Christoph Gowitzke 
Playing Ducks
Picked up by Team Zealots
November 28, 2017
Cris has been signed by Team Zealots, according to the team's Twitter.
Cris has struggled recently with keeping a team and forming a solid core group of players to grow with. His in-game skills are good, but not perfect, and he does not seem to get too close to any of his team members. Cris will be playing in the ranged assassin role, however, he may have the opportunity to prove himself capable as a main tank/warrior class as well. Cris has some very strong pocket heroes in Tychus and Cassia, but they will eventually be nerfed into near uselessness and pass away, Cris would function best under an organized and neat base area, but in order to get that we would need a few thousand elements just laying around.
Released from Diamond Skin
November 28, 2017
Cris has been released from Diamond Skin according to his official twitter page.
Cris has been released from Diamond Skin after a rollercoaster of a season that saw him play both phenomenally as well as quite poorly. Cris had some epic moments with Cassia and Tychus during his time with Diamond Skin, two heroes he always seemed to play quite well, but the ranged assassin player also saw his fair share of struggles with even the simplest of heroes like Valla. Lately, he has struggled more than excelled but according to his Twitter, there is some upcoming news about his future in eSports. Should he get signed to another team they will need to watch his work ethic and make sure he gets back in top shape.
Performs well throughout series
June 29, 2017
Cris played extremely well throughout the entire 3-2 victory against TRICKED eSport at the HGC Europe Phase 2.
Cris played a phenomenal Cassia in Game 3 on the map Dragon Shire. Knowing that WolfJoe on Lt.Morales had his back, Cris made sure to maximize not only the effects of his trait, but also those of his level 1 talent Charged Strikes. With these two heroes playing into Valla/Auriel/Uther, we saw a surprising amount of gumption, as both traded damage back and forth evenly. Due to the fact that just Cris and WolfJoe were needed, nande was freed up to roam on the hero Anub'arak, picking up multiple kills in the middle lane. Game 4 had Cris playing the hero Tychus on the map Infernal Shrines. With a quick rotation to the top lane at the two-minute mark, Cris was able to use his Grenade to help pick up a kill on the enemy Chen for first blood. Opting for Odin at level 10, Cris was able to help siege during the shrine phase, giving his team a lot of area-of-effect control.
Clever Chromie
April 30, 2017
Cris had a great 3-1 series against TRICKED eSport in the Europe HGC Phase 2.
Game 1 had Cris on the hero Tychus, opting for Odin at level 10. The biggest issue Playing Ducks had was when Cris used his heroic, nothing would happen. No hard engage, just a passive shoot off, with both teams trading a little damage here and there, and Cris ultimately wasting his heroic. This resulted in many team fight losses, as once his heroic was down, TRICKED eSport would hard engage picking up multiple kills. Game 2 had Cris on the hero Gul'dan to which he was able to land an excellent Horrify at the 13-minute mark, securing a kill on the enemy Lucio. This kill would prevent TRICKED from pushing with their newly acquired Punisher on the map Infernal Shrines. Game 4 had Cris on the niche mage Chromie. Opting for Chrono Sickness at level 5, Cris was able to guarantee kills if any one of TRICKED's members were to accidentally step on one of his traps. This was particularly strong due to the fact that his team had also drafted two global heroes who could show up the moment a trap was sprung.
Cris signed by Playing Ducks
January 28, 2017
Cris has been signed by Playing Ducks, according to Lydia Mitrevski of GosuGamers.
Cris has been signed by Playing Ducks after a solid performance during the European 2017 HGC qualifiers. Cris was most recently on Team Liquid before being benched in September of last year. This caused him to decide it would be best for him to leave the team and consider retirement. Cris will primarily be playing ranged assassins for Playing Ducks and has been signed through the 2017 HGC season.
Leaves Team Liquid
September 7, 2016
Cris has left Team Liquid, according to Daniel Rosen of theScore.
Cris was informed that Team Liquid has benched him, and as such he felt it was right for him to part ways with the organization. Cris stated that he is motivated to play and practice and is actively looking for another team. He was a member of Team Liquid for nearly a year playing in the flex position, joining back in November of 2015.
Cris: Unable to carry against mYinsanity
May 14, 2016
Cris didn't have his best performance as Team Liquid fell 3-0 to mYinsanity in the semifinals of the DreamHack European Summer Regional.
Cris tried to dish damage from safe range on Kael'Thas in Game 1 against mYinsanity, but Team Liquid gave up too much of an experience advantage early on. Cris played his Phoenix in great locations, but the rest of the initiation or follow up from Team Liquid was just off. Cris went onto Kael'Thas again in the second game and had a stronger showing, but it required Team Liquid falling far behind early before nearly pulling off a comeback. Cris did dish out damage in the late game, but it was all for naught as a failed siege on mYinsanity's Nexus led to defeat for Team Liquid. Cris switched to Li-Ming in Game 3 and it helped Team Liquid control lanes and dominate rotations against mYinsanity, but only for awhile. Cris hammered mYinsanity's team for a remarkable amount of damage, but eventually a single pick and small misplays put Team Liquid at an insurmountable deficit.