Jan Kramer 
Playing Ducks
Showing slight improvement
June 29, 2017
WolfJoe hasn't improved as much as some of his peers but he has begun to make plays in the support roll, especially in the 3-2 victory against TRICKED eSport at the HGC Europe Phase 2.
WolfJoe mostly struggled in both Games 1 and 2, never quite doing his job well enough. Part of this was due to some bad drafting and a strange double heal setup. In Game 3, WolfJoe got to finally play the solo support on the hero Lt. Morales. WolfJoe and Cris had a seriously strong showing in the bottom lane of Dragon Shire, trading evenly with TRICKED's Valla/Auriel/Uther lane. Because Cris and WolfJoe were able to hold the lane, nande was freed up to roam around and gank both mid and top lane on the hero Anub'arak. This created a massive lead with both Ethernal and nande clutching in the kills on the rest of the map. Game 4 had WolfJoe on Uther performing very well, keeping his teammates alive through some very crazy skirmishes. At the 13-minute mark, WolfJoe was able to safely escort Tychus, D.Va and Anub'arak to safety with only a sliver of health each. Due to this play, WoflJoe's team would be able to use their Well to refresh themselves and reenter the fray, winning the Infernal Shrines objective.
Average player in victory
April 30, 2017
Wolfjoe appeared to be the tag along little brother who clearly is less skilled than the rest of his teammates. While this series might not have been his best, he also did very little outside of being out of position in the 3-1 victory against TRICKED eSport in the Europe HGC Phase 2.
WolfJoe's positional awareness was so below average that we got to see some really impressive sights like the death he had three minutes into Game 2. On the hero Malfurion, WolfJoe ran down to bottom lane and aggressively tried to lead the charge into the enemy, dying almost instantly to an Anub'arak Burrow Charge. Later on in the game, WolfJoe had a few opportunities to use his Twilight Dream to secure kills for his team, but he often hesitated too long or moved himself too deep into enemy territory before he felt comfortable using it. This is the issue you typically don't see in professional HotS matches, when a player doesn't fully understand the range of their own heroic ability. Thankfully in Game 4, Sportbilly made WolfJoe's life easy by using his Falstad Heroic, Mighty Gust, to push four members of TRICKED eSport's right on top of WolfJoe. WolfJoe immediately hit his R key and all four members appeared to evaporate in the following barrage. This play alone would be the deciding factor in Game 4 and the series.
Signed by Playing Ducks
January 29, 2017
WolfJoe has been signed by Playing Ducks, according to Lydia Mitrevski of GosuGamers.
WolfJoe is a German HotS player who most notably played for ePunks, getting first place in the Fall Heroes of the Storm European Regional Qualifier. From there he went on to join Diamond Skin and qualify for the 2017 HGC season. WolfJoe will be playing support for Playing Ducks, and has been signed for the full season of the HGC. WolfJoe is relatively new to Heroes of the Storm and will be looking to make a name for himself.