Lin Junyi 
Minimal impact
July 31, 2017
Chicken did very little in the 1-1 round robin match against Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
Chicken struggled on Malthael in Game 1 on the map Braxus Holdout. Even though he was in an advantageous matchup, 1-vs-1 with the enemy Ragnaros, Chicken still managed to lose. While it wasn't caught on camera, we did notice that Chicken actually died at roughly the eight-minute mark to his solo opponent, one that he should be able to easily defeat. For the remainder of the game, Chicken was caught out multiple times, often using his heroic in a failed attempt to survive. This left Chicken as a mostly ineffective player for the majority of Game 1. Game 2 was a much better showing for Chicken as he played Leoric on the map Towers of Doom. Catching the enemy Reghar out multiple times with his Entomb should have won his team the game. Unfortunately, Super Perfect Team was running a Medivh who negated any follow up damage RPG could have provided.