Quinn Fischer 
Released for good
November 29, 2017
Srey has been released from Superstars, according to the official Superstars twitter page.
Srey is finally on the outside looking in for the team that he helped create more than one year ago. Superstars have had many problems in the past, but Srey never seemed to be one of them. Despite that, his frustrations regarding the team's direction could potentially be the reason for his departure. Srey made a name for himself playing the playmaker heroes such as Falstad and Valla, yet in the professional scene he has predominately been relegated to the warrior/tanking role. If Srey is interested in staying in the professional scene, he could likely find a spot among some of the lesser HCG teams.
Rejoins Superstars
September 27, 2017
Srey has rejoined his old team according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
In a strange turn of events, Srey briefly took a leave of absence from the team he helped create over a year ago to take care of some personal business. After a short time away, Srey has returned to his old team and taken the place of the trusty and reliable Daihuu. Srey will of course be taking over his old role as a warrior/flex player for Superstars and is already looking forward to playing for his team and making big plays. With Srey back into the fold Superstars is looking stronger than ever and will likely make a big impact in their upcoming matches during the second phase of the HGC Group Stage.
Leaves Superstars
September 21, 2017
Srey is no longer a member of Superstars, according to his official twitter page.
Srey has stepped down from his position with Superstars for the time being. As one of the founding members, this is a huge hit for the organization; however, Superstars is a very strong team and can work through this. Superstars will be replacing Srey with Daihuu, a very solid up-and-coming warrior player. At this moment in time there is no telling whether or not Daihuu will be a permanent replacement or if Srey will be rejoining the team he helped build a year ago. Only time will tell if Srey intends to stay in the professional HotS scene. Should he decide to stay, many teams would be interested in giving him a shot, if not an instant roster spot.
Sick panda plays
July 24, 2017
Srey proved his worth in a 3-1 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Srey started out in Game 1 on GulDan, a hero that he would play multiple times throughout the night. While Srey definitely maximizes his damage output on this hero, his positioning and health/mana management is a little too aggressive, leading him to get into bad spots and tax his healer far more than he should. Srey posted a 4/3/5 KDA for Game 1. Srey saw himself once again on Gul'dan in Game 2. While Srey still made the same mistakes he made in Game 1, it was much less noticeable in Game 2 thanks to his fast rotations and insane wave clear which kept the enemy team preoccupied. Srey had a 1/2/5 KDA for Game 2. In Game 4, however, Srey proved that he is worthy of his team 10 times over with an outstanding Chen pick on Braxis Holdout. A very strong solo laner, Srey bullied his lane opponent Zagara and took control early on in the match. Dominating top lane Srey was able to make some plays and rotate for kills that would have otherwise been impossible. Srey ended Game 4 with his best stats yet on a 4/0/5 KDA high for the night.
Gorge abduction thwarted, but not the ultimate victory
December 31, 2016
Srey threw Cata's Encore for a loop in the 3-0 sweep at the third 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Srey was having a hilariously rough Game 1. Playing Stitches on the map Towers of Doom, one would think that he would have had ample opportunity to land some great Hooks. Cata's Encore had other plans for that, and did everything, literally everything in their power to stop Srey from Hooking and Gorging their members into Medivh's Portals. In fact one of the biggest reasons Cata's Encore lost was perhaps due to the fact that every time Srey finally Gorged someone they would immediately commit multiple heroics to save them. These trades ultimately worked out in favor of DTS. Game 2 had Srey opting for E.T.C over his more non-traditional style tank options. Opting for Stage Dive over Mosh Pit, Srey was able to jump on down to bottom lane to pick up a great kill on the enemy Tychus at the seven minute mark. This moment was part of many that snowballed a very humiliating Game 3 defeat for Cata's Encore.
Game winning Sanctifications
December 31, 2016
Srey lead his team with some great Tyrael play in the 2-0 victory against Imported Support at the third 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
Throughout Game 1 Srey did an excellent job on the hero Tyrael landing fighting altering Sanctifications left and right. At the 11 minute mark Srey was able to completely deny enemy Malfurion's Twilight Dream setting his team up for 5 kills in a 4 v 5 underdog situation. Game 2 was a repeat game for Srey on Infernal Shrines playing Tyrael to enable DTS to run another unconventional composition. Just crushing Imported Support with his Sanctifications Srey was able to completely negate yet another Malfurion Twilight Dream at the 15 minute mark successfully setting up DTS to end Game 2 in a convincing fashion.
Forms High Score HotS
July 8, 2016
Srey has formed a new team called High Score HotS, according to the ESL team registration site.
Srey, a long time #1 NA ladder player and former member of both the recently deceased Tempo Storm and Brain Power rosters has decided to start his own team with a mixture of teammates from his other squads. Srey will be competing under the team name High Score HotS this weekend during the first NA BlizzCon qualifier. During this and future events, should the team stay together, Srey will fill the main tank/shotcaller role for the team.
Brain Power has been disbanded
July 6, 2016
Srey announced on his Twitter this past Saturday that Brain Power is no longer an active team.
The move to disband the team comes after one of its main players jumped ship to join the brand new team, Crescendo. Srey explained in a TwitLonger on Monday that the remaining members of the team decided that it would be better for them to try and seek new opportunities as individuals rather than trying to catch on as a unit. With rosters for the Fall Regionals locked in by Thursday, July 7, it is likely that Srey and his fellow teammates will not get picked up by new teams in time to play in the tournament.
Srey: Joins Brain Power to fill in as Main Tank
May 26, 2016
Srey will join Brain Power, formerly known as COGnitive Gaming to fill their open Main Tank position, according to Callum Leslie of the Daily Dot.
Srey will join the Brain Power roster as they battle it out with the remaining top NA teams who are all vying for a slot in the NA regional championship. This last minute addition was no surprise as the former main tank, Cattlepillar, was recently signed by Cloud9, who incidentally will be their first opponents in this weekend's qualifier. Cattlepillar had been with the team for 4 months and leaves a very big pair of shoes to fill as these last few months were the most successful for the Brain Power roster.