Li Qian 
Super Perfect Team
Rough start
July 31, 2017
qianxiao started off with a weak performance in the 1-1 round robin match against RPG in the HGC China Phase 2.
qianxiao was the weakest link in Game 1 on the map Braxis Holdout. Playing the hero Gul'dan, qianxiao managed to die three times in the first five minutes of the game, putting Super Perfect Team very behind in the early game. Game 2 was a completely different performance for qianxiao and it was actually a great move to put him on a higher mobility hero, Lunara. Having a higher base movement speed allowed qianxiao the survivability he lacked in Game 1, while also allowing him to play a lot more aggressively. This aggression only increased post-level 10 with qianxiao opting for Leaping Strike. Even though qianxiao was playing the only assassin in his teams composition, he still managed to make things happen, doing ludicrous amounts of damage in every single teamfight.