Wu Chengwei 
Extremely mediocre
November 30, 2017
Paradise made far too many mechanical errors in the 1-1 match against Ballistix in the Gold Cup World Championships.
Both Games 1 and 2 had Paradise playing the hero Dehaka. Game 1 was on the map Dragon Shire and Paradise was chosen to fight 1-vs-1 against the enemy Junkrat in the top lane. When it became immediately apparent that Paradise had no idea how to win this matchup, CE began rotating Aloof to support him. This created a heavy mismatch in the other two lanes and put CE severely behind. Paradise made a massive misplay at the 10-minute mark when he denied Aloof's Ancestral Healing by using his Burrow too early. Game 2 was looking a little better, as Aloof was finally able to land a key Drag on the enemy Falstad at the four-minute mark. This kill would allow his team to pick up two more kills, totaling three, in the first five minutes. Almost unsure of what to do with their advantage, CE ran around the rest of the game, only barely winning the late-game teamfight due to Ballistix flubbing multiple heroics.
August 31, 2017
Paradise had some great plays but was a little bit ahead of his team in the 1-1 against Beyond The Game in the HGC China Phase 2.
Paradise was the early-game MVP for his team when it came to scoring some much needed kills. Just shy of the two-minute mark, ally Aloof had found a way to die two times and lose top fort. Noticing that Beyond The Game was overstaying in the top lane, Paradise made a quick rotation that allowed him to pick up two kills, evening the score. At the 13-minute mark Paradise began to assert himself in a flanking position only to be chunked down to nearly 20 percent of his health. Because of this overeager decision making, Paradise would start the fight with nearly no health points whatsoever, At the 19-minute mark Paradise had a great Tormented Souls heroic under Wing's Sanctification that would not only restore a large portion of his health, but also leave Beyond the Game running for their lives.
The Arthas with blood in his eyes
July 25, 2017
Paradise solid game playing the Lich King in the round robin victory to CE in the HGC Phase 2.
Paradise was nigh unkillable on the hero Arthas in Game 1 on the map Sky Temple. Sticking to the enemy Muradin like tape, Paradise locked him down long enough for Xuyu to pick up the kill with Greymane's cursed bullet. With Kty opting for Bloodlust on the hero Reghar, Paradise became all the more threatening, with the enhanced movement speed and a solid base attack stat. Paradise easily plowed through eStar with Arthas' intense area slow and long range roots.
Paradise: Flexes on Thrall for quick 2-0 series win
June 14, 2016
Paradise had a strong day on Thrall as X-Team defeated Renovatio I 2-0 in Group A at the Summer Global in Sweden.
Paradise took Thrall in X-Team's first game against Renovatio I and took awhile to get rolling. Paradise and the rest of X-Team needed about 15 minutes before the team looked comfortable and finally began to take favorable fights to gain an experience lead. Before that, Paradise and X-Team trailed and were completely out-rotated by Renovatio I. Paradise's Sundering effectively split Renovatio I's team late in fights, which allowed X-Team to isolate targets and clean up fights. Paradise picked Thrall again in the second game and once again was on point with his Sundering. Paradise helped secure kills early or breakup what looked to be certain kills for Renovatio I.