Manuel Medina 
United States
Tempo Storm
Deceptive Dehaka
June 29, 2017
Fury was a mastermind in a 3-0 victory over Even in Death during the 2017 HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Fury opted for a Dehaka pick during Game 1 on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Tasked with solo laning against King Leoric, Fury had a very tall order to fill. Despite the uphill battle, Fury was able to keep control of his lane and ensure that minion waves were cleared and tower shots were not wasted on killing them. In addition to holding his own against a hero that can quite easily counter him, Fury managed time to keep an eye on the minimap and use his Brushstalker ability to ambush some unsuspecting Even in Death members. In Game 2 Fury went with his newest pocket pick and likely his favorite hero of the meta, Anub'arak. Fury played a very commendable game with Anub and landed some epic saves for his teammate in the form of hard CC.
Outstanding Anub'arak play
June 28, 2017
Fury proved yet again why Anub'arak's Cocoon is one of the strongest heroics in the game, using it to near single-handedly lead his team to victory at the Mid-Season Brawl Group Stage Tiebreaker against Soul Torturers.
With Tempo Storm's tournament life on the line, Fury would have to step his game up and lead his team to victory on the hero Anub'arak. The tiebreaker game was on Dragon Shire with Fury playing very aggressive from the get go. At first, Fury's teammates overlapped their stun combinations too quickly, wasting not only Fury's engage but also any chance they had at picking up a kill. After five minutes of failed attempts, Fury was finally able to land a good stun chain with his allies, securing first blood. At the six-minute mark, Fury made quick use of his Cocoon to wrap up the enemy Johanna, preventing her from interrupting his channeling of the Dragon Knight. This would secure the first fort of the game. The final fight took place shortly after the 15-minute mark, with Pslam landing a huge Gravity Lapse on the enemy Auriel. Not wasting any time, Fury leapt into the fray, preventing Auriel from healing herself and winning the game.
Excellent on Johanna
May 16, 2017
Fury played a great series against Gale Force eSports, winning 3-1 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
In the opening match of the series, Fury opted for a Johanna pick on Cursed Hollow. While the hero choice itself was countered pretty hard by the triple mage combo that Gale Force eSports drafted/talented into. Despite the shortcomings of his selected hero being countered, Fury played a mechanically sound match and ended up with a 1/1/3 KDA. In Game 2 on Braxis Holdout, Fury went for a pocket pick in E.T.C.. E.T.C. is widely considered one of the weakest warriors in the current meta and rarely see's competitive play. Despite Fury posting a 2/1/7 KDA, his team still was unable to score a win. Game 3 on Warhead Junction was much different, as Fury played one of the strongest warriors, Anub'Arak. This match he was able to score a perfect 1/0/11 KDA and his team won in just 12 short minutes, completely dominating Gale Force eSports in the process. Finally, in Game 4 Fury opted for a Tyrael pick that at first seemed out of place, but then made perfect sense as his double melee assassin comp was completed. This match fury had a 2/2/12 KDA for an overall KDA of 6/4/33.
Competent on all warriors
April 28, 2017
Fury had another great series in a hard fought 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Fury opted for E.T.C. in Game 1 on Sky Temple, this is certainly a pocket-pick hero as he has fallen out of the meta quite a lot recently. Despite being on a weak hero, Fury made it work with excellent mechanics and superb body blocking and CC that led to an early triple kill. This snowballed into a six-minute boss and the bottom temple objective being won for his team. Due to the snowballing nature of Sky Temple, Fury and the rest of Tempo Storm were able to close out the match and claim their first victory in under 13 minutes. Game 3 was another solid game for Fury on Anub'Arak, a frontline warrior he is becoming more and more known for. Just after the three-minute mark Fury dove in for a gank on the enemy Gul'Dan, securing the first kill of the match in the process. Likewise, the 15- and 17-minute marks also were great times for Fury, as he once again helped his team score kills on half of the enemy team, while grabbing the Dragon Knight in between and going ham on Superstar's dwindling structures.
Outstanding Anub'Arak
April 28, 2017
Fury was an all star in a 3-0 crushing victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Fury was on point in Game 1 on Anub'Arak where he was already at a disadvantage due to Jason on Falstad going an auto-attack build meant specifically to take down the Anub'Arak carapace. First off, Fury's pick was a solid counter to the E.T.C. hero No Tomorrow picked thanks to his double-stun kit that essentially made his Mosh Pit ultimate useless. Secondly, Fury had some insane burst with his level 13 talent Acid Drenched Mandibles that gave him 3 seconds of 70 percent attack-damage boost on slowed, stunned, or rooted enemy heroes. Finally, the most impressive feat he accomplished was his epic Epicenter level 16 talent that was giving him huge value as he could dive in and stun multiple enemies with ease, something he did on more than one occasion. In Game 2 Fury went with Arthas. This was a really smart pick and definitely contributed to his team's victory, but Fury was having a hard time staying alive due to the aggressive comp he was up against, specifically Tychus who can blast away at tanks very easily. Despite his five deaths though, Fury did actually a pretty decent job, and typically would trade his death for multiple kills on the other team, a more than viable strategy.
Stalwart E.T.C. play
March 31, 2017
Fury had some great Stage Dives in the 2-0 victory against Infamous Gaming at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Fury had a strong start to Game 1 on the hero E.T.C, securing first blood for his team by locking down the enemy Muradin at roughly the one-minute mark. A great Stage Dive at the nine-minute mark secured a kill on the enemy Malfurion, who was heavily out of position. Fury's best play was at the 17-minute mark, when he was able to land a four-man Stage Dive on the retreating enemy, securing four kills for Tempo Storm. Game 2 had Fury on the hero Johanna, which ended up being a display of Infamous' incompetence rather than a display of Fury's impeccable tanking ability.
Weak E.T.C. play
February 28, 2017
Fury had a weak showing in a 3-0 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC group stage.
Fury started out Game 1 with a Johanna pick that was somewhat puzzling. While Johanna was the correct pick for a solo tank role, given the tanks already picked and banned, Tempo Storm would have been much better off in a two warrior composition. Despite the interesting draft choices, Tempo Storm did do a very good job of executing their strategy and winning the first match, with little input from Fury. Games 2 and 3 saw Fury on E.T.C., who is perhaps the strongest tank hero in the game for this current meta. Despite being on an overall better heroes than his peers, he still failed to provide much of an impact, especially given the type of high impact hero he was on. Overall his performance was lacking and did not stand out whatsoever. While Tempo Storm won a convincing victory, Fury had little to do with it.
Not consistent
January 31, 2017
Fury was not a consistent player in a close 3-2 victory over Team Freedom during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Fury started out Game 1 with a pretty terrible hero pick, Tyrael. Solo-tank Tyrael with a squishy melee support like Kharazim is just asking for a quick and terrible loss. Fury literally lost this game for his team in the draft, and that was made very apparent in their nine-minute stomp, starting them out 0-1 in the series. In Game 2 Fury fared much better on E.T.C, a much easier-to-play hero, and was able to perform his role properly and peel for his team. He still allowed for too many deaths, especially when up against only one assassin hero. In Game 3 he played Diablo, and again had a pretty decent game. He managed a 4:1 KD ratio. Game 4 was awful. Fury played what is perhaps his best tank, Johanna, but was still unable to be impactful for his team. In Game 5 Fury switched back to Diablo, and although his play wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, he still managed to pull off a win.
Most overrated tank player in North America
January 30, 2017
Fury has shown spectators time and time again that his tank play is full of holes. This was especially apparent in the 3-0 victory against B Step at the North America HGC Phase 1.
Fury was hands down the worst player in this series, and after observing his play in this past season, it's apparent that he struggles to play any hero other than Johanna, a character whose own innate durability compensates for the absolute abysmal performance. In Game 1, he was almost always out of position, notably at the 4-minute mark, and 12-minute mark, losing a considerable amount of gems for his team both times. Games 2 and 3 had Fury on the stable Johanna. While he never did anything impressive, he also never did anything detrimental in these last two games. Tempo Storm's victory largely depended B Step's incompetence, rather than their dominant shot calling and in-game performance.
Fury signed by Tempo Storm
January 20, 2017
Fury has been signed to the Tempo Storm roster, according to the Tempo Storm official website.
Manuel "Fury" Medina has been signed by Tempo Storm. He will mostly be filling the main tank role, however in some situations he will be playing in an off-tank role. Fury has done a lot of team hopping over the last six months, first being released by Gale Force eSports and then going on to join Astral Authority, where he was able to truly make a name for himself as his team won the last two NA Regionals of 2016. Fury will be looking to come in strong during his opening games of the 2017 HGC this weekend.
Release from Astral Authority roster
December 31, 2016
Fury has been released from the Astral Authority roster according to Astral News on the Astral Authority homepage.
Manuel "Fury" Medina has once again found himself without a sponsor as his team transitions from Astral Authority to free agents. Fury primarily played warriors for his team and had some great moments as both E.T.C. and Dehaka in recent tournaments. Despite his efforts, his team did not have very good results on either of the international stages they were a part of and this is likely why Astral Authority has chosen to pursue other opportunities within the Heroes of the Storm scene. Should Fury continue to pursue HotS professionally he will find a number of welcoming teams for his particular skill set and should have little difficulty being placed on a competitive roster. It is yet unknown if he will stay with his current roster.
Fury signed by Astral Authority
October 2, 2016
Fury has been signed by Astral Authority according to the Astral Authority Facebook page.
Manuel "Fury" Medina has been picked up by Astral Authority amid some huge successes in the North American scene, winning back-to-back regional championships. Fury was the main tank for Murloc Geniuses and will continue that role under the Astral Authority banner. There was much speculation about whether or not Fury would continue in the professional heroes of the storm scene after his release from Gale Force eSports just three short months ago. It would appear he has only grown as a player from there and it will be interesting to watch him make this transition.
Fury controls the battlefield with excellent positioning
August 27, 2016
Fury had an astounding 3-0 series against Vox Nihili beating them handily during the first 2016 North American Fall Regional.
Fury started Game 1 on Johanna, a strong solo warrior with excellent wave clear. This was a top priority pick for Murloc Geniuses as Tomb of the Spider Queen, the map they were playing on is all about quickly clearing waves of minions and rotating. Fury was also able to overpower the solo tank Arthas strategy that Vox Nihili tried to employ using his much larger health pool to bully him out of the front line. In Game 2, Fury took a big risk as he chose to solo tank with Tyrael, a much lower health warrior hero. Fortunately, his positioning was perfect and he managed to end the game with only a single death. In Game 3, with Tyrael banned and Johanna picked, he pulled out E.T.C., his favorite pocket pick. This was a strong hero selection, as Vox Nihili only had Johanna who could reliably interrupt his Mosh Pit ultimate. Late in the match this oversight proved fatal as Futy used Powersilde to get deep into the backline of Vox Nihili and trap two heroes with Mosh Pit while the rest of MG took them down to end the series 3-0.
Tanks his way to a top-two finish
July 20, 2016
Fury had good map awareness in a 2-0 victory over Astral Authority in the 2016 NA Fall Qualifier #2.
Fury started out on Johanna in Game 1. He was in a double-warrior team comp with a full support in Uther and a pseudo support/specialist in Medivh, the newest competitive hero added to the Nexus. This very forgiving team comp allowed Fury to play very aggressively and output a massive amount of sustained damage for a warrior. The only thing Fury had to worry about was getting caught in the opposing teams E.T.C. Mosh Pit, which admittedly he did once late in the match, but as he was the only player affected by it his team still managed to come out unscathed. In Game 2 Fury was able to play E.T.C., who is currently one of his favorite heroes. He did a great job combining his stuns with his teammate psalm on Kael'Thas and was able to pick up a couple early kills that set his team up for a distinct level and talent advantage during the late game. While he was unable to get much value out of his Ultimate ability with so many counters present, the enduring threat of him activating it forced Astral Authority to play safer than they should have. Because of that, they got far behind and lost the game and series.
Signed by Murloc Geniuses
July 2, 2016
Fury has rejoined his first professional esports team in Murloc Geniuses according to Josh Bury of theScore.
Just two weeks ago Fury was released from GFE due to some personal issues that came to light following one of his best performances to-date. He now has another shot in the professional scene as his old Murloc Geniuses squad has reformed under team captain Equinox with high hopes of making to to this years Blizzcon in November. Fury will be filling the main tank role for Murloc Geniuses and should bring a high level of synergy to the team as he played with two of the current members for almost a full year.