Zhang Zhihao 
Super Perfect Team
Shows improvement
December 18, 2017
zzH landed the majority of his abilities in the 1-1 against Fnatic in the Gold Cup World Championship.
In Game 1 on the map Cursed Hollow, zzH was able to make some clutch saves on the hero Reghar. At the nine-minute mark, zzh rotated just in time to protect Soap from dying on the hero E.T.C. This Ancestral Healing would allow his team to win a fight that was looking to be a major loss. Game 2 had zzH on the hero Kharazim, playing well despite not having to deal with much pressure from the opposition. Just shy of the 20-minute mark, zzH would land a fancy Divine Palm that would allow SPT to walk up and take Fnatic's Core.
Regret filled kibbles
September 26, 2017
zZH had some spotty positioning but still managed to land some clutch heroics in the 1-1 series against KT in the HGC China Phase 2.
Game 1 had zZH playing Uther on the map Battlefield of Eternity. His best play came at the 13-minute mark when he was able to land a perfect Divine Shield on Soap as he re-engaged after a long retreat. This caught KT completely off guard and Soap was able to use Sonya's Whirlwind to heal nearly half of his maximum health. Game 2 was a lot sloppier for zZH as he ended up dying way too many times on the healer Reghar. The Wolf form is fun, and the lunge is begging to be used, but please zZH, stop diving in past your tanks just to get a little bite of the action. This took place at the six-minute mark with zZH way out of position and being the first to die on his team. Despite these big mistakes, zZH was able to land multiple perfect Ancestral Healings throughout the game, often keeping Soap on Malthael alive way longer than anyone expected.
At the mercy of his teammates
August 22, 2017
zZH did pretty much everything his team could expect from him in the 0-2 loss to Team Face Check at the Eastern Clash Phase 2.
Without Melodyc in the lineup, zZH has been able to step up for his team landing his more impactful abilities better than before. In Game 1 on the map Braxis Holdout, zZH was playing the hero Malfurion. While he was at the mercy of his teams draft, zZH was able to make up for his teams failings with some great follow up Roots on Chromies Temporal Loop. While this did lead to a great kill at the eight-minute mark, it wasn't enough to make up for the pressure that Team Face Check was able to put out. While Super Perfect Team was being heavily out-sustained, zZH knew his best chances were to move in for an aggressive play. This resulted in him landing an impressive Twilight Dream on the enemy Auriel that should have been a kill at the 11-minute mark. Sadly, qianxiao missed his abilities letting the enemy healer walk away with very little health. Game 2 had zZH on Reghar using Ancestral healing to keep Wings on Sonya alive as long as possible. This ended up working very well with Super Perfect Team winning every single five verse five engage. Despite all his efforts, zZH could not save Misaka when he was half way across the map feeding (the biggest reason for the Game 2 loss).
A truly average performance
July 31, 2017
zZH didn't live up to expectations in the 1-1 round robin against RPG at the HGC China Phase 2.
zZH played fairly well in the Game 1 loss on Braxis Holdout. Never one to miss his Entangling Root, zZH was a part of nearly every single kill that SPT acquired in the 20-minute game. The only issue with zZH's Game 1 performance was his willingness to overlap his Twilight Dream with multiple other heroics, often leaving his team high and dry for the remainder of the teamfight. Game 2 saw zZH on Reghar getting caught out by the enemy Leoric's Entombs almost every single teamfight. While this should have cost SPT the game, it didn't, largely thanks to MelodyC on Medivh using Force of Will to save zZH.