Fang Zhan 
Weakest player on roster
July 31, 2017
Sa did not play well in the 1-1 round robin match against Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
Sa had a mediocre Game 1 on the hero Brightwing. Playing on the map Braxis Holdout, Sa could have had a very positive global impact, but never seemed to be in the right place at the right time. One of Sa's better early game plays came at the cost of his life, as he willingly sacrificed himself to secure a 100 percent zerg wave for his team. With a low death timer, Sa quickly rejoined his team for the early game push. Opting for Emerald Wind at level 10 might have been a mistake, as Sa had to be dangerously close to his opponents in order for it to get any good teamfight value. The few times Sa did get close enough to land a good heroic were the few times that Sa died. This was due to the other team running large area of effect stuns and silences (Malfurion and Uther). Game 2 had Sa playing Uther opting for Divine Shield at level 10. Using this in conjunction with Greymane should have had devastating effect. However, Sa often used it far to early or on himself, a grave mistake.