Chen Jing 
Excellent Expulsion Zones
August 31, 2017
Xuyu had a really strong Zarya performance in the 1-1 against Beyond The Game in the HGC China Phase 2.
Xuyu started Game 1 on the hero Zarya, whose primary goal was to enable Paradise on Malthael with movement-speed-increasing Shields. While this did seem to get good value in the early-game teamfights, it was never enough to actually secure multiple kills, either due to Paradises taking too much poke damage or Xuyu waiting too long to use the shield. Regardless, Xuyu did have some game-changing Expulsion Zones that would ultimately snowball his team to victory. At the nine-minute mark, Xuyu was able to stop all five members from Beyond The Game from retreating behind their Keep wall. Because of this excellent use of his heroic, CE was able to pick up nearly four kills, a fort, and a keep all in one Battlefield of Eternity Immortal phase.
The Worgen
July 25, 2017
Xuyu had an excellent round robin victory against eStar at the HGC Phase 2.
Xuyu didn't hesitate to throw out Cursed Bullets on the hero Greymane often hitting the ever elusive Genji mid stride. This pinpoint accuracy was really impressive to watch as Xuyu demonstrated his ability to hit even the enemy Dehaka the instant he came out from under his Burrow. Xuyu's mechanics were so on point that CE was able to pick up repeated kills on the enemy Muradin. A Muradin who opted for every single survivability talent and was the target of Divine Palm nearly every single teamfight. This required Xuyu to know exactly when and where to place his bullet, usually between Muradin's eyes.
Xuyu: Does job; wins big
April 29, 2016
Xuyu showed premier Assassin play against Team YL in the 2016 Gold Series Hero League for a 2-0 victory.
Xuyu started off in Game 1 with Li-Ming and opted to play a safer Teleport build rather than the more burst heavy Magic Missile build that is favored in tournaments. This was likely due to the enemy team having access to both Tassadar and Sonya (as she possesses the ability to safely dive deep into the enemy team and wipe out mages with help from Tassadar's shields). This move proved wise as Sonya's dives were fruitless during the late game where her team was depending on them most. OMG comes out on top 1-0. With momentum at his back Xuyu swaps from range Assassin play to a popular Specialist in Sylvanas. This hero selection is fairly unpopular on Tomb of the Spider Queen as a Zagara pick is typically much more prioritized, but once again Xuyu's risk pays off in a big way as Sylvanas's passive Black Arrow ability disables all buildings afflicted with it, which allowed the early Boss. Team OMG was able to sneak to push all the way to the enemy core and end Team YL's hopes of winning this BO3 set in the 2016 Gold Series Hero League.