Zhang Zhihao 
Super Perfect Team
A truly average performance
July 31, 2017
zZH didn't live up to expectations in the 1-1 round robin against RPG at the HGC China Phase 2.
zZH played fairly well in the Game 1 loss on Braxis Holdout. Never one to miss his Entangling Root, zZH was a part of nearly every single kill that SPT acquired in the 20-minute game. The only issue with zZH's Game 1 performance was his willingness to overlap his Twilight Dream with multiple other heroics, often leaving his team high and dry for the remainder of the teamfight. Game 2 saw zZH on Reghar getting caught out by the enemy Leoric's Entombs almost every single teamfight. While this should have cost SPT the game, it didn't, largely thanks to MelodyC on Medivh using Force of Will to save zZH.