Chen Yukai 
Free Agent
Struggled to make anything happen
August 22, 2017
Wings played well despite his teams multiple failings in the 0-2 loss to Team Face Check in the Eastern Clash Phase 2.
Game 1 was largely due to a huge miscalculation in the draft, allowing the enemy team to pick up Auriel/Cho'Gal on the map Braxis Holdout. Despite Wings largely winning the 1-vs-1 top lane against Dehaka, he got absolutely destroyed in teamfights due to Simba not taking Sanctification on Tyrael. Without a dedicated healer (Malfurion) or any kind of damage mitigation heroics, Wings was nearly instantly killed every time he entered the fray. Game 2 saw some success in the teamfights with Wings largely carrying on the hero Sonya. Winning multiple fights for his team by trusting in zZH's heals would allow him to take most of Team Face Checks pressure and live. This allowed him and Misaka on Genji to clean house picking up a 4-for-1 trade at the nine-minute mark.
Wins the unwinnable lane
July 31, 2017
Wings had a strong performance in the 1-1 round robin match against RPG in the HGC China Phase 2.
Wings played very well in Game 1 on the map Braxis Holdout. Facing off against the enemy Malthael in the 1-vs-1 lane, Wings surprisingly came out on top. When it came down to a straight up brawling, Malthael should have easily won, however at the seven-minute mark, Wings picked up a solo kill at nearly the cost of his life. While Wings did have excellent uses of his Sulfuras Smash, it was always in conjunction with two or three of his teams other heroics, often leaving them high and dry in the remaining moments of the teamfight. Game 2 had Wings on Dehaka for the map Towers of Doom. Wings did an excellent job this game in picking up some early levels for his team by quickly rotating around the map. In perfect coordination with his team, Wings truly maximized Dehaka's split soaking potential, earning SPT a level and a half lead in the first five minutes of the game. Throughout the remainder of the game, Wings constantly picked away at RPG's top fort allowing them to pick it up in the final moments of the game for an easy victory.