Aleksandar Milanov 
Free Agent
Leaves Diamond Skin
November 27, 2017
ethernal has left Diamond Skin according to his own official Twitter page.
ethernal has left Diamond Skin of his own free will in pursuit of a better team/offer for the upcoming HGC season. While ethernal was not a huge playmaker for Diamond Skin, and Diamond Skin was not by any means a top tier team, there is still hope that he can find a spot on a stronger team due to the sheer number of players who are opting out of the first phase of the HGC. ethernal has found himself in a prime position to potentially be picked up by Fnatic, Dignitas, or even Team Expert in the coming days. All he needs to do is play his cards right and he could be on one of Europe's premier HotS teams.
Reverse sweep revenge
June 29, 2017
ethernal got revenge against his former teammates TRICKED eSport in a 3-2 reverse sweep at the HGC Europe Phase 2.
ethernal got thrashed in both Games 1 and 2 against his old team, dying more times than anyone else on his team. Game 3 brought with it the taste of sweet revenge as ethernal rained havoc on TRICKED with Arthas. Soloing the top lane of Dragon Shire, ethernal often found time to rotate to middle lane, meeting nande just in time to gank the solo-laning Stitches. With this coordination, ethernal and nande were able to not only pick up first blood, but second blood as well. Before the first 10 minutes were out, ethernal was able to help his team collect seven kills and a monumental three-level lead. Taking Game 3's momentum and carrying it forward, ethernal was able to pick up first blood playing Sonya against Chen in the top lane of Infernal Shrines. As soon as the shrine phase started, ethernal began to dominate due to the fact that TRICKED had zero stuns on their team. Without any stuns, ethernal was able to use his Whirlwind to heal insane amounts of health every single teamfight. As most know, Sonya is the strongest late-game bruiser; if you struggle killing her in the early game, you will never kill her in the late game. Such was the case in Game 4, with ethernal becoming neigh unstoppable in the last fight of the game, crushing Greymane and Reghar.
Released from TRICKED eSports
May 28, 2017
ethernal has been released from TRICKED eSports according to the team's website.
ethernal has been released from TRICKED eSports effective immediately. ethernal was one of the better players on the TRICKED eSports roster, however he was known to make some key mistakes with mismanaging his mana pool that likely were a factor in his release from the team. There is no news out yet on whether or not ethernal will continue looking for a team or hang up his jersey and retire. As a flex/warrior player in the EU, his prospects are low. Should ethernal want to continue professional level play he will need to work on his macro skills and consider expanding his hero pool even further.
One of the better players on his team
April 30, 2017
ethernal was one of the better players on TRICKED, but also had some serious play style flaws when it came to managing his cool downs. This resulted in many deaths that should not have happened and a 1-3 loss to Playing Ducks at the Europe HGC Phase 2.
Ethernal made a lot of mistakes in Game 1 due to his over aggressive positioning. Interestingly enough, in a few moments of brilliance it did pay off. At the six-minute mark he was able to aggressively fly bottom for a quick kill on the enemy Malfurion. Not even 30 seconds later Ethernal was able to pick up a kill on the enemy Abathur in the top lane, successfully catching his team back up in experience. Game 2 had Ethernal on Falstad yet again. Split pushing allowed him to pick up a free fort at the five-minute mark, evening out the growing gap in experience. For the remainder of Game 2, Ethernal did an exceptional job at soaking experience and a subpar job at using his barrel role as a defense mechanism dying during nearly every engage.
On and off performance
January 29, 2017
ethernal had moments of brilliance in the 0-3 loss to Team Dignitas at the Europe HGC Phase 1.
ethernal had a stellar Game 1 on the hero Artanis picking up first blood on the enemy Arthas shortly after the second minute. Again at the three-minute mark, ethernal landed another great Phase Prism pulling E.T.C into his team securing the first Punisher for his team. Unfortunately, once Dignitas started grouping up, ethernal's play became much more hesitant and full of flaws. Getting picked off due to haphazard Phase Prism attempts ended up costing his team the advantage in the later half of the game. In Game 2, ethernal had very little impact on the hero Zeratul often not following through on what appeared to be their draft plan. At roughly the 12-minute mark, ethernal was able to isolate the enemy E.T.C., but it wasn't enough to take the fight. Game 3 ethernal was on Zeratul yet again and showed some very lackluster play in the early stages of the game, getting caught out and dyeing multiple times. Things appeared to be improving at the 12-minute mark, when ethernal landed a great Void Prison isolating E.T.C and setting his team up for a follow up kill on Jaina. While this bought TRICKED a moment of respite, it did not take long for them to throw away any semblance of coordination in the following teamfights.