Gu Jing 
Running around
November 30, 2017
Aloof spent most of the 1-1 series against Ballistix running around with his head cut off, accomplishing very little.
In Game 1 Aloof played the hero Reghar, and contributed very little to his team despite his constant attempts at ganking the enemy Junkrat in the first 10 minutes of the game. This unwarranted effort would end up costing CE Game 1, as they were forced to fight 3-vs-4 in the middle and bottom lanes of the map Dragon Shire. Game 2 was much of the same, with Aloof rotating all over the map all game long when he could have gotten arguably more value if he had just stayed in lane, maximizing his team's advantages after a kill. While this might be largely due to bad overall shotcalling, Aloof certainly showed a lack of initiative and good decision making skills. Despite having a high Game 2 kill participation on the hero Kharazim, Aloof's assists mostly consisted of a Radiant dash or soft auto attack onto targets that were most likely going to die anyway.
Dead weight
August 31, 2017
Despite his disappointing performance, Aloof's teammates carried him to at least one victory in the 1-1 against Beyond The Game in the HGC China Phase 2.
Aloof made some very crucial errors in the Game 1 Battlefield of Eternity match that should have put CE very far behind if it were not for his teammates making equally great plays. When Aloof was attempting to rotate to bottom lane at the one-minute mark, Beyond The Game noticed and were able to easily kill him while he made a very unsafe rotation. On spawn, Aloof made his way back to the top fort only to be instantly dove and killed yet again. Because of this blunder, Beyond The Game was able to pick up top fort in under two minutes. Despite these positional errors, Aloof struggled to save some of his healing abilities for Valla after the initial 5-vs-5 confrontation. Due to his lack of awareness, Valla would end up dying two times for no reason other than the fact that she did not get the healing she required from Aloof.
Great counterpick
July 25, 2017
Aloof shut down the enemy Genji in the round robin victory against eStar in the HGC Phase 2.
Aloof showed some great map awareness whilst playing the hero Brightwing on the map Sky Temple. Opting for an Arcane Flare build, Aloof lowered the cooldown on his Phase Shift significantly. CE's strategy was to use Aloof on Brightwing to disengage the enemy team with Emerald Wind. This was particularly effective due to Kty also playing a Bloodlust Reghar. Typically, after Bloodlust wears off, the opposing team will attempt to engage if they didn't lose any members. At this point, Aloof activated Emerald Wind, stopping eStar from engaging as soon as Bloodlust was no longer active; a very unique strategy. At the 16-minute mark, Aloof was able to not only able to save Wind with his Phase Shield, but also Polymorph the enemy Genji during his Dragon Blade heroic. This allowed CE to pick up multiple late game kills. This play opened up the Sky Temple Boss for an easy victory.