Jason Mei 
United States
SpaceStation Gaming
Falstad main
November 1, 2017
Jason played a decent macro game in a 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Playoffs Quarterfinals.
Jason went with his favorite pick in Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity with Falstad. This pick did not really offer up much of an advantage for his team and was overall an average hero to choose, despite that though, Jason was a freak of nature with Falstad and made some excellent plays just by having superior mechanical skill and micromanagement of his hero. Game 2 was a strange one indeed for Jason, as he swapped from his comfortable damage role to a support role on Lt. Morales of all heroes. This was a big change for Jason, but the majority of his mechanical skill transferred over to the support position flawlessly and this allowed him to still play an excellent game, healing TalkingTrees repeatedly on Gul'Dan and allowing him to beat down the enemy team on Infernal Shrines while Equinox focused on getting most of the skeleton objective kills.
Epic double support
September 25, 2017
Jason was awesome in a 3-0 victory over Gale Force eSports during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Jason started out in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines with a decent objective bully, Malthael to help stave off the triple melee that Gale Force eSports drafted. This was a solid strat and while his damage wasn't insane he still had a ton of utility for his team. In Game 2, Jason really showed his understanding of the game with a surprise Rehgar pick. This wasn't a surprise because of the hero, it was a surprise because there was already a strong support hero in Lt. Morales on the field. The double support comp that Jason ran on Braxis Holdout was far too much healing for Gale Force eSports to cover, and it led to a very strong and convincing victory. Jason ended the match with a 2/2/8 KDA and solid respect from the whole crowd.
Free Agency is over!
August 31, 2017
Jason has been picked up by SpaceStation Gaming, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
Jason has been signed by SpaceStation Gaming following a tough release from No Tomorrow. Jason saw HotS eSports heights in 2016 that he has never been close to achieving, reaching top three in multiple tournaments under the team-owned name of Team Blaze. Jason was a very deadly assassin for Team Blaze, and showed glimmers of his former glory under the No Tomorrow banner. If he is able to build momentum and focus, he may be able to show up for SpaceStation Gaming in ways that he hasn't since he was on his miracle squad with Team Blaze. Jason is an excellent ranged assassin player and excels when heroes like Valla and Tychus are in the meta. Only time will tell if his recruitment will pay off for SpaceStation Gaming.
Released from No Tomorrow
August 28, 2017
Jason has been released from No Tomorrow, according to the official Blizzard team roster page.
Jason has been a rock for his team No Tomorrow since signing with them over one year ago. A ranged assassin by trade, Jason has filled both tank roles on heroes such as Muradin as well as supporting roles on heroes like Tassadar. While No Tomorrow was never a strong team in the HGC, Jason was previously on Team Blaze where he saw top-3 results in multiple regional tournaments and definitely left his mark on the eSports scene. Jason is a strong player with far more potential than what he has recently shown under the No Tomorrow name. A new team and a fresh start might be just what he needs to reclaim former glories.
Came through on Dehaka
July 31, 2017
Jason had a slow start in a 3-1 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Jason opted for a Valla pick in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines. The Valla pick was sub-optimal as a mage like Kael'Thas is a bit stronger on Infernal Shrines due to his multiple area of effect abilities. On Valla, Jason was rather ineffective, especially considering he had three frontline warriors protecting him, including the enabling Zarya who should have turned Jason into an absolute playmaker. While Jason did top both damage categories for his team with 114,000 siege and 45,000 hero damage, he was the only assassin on the team and expected to do so. What he wasn't expected to do was earn an abysmal 2/2/5 KDA despite all of the protection. Game 2 on Cursed Hollow was easily Jason's best match of the night. Playing on Dehaka, he was strong at split pushing while his team delayed the objective with superior poke thanks to both TalkingTrees on Genji and Equinox on Greymane. Because of this Jason was able to get his team a severe level lead that allowed No Tomorrow to snowball into a 10-minute victory on a map that routinely lasts twice as long or more.
From supported to supporter
December 31, 2016
Jason played out of his mind in the 3-1 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the second 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Jason was able to keep his team alive throughout Game 1 by putting out an insane amount of damage on the hero Valla. Doing over 124,000 in the 28 minute game just goes to show that Jason literally never stopped attacking the enemy. During the last few team fights Jason was able to use his vault to stay just within range of his enemies while avoiding their skill shots never being fully in danger. This was largely due to TalkingTrees nonstop shields on the hero Tassadar. Roll reversal in Game 2 with Jason on Tassadar providing endless shields for Casanova on Tracer. This is a seriously deadly combination and probably one of the best assassins to pair Tassadar with. This is because it allows Tracer risk free dives into the enemies back line. Jason was more than just shields and had a great Forcewall at the 17 minute mark securing the game for his team. Game 4 Jason was on Tychus and opted for Odin at level 10. This choice was mainly made so that Jason could keep his distance from the enemy paired with the bonus damage reduction to outlast Zeratuls attempts at his life. This provided ally TigerJK with ample opportunities to root and silence Zeratul due to Jason being the only viable target in the later half of the game.
Disastrous play nearly redeemed
November 29, 2016
Jason had a rough time when it came to surviving in the 2-0 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Game 1 was a complete disaster for Jason on the hero Leoric. Constantly feeding, face checking bushes and whiffing his ultimate Entomb, it was a miracle No Tomorrow was able to pull out a victory. All the way up until the final moment (25 minutes), Jason stalked the grounds of Braxus Holdout as a ghost, allowing plenty of time to question his countless mistakes. Game 2 was on Sky Temple with Jason on the hero Falstad. While Falstad has a few more escapes than Leoric, it wasn't enough to stop Jason from donating his experience to the enemy Zeratul just five minutes in, dying behind his tower in the top lane. Jason was able to redeem himself to an extent with a great Mighty Gust at the 13-minute mark, allowing ally TigerJK the opportunity to use Twilight Dream on two members from DTS, effectively swinging the momentum in favor of No Tomorrow.
The ideal frontline
September 28, 2016
Jason was able to land the dream Mosh Pit in the 3-0 Grand Finals against GFE at the 2016 Bloodlust Invitational.
Games 1 and 2 had Jason on E.T.C, the ultimate playmaking tank. The ability to disrupt the enemies' position and a very reliable stun make this hero a true menace. During the first tribute fight, Jason was doing a great job of being aware of ally Kerrigan's stun combination and executing strong follow up. With Auriel's stun they were able to secure an excellent kill on Bkid along with the first tribute. Jason's overall awareness of his team's positioning and well-timed rotations allowed his team to pick up two more Muradin kills and eventually the curse objective. At the 14-minute mark both teams were fighting over Naventic's potential curse point. Jason showed some hesitation in using Mosh Pit and only landed it on one person. This resulted in a lost teamfight and GFE's first tribute. In Game 2 Jason was hot right out of the gates with a great Power Slide, securing first blood on Khroen. At the five-minute mark Jason did a great job at zoning GFE's attempt to turn in their gems, allowing their team to take a great fight, nearly instantly killing Leoric. However, due to Zuna's aggressive Flight and missed Hammerang, Leoric lived and GFE's backline was able to pressure Naventic down a bad choke. Jason was able to seal Game 2 with two great uses of his ultimate Mosh Pit: one at the 14-minute mark where they secured three kills and the second at 17 minutes. The latter was a game-winner that happened in combination with an aggressive Gust from Zuna. This time Jason did not hesitate a wink, and was able to secure the game for Naventic with an exceptional four-man Mosh Pit.
Strong tank mechanics
September 26, 2016
Jason had a mechanically strong series against Nice!, defeating them 2-0 during the 2016 Bloodlust Invitational.
Jason started off in Game 1 on Muradin, a hearty main tank warrior hero. In addition to being charged with warding off two melee assassins, Jason was also responsible for creating opportunities for his teammate Tomster on Kerrigan to dive in and secure rotational kills. This proved to be a difficult task as Nice! had excellent map awareness and did well to avoid the majority of rotations by this roaming gank squad. However, once objectives started to spawn and Nice! had no where to run to, Jason was able to land some key stuns on both the enemy Thrall and Zeratul, scoring five and four kills, respectively, on them, which amounted to nearly 70% of the teams kills. In Game 2, Jason played E.T.C. and once again proved that he has made the transition to Main Tank warrior player with relative ease as he landed quality stuns which were backed up by additional CC from his roaming gank squad of Kenma on Tyrande and Tomster on Kerrigan.
Free Agent
Joins High Score HotS
July 8, 2016
Jason has joined the newly formed team High Score HotS, according to the ESL team registration website
Jason, one of the original members of Team Blaze, was a part of the Panda Global roster before things fell apart and he became a free agent. Known for his excellent melee assassin skills, he will be a big deciding factor in whether or not this new team, High Score HotS, posts good results in the upcoming BlizzCon qualifiers. Jason will predominantly be playing melee assassins on his new team, but may also play some ranged specialists as well.