Wang Wenqiang 
Hots Lady
Not adjusting well to the new patch
September 30, 2017
Again appeared to struggle when it came to utilizing his heroes newly updated abilities in the 0-2 loss to Start Over Again in the HGC China Phase 2.
Again struggled to play Auriel in both Games 1 and 2. While Again did have some excellent uses of Crystal Aegis, like the Game 1 save on Stitches at the eight-minute mark, he really had a hard time adapting to the loss of Auriels burst heal talent at level seven. Without the two second cooldown on Auriel's Ray of Heaven, Again could not keep up with the damage feedB was taking on the hero Valla. Instead of saving his heals for maximum value, Again would seemingly spam them on cooldown even if it meant just topping off his allies. This would eventually result in the deaths of multiple teammates as Again would never have his heal back off cooldown in time to save his allies. Going forward, if Hots Lady is going to find success in the HGC, they will not only have to adapt to the changing meta but also to the ever-changing talent trees. This time was a clear example that Hots Lady has yet to do either.
Awful IGN but great mechanics
August 29, 2017
While Again might have the most confusing name in the league, it didn't stop him from performing well again and again in the 1-1 against RPG in the HGC China Phase 2.
Again played a very aggressive Uther in Game 1 on the map Sky Temple. Opting for Divine Storm as is currently popular in China, Again was able to apply a lot of kill pressure with 365 on the hero Chromie. At the seven-minute mark, Again was able to chain his stun together and without hesitation the minute the enemy Malthael was out of position. If it wasn't for a speedy Divine Palm from Sa it would have been a guaranteed kill. This lack of hesitation was a positive sign and would surely prove useful later in the match. At the 12-minute mark Again opened up with a Divine Storm the instant he saw the enemy Kharazim entered its radius. With 365 waiting for this moment, Again was able to hold the Monk in position long enough for the damage to connect and kill the enemy support. Game 2 had Again on Kharazim, opting for Seven Sided Strike over Palm. This ended up being a questionable decision as Again never seemed to actually have any good uses of the ability. While it did manage to take some health from RPG's frontline-heavy composition, it certainly felt negligible.