps if he ever used it in a manner that his team could react upon, of if he didn't strait up miss, the series might have ended differently.
Good tank niche
May 23, 2017
Yoda was great on warriors in a 3-0 victory over Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Western Playoffs.
Yoda started out Game 1 on Towers of Doom with a Zarya pick in an all-in Greymane team comp, the sole purpose of which was to empower Glaurung on Greymane. This worked out very well for Yoda and Team 8 as Team Freedom was not equipped to handle that much sustain on such a powerful hero. Yoda ended the first match of the series with a perfect 2/0/9 KDA. In Game 2 Yoda opted for a Dehaka pick on Infernal Shrines. This enabled him to split push and soak exp for his team to grab a huge level lead. By the end of the game, Team 8 was up three levels and a talent, which Team Freedom could not compete against. Yoda ended this match with a 1/0/7 KDA. In Game 3 on Tomb of the Spider Queen Yoda went for Leoric. This pick was made solely so that Team Freedom couldn't pick him into Justing's Diablo, as it is a relatively strong counter. Yoda ended this match with another perfect KDA of 0/0/8. His total KDA for the night was 3/0/24.
Feeds too much
April 30, 2017
Yoda was not playing his best in a 2-3 loss to B-Step during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Yoda started out Game 1 on Tychus and tried his best to be useful for his team on Dragon Shire. His Tychus pick was in response to the quadruple melee that B-Step drafted, however, he wasn't nearly as effective as he should have been and realistically this is what led Team 8 to their first loss of the evening. Game 3 was no different on Infernal Shrines with Dehaka, except in addition to not maxing out his heroes capabilities Yoda also ended up feeding five times and just about single handedly made his poor team lose. In Game 5, yoda once again tried Tychus, but despite being up against three warriors, he just did not have the mechanical skill required to take control of the game and give his team the edge in big team fights. While he did have a big play at the seven-minute mark where he was able to help wipe the entire enemy team and then take the boss camp, overall his play was lackluster and his death near the 20-minute mark pretty much ended the game for his team, leaving them with a 2-3 loss and a sour taste in their mouths.
Gul'Dan in, Li-Ming out
March 31, 2017
Yoda had a good series in a 2-1 victory over Nomia during the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Yoda started Game 1 with Li-Ming on Battlefield of Eternity. This is the standard mage hero for the map, but an awful hero pick when Anub'Arak is still available, as his entire kit revolves around countering Li-Ming. Unfortunately for Yoda, Nomia was well aware of this and went for the Anub'Arak pick, which ultimately was the reason that Yoda lost. Game 2 was the most influential match of the series for Yoda. He selected Gul'Dan as his hero and had very accurate skillshots that completely melted Nomia's frontline heroes and gave the rest of their team access to the squishy backline. As a result of his excellent skillshots, Yoda topped the damage meters for his team with 73,000. He also put up a decent 3/3/7 KDA in addition to winning the match.
Solid play goes unrewarded
March 30, 2017
YoDa had a rough night in a 1-2 loss to Team Dignitas during the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
YoDa played his heart out in a 1-2 defeat at the hands of Team Dignitas. He was easily the star of the team in each of the three matches with outstanding statistical numericals and great shotcalling for his team. Game 1 saw him on Gul'Dan on Infernal Shrines. His hero pick was decent and his damage was insane. In 19 minutes he managed to output nearly 60,000 damage, to the other team's highest player's 33,000. It is rare that a teammate can double the next-highest player's damage output and still lose. Game 2 saw him on Li-Ming where he had an incredible 17/1 KD, in addition to once again topping the damage meters for both teams. Same story different match for Game 3, where on Tychus YoDa managed to just eek out 1,000 more damage than the next-highest player, however this game it wasn't enough as everyone on his team save for him and Glaurung died at least four times.
Uses Odin to get big win
February 26, 2017
Yoda played at a very high level in the 3-0 victory against Team Freedom HotS at the North America HGC Phase 1.
Yoda put out the hurt in Game 1 on the hero Tychus. utilizing the heroic, Commandeer Odin, Yoda was able to put out massive damage in every single teamfight post-level 10. This was truly notable at the 18-minute mark when Yoda was able to use his Odin to apply massive pressure on Glaurung's three man Void Prison release, effectively winning a 4-vs-5 fight. Yoda went Tassadar in Game 2 and was able to enable Glaurung to do some nasty damage as the solo assassin Lunara. With Team Freedom having a draft malfunction that to a weird double healer composition, Yoda was basically able to keep all of their damage at bay with just his shields alone. Playing Li-Ming in Game 3 Yoda was able to bring the heat in all of the teamfights throughout the game. Using his barrage of abilities to follow up on Glaurung's Dehaka or Prismaticism's Sulfuras Smash, consistently allowed Team 8 to take some truly one-sided teamfights.
Ridiculous Li-Ming play
February 22, 2017
YoDa played well in a 3-0 victory over Team Naventic during the group stages of the 2017 HGC.
YoDa started out Game 1 on Valla. The hero choice is always a strong one, however better picks were available given the map was Braxis Holdout. Despite leaving some stronger heroes open, YoDa did very well, posting a 1/0/9 KDA with nearly a 90 percent kill participation. In Game 2 YoDa played Tychus in what was likely his best performance of the night. This was a well-thought-out choice for Infernal Shrines, the map he played on, due to the relatively small area that the objectives are fought in and his wide AoE minigun attack. Despite having strong performances in both Game 1 and 2, Game 3 was where YoDa's budding stardom shined brightest. On Li-Ming, he managed a staggering 11 kills, 15 assists, with only 2 deaths. YoDa might not have done the most Hero damage this game, but his kill shots were impeccable, so good in fact, he managed more kills than the entire Naventic team. This was a phenomenal ending to a very strong three-game performance.
Shows off large hero pool in series sweep
January 30, 2017
Yoda set himself apart in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC group stage.
Yoda started Game 1 on Gul'Dan, a strong ranged mage hero with excellent wave clear. Being that the map he was playing on was Tomb of the Spider Queen, where wave clear is a top priority, this was a phenomenal selection. While he did show off the wave clearing prowess of Gul'Dan, where he really shined was in his hero damage. He managed to put out 63,000 while also keeping up with both top and mid waves and ultimately winning the game of attrition with No Tomorrow's support player, who could not sustain the amount of healing necessary to keep up with his push. This led to No Tomorrow slowly falling further and further behind, despite staying relatively even in kills throughout the entire game. In Game 2 Yoda went for Sylvanas, which is perhaps the most underrated hero on the map he was playing on, Infernal Shrines. His ability to disable all enemy structures within an immediate vicinity made the objectives infinitely more powerful and ultimately led to a hard fought victory. Finally, in Game 3 Yoda swapped it up again from first an assassin, second a specialist and finally a support hero on Tassadar. The Tassadar pick was specifically so that his teammate Glaurung could run a heavy auto attack hero in Tracer, who benefitted immensely from the shields he was given. This let him go super aggressive and end the match with 5 kills, 11 assists and zero deaths, all thanks to Yoda's excellent enabler hero pick.
Yoda is the piece the completes the puzzle on Chu8 My Hotdoge
December 31, 2016
Yoda played a great ranged assassin in the 3-0 victory against Vox Nihili at the third 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Yoda did an excellent job on Falstad in Game 1 on Braxus Holdout matching up against probably the best solo hero for that map, Dehaka. The only reason this was possible is because Chu8 made the call for a three, two split, with Glaurung on Zeratul aiding Yoda in the top lane. This worked amazingly well and the two were able to out pressure Dehaka forcing him to back multiple times which created a strong level lead. After a kill on Brightwing at the six minute mark Yoda was able to secure top fort which allowed Chu8 My Hotdoge to push with a 100% Zerg and a level ten to nine advantage. Yoda did so well on Falstad in Game 1 that Chu8 My Hotdoge wanted a repeat performance for Game 2 on Cursed Hollow. Yoda had a great play at the six minute mark wherein he baited the enemy Zeratul into chasing him which then allowed ally Dehaka (who was hiding in the bushes) to Drag Zeratul in for an easy kill. Keeping with the ranged assassin roll, Yoda drafted Li-Ming for Game 3 on Sky Temple. Playing amazingly well in this final game Yoda was able to pick up multiple kills by timing his abilities for when the enemy Auriels Crystal Aegis ended. This was his biggest contribution, as a well timed Arcane Orb can kill any low health target protected by the Aegis.