Fan Yang 
United States
Gale Force eSports
Hard fought victory with some questionable positioning
October 22, 2017
Fan had a strong series, winning 3-2 over Lag Force during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Fan opted for a Valla pick in Game 1 on Dragon Shire which was not capable of having the damage output required to take down such a tanky frontline solo. Had Fan picked a high burst mage like Li-Ming or even Kael'Thas he might have been able to make some crafty plays and score some much-needed kills on Lag Force but as the solo assassin with a low burst hero Fan was ill-equipped to handle his opponents. In Game 2 Fan decided not to learn from his mistakes and took Valla once again in a solo assassin comp. While he was playing on Battlefield of Eternity, an excellent map for Valla he also got played by Lag Force during the draft phase when both Bkid and Zuna opted for two warrior picks that built a beefy frontline once again which rendered Fan relatively useless on Valla. While Fan played much better in the remaining three matches, he showed here that his picks are not infallible and he can absolutely make mistakes.
Poor Malthael play
September 23, 2017
Fan struggled in a 3-1 victory over Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Fan opted for a Malthael pick in Game 1 on Cursed Hollow. The pick had some merit, but also some glaring weaknesses that were exploited at times by the heavy self-sustaining frontline of Tempo Storm. While Fan did some insane amounts of damage on Malthael - 84,384 to be exact - he also died four times, two of which were entirely preventable. Fan ended the match with a 7/4/9 KDA but he could have done much better if he would have just played a different hero. Game 3 was another match where Fan tried to force a Malthael pick for no specific reason. Playing on Towers of Doom, Fan had a lot of opportunities to get value from his AOE spells, however, he once again tried to do too much with too little, and due to his weak escape mechanic, he died 6 times, nearly double of the next highest on his team. With a 3/6/5 KDA, it is clear that Malthael is not Fan's best hero.
Sneaky Abathur player
August 3, 2017
Fan was a master craftsman in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Fan's best match of the night was Game 2 on Cursed Hollow where he scooped up a tricky last pick Abathur that synergized very well with MichaelUdall's Illidan pick. Fan was always an excellent Abathur player, but this game he took it to the next level by outscaling his lane opponent Dehaka by almost double in an experience battle that put his team two levels ahead in the late game and gave them the coveted Storm talents that ensured there was no chance of comeback. Even in Death struggled to keep up with the leading team the entire game and the impact that Fan was having with his excellent macro management was flustering an already behind team. Fan finished the match with a flawless 4/0/4 KDA, top hero damage, and top experience as well as MVP honors.
Overcompensates in loss
June 27, 2017
Fan lost his cool when his teammates performance began to stutter in the 3-1 victory against Roll20 at the North America HGC Phase 2.
Fan's play appears to be extremely reliant on his team's performance. In Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity, it was very apparent that the worse Fan's team members did, the more aggressive Fan became; almost in an attempt to make up for his teams failings. This backfired, with Fan getting caught by Dehaka Drags over and over throughout the course of the game. This is one of Fan's biggest issues no matter what team he plays on. Game 2 was no different with Fan trying to force fight after fight on the hero Genji to little effect. It finally paid off at the 15-minute mark when Fan led his team to victory in a two level disadvantaged teamfight on the bottom lane of Tomb of the Spider Queen. With the play Fan was looking for finally playing out in his favor, GFE went on grasp a very narrow victory.
Genji's soulmate
May 26, 2017
Fan and Genji were meant to be, with his play being a highlight in the 3-1 series against Team 8 at the HGC North America Round 4.
Fan struggled a lot in Game 1, getting picked off multiple times in the early stages of the game by Glaurung's aggressive Medivh Portals. From mid to late game, Fan did a better job at applying damage but was almost always either too passive or too aggressive, overextending Morales' healing or staying too close trying to peal for Morales. This was largely due to the fact that both the tank players were never there to peel for Morales. This disconnect between Fan and Equinox/MichaelUdall would end up costing them a level-20-to-17 fight, a fight which GFE should have won. Game 2 was a complete blowout in favor of GFE, who won the game in just over eight minutes. Fan's role in GFE's cheese strategy was to zone the enemy on the hero Cassia, positioning aggressively enough to force Chromie away from Akaface on Lt. Morales. Game 3 showcased a standout performance from Fan on the hero Genji. Opting for Dragon Blade at level 10, Fan was able to pick up a beautiful kill on Glaurung at the 11-minute mark. Dragon Blade proved to be extremely useful, with Fan doing over 103,000 damage in the 26-minute game.
Surprise Chromie pick
April 23, 2017
Fan pulled out a surprise strategy in a 3-0 sweep of Team 8 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Fan started out the series in Game 1 with a Valla pick in a solo assassin comp. These team compositions are pretty difficult to pull off, but Fan was immaculate in his decision making and execution with a 8:0 KD ratio. The positional awareness fan demonstrated in being able to evade a triple warrior frontline and not die a single time was paramount in GFE's first victory of the night. Game 3 was another big surprise for GFE with Fan choosing Chromie, the very easy to kill but insanely high damage sniper mage on Braxis Holdout. The results of this pick were pretty one-sided as Fan did some terrible damage that Team 8 was unable to keep up with. Fan ended the match with just over 47,000 damage, which doesn't sound like much, but it was actually nearly double of Team 8's top mage Prismaticism on Gul'Dan as he only amassed 28,000.
On point in victory
March 31, 2017
Fan brought his A-game during a 2-0 rout of Infamous at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Fan started out with a Thrall pick in Game 1 on Sky Temple. This was a safe pick but nothing spectacular. While he did not amass the most damage or split-soak a ton of experience, Fan was great at punishing out-of-position players with his Root ability and securing otherwise unavailable kills for his team. In addition to that, he was also very strategic in his positioning, creating openings for his team to hard engage with E.T.C. and removing escape options with his crowd control. The value a team gets from having Fan on their team is not always able to be calculated from a stats page. Game 2 saw Fan on Tychus. By this point, Infamous was onto Fan's tactics and played to lose, meaning they were passive and afraid most of the game. This led to 100 percent of all Immortal Punishers being summoned for GFE, and all of Infamous's buildings being destroyed. While they did give Fan the respect he deserved, they did not do themselves any favors by passively allowing the game to be lost. All told Fan was excellent this series and once again proved why he's considered the best in the West.
Hands down, best Zeratul NA
February 28, 2017
Fan was outstanding in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC group stage.
Fan played Zeratul in both Games 1 and 3 of the best-of-five series and absolutely killed it on the stealthy melee assassin. In these two games, Fan posted an earth shattering 10 kills, 24 assists and only a single death. In addition to this, he was split soaking for half the game during the third match, and actually managed to top the Siege damage done for his team as well as experience gained, which is relatively unheard of for a Zeratul player in a professional match. This was the very same game where he went 9/0/12, never dying once. In Game 2 though, while playing Valla on Braxis Holdout, he managed to do over double the damage of the next highest damage dealer with 85,000 to just 40,000. Fan has consistently been showing series after series that he is in a league of his own within the NA realm. Each match he finds a way to outdo himself, never disappointing his supporters in the process.
Continues to be one of the best in the NA region
January 24, 2017
Fan looked sharper than ever in the 3-0 victory against Team Naventic at the North America HGC Phase 1.
During Game 1, Fan opted for the Hungering Arrow build on Valla for the map Battlefield of Eternity. While this limits his teamfight, potential it does give GFE a stronger Immortal race, forcing Team Naventic to make the aggressive plays. Fan showed us at the 10-minute mark why he's one of the top professional HotS players with a great Rain of Vengeance on an over eager Kenma, allowing his team to pick up a very early Keep. Game 2 saw Fan solo-tanking on the hero Zarya, something that is typically unseen in the current meta. This ended up working amazingly well due to his teams amazing positioning and control throughout the games skirmishes. At the nine-minute mark, Fan landed a perfect Expulsion Zone, splitting the enemy Malfurion off from the rest of his team, securing a seemingly easy kill. Game 3 had Fan on one of his favorite heroes Zeratul and was one of the biggest factors in GFE's Game 3 win on the map Towers of Doom. Landing a glorious Void Prison at the 19-minute mark allowed his team to single out the out of position Kenma, securing what was looking to be a very close match.
Top Illidan play
November 28, 2016
Fan had a great series, beating Chu8 my Hotdoge 2-0 in the HCG Qualifier #1.
Game 1 saw Fan on his favorite hero, Illidan. This was an early pick for Gale Force eSports and the team completely built around Fan's hero choice. This was a wise decision as Chu8 did not properly respect Fan's hero choice and they were punished dearly for the oversight as Fan shredded through the team with a perfect 11/0 KD and top hero damage for both teams, a sight that is quite rare for Illidan players. In Game 2, Fan decided to swap from his usual melee assassin role to a ranged assassin with a Valla pick. Despite the rarity that Fan will play ranged assassins, Valla is a relatively simple, but extremely strong hero to play. This was also showcased during the second and what would be the final match of the best-of-three series as Fan put out some insane numbers, more than doubling the next highest damage dealer on his team with 80,000 hero damage to 38,000. In addition to the impressive damage output, Fan also managed a 6/1 KD.
Represents Gale Force with strong performance
November 25, 2016
Now that Fan is on Gale Force eSports, the team looked particularly dominant in a 2-0 victory against Chu8 My Hotdoges at the 2016 HGC North America Qualifiers.
Fan was the MVP of Game 1 on the map Cursed Hollow. Picking up six kills in a 14 \-minute game with the ultimate Hunt on the hero Illidan, Fan was a pure menace to Chu8 My Hotdoges. Fan was able to terrorize players out of position throughout Game 1, consistently setting his team up for advantageous situations. Game 2, Fan showed viewers why he is still one of the best players in the NA Heroes scene. GFE absolutely crushed Chu8 My Hotdoges in 15 minutes. With Fan doing over 80,000 damage on the hero Valla, the closest being the enemy Gul'dan with 46,000.
Strong showing in Grand Finals
September 28, 2016
Fan played at a very high level in the 0-3 Grand Finals against Naventic at the 2016 Bloodlust Regional.
Game 1 on Cursed Hollow, the audience was allowed the pleasure of watching Fan play Sgt.Hammer. Taking the Focused Attack talent at level 4, Fan was able to push out some incredible damage throughout the early teamfights. While Naventic had Kerrigan and E.T.C, Fan did a great job at keeping his distance and never being in position to be punished by their hard dive. At the eight-minute mark Fan was able to score a crucial kill on Kenma in a 1-vs-1, showing that his Sgt.Hammer is nothing to be trifled with. Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, Fan drafted Valla as his hero of choice. Pushing the limits of her new kit, Fan did an amazing job of pressuring the enemy front and backline every time they attempted to kill one of his out-of-position teammates, often getting close to trading kill for kill. At the five-minute mark Fan was able to turn a sour fight around by killing off enemies Li-Ming and Xul within quick succession of each other with the help of Khroen on Zagara. This fight resulted in the deaths of all five of Naventic's members. Not even two minuets later Fan executed E.T.C with two well-timed Rains of Vengeance. Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop Naventic from taking the series.
Joins rival Gale Force eSports
September 2, 2016
Fan "Fan" Yang has been signed to the Gale Force eSports roster effective immediately, according to Nick D'Orazio of
Fan, the long-considered best player in the western scene covering both NA and EU, has joined Gale Force eSports. This jumping ship from Team Naventic has come after both Naventic and GFE losing a regional tournament to the new Murloc Geniuses. It was clear that a change needed to be made, and Fan has done an incredibly intelligent thing in moving on from a weakened Naventic to a determined GFE. The sky's the limit for this new roster.
Fan: Flexible Fan keeps team alive
June 19, 2016
Fan played well during the epic 2-0 victory over PBA in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championships.
Fan started out Game 1 on Tassadar, which was an extremely good pick for the draft Naventic fielded. Throughout the first match, Fan was seen saving teammate McIntyre multiple times on Kerrigan as well as keeping Kenma on Rehgar topped off so he could not be targeted by PBA's very aggressive playstyle. In Game 2, Fan switched from a support to a bruiser/warrior in Sonya, and destroyed PBA Goddog on Li-Ming multiple times. By shutting down PBA's main source of damage Naventic was able to quickly climb to a huge lead and snowball to a 2-0 victory. With this best-of-three series secured, Team Naventic will have one more chance at keeping North America in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championships.
Fan: Goes big against PBA
June 18, 2016
Fan had great showings as Team Naventic defeated PBA 2-0 in Group A of the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Championship.
Fan's Tassadar was superb against PBA in Game 1. Fan's Force Wall blocked enemies escapes throughout the game and his shields on McIntyre's Kerrigan empowered the menacing Queen of Blades to destroy the map. Fan's Sonya in Game 2 was solid against PBA. Fan opted to tech Leap and push Naventic's trademarked aggression to the next level once the team hit level 10. Fan helped Naventic secure seemingly countless kills and Naventic breezed to an easy victory on Sky Temple.