Jon Peterson 
United States
SpaceStation Gaming
Good variety of heroes
November 1, 2017
Equinox played well in a 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Playoffs.
Equinox had a solid series against Superstars with a 3-1 victory during the quarterfinals of the 2017 HGC Playoffs. He opted for the melee assassin Zeratul in both Game 1 and 4 causing havoc for his enemies and allowing his team to finish kills and score victories. Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity saw Equinox be an absolute menace with Zeratul, destroying the enemy Lunara and Lt. Morales the whole game and making it very difficult for the solo warrior Anub'Arak to defend his entire team while also waiting for good chances to pop his CC cooldowns and stun an enemy for a kill. Game 4 was more of the same as Equinox once again bullied a double backline composition. This time the map was Sky Temple and Equinox spent much of the game stalking his enemies and waiting for the best moments to strike. His patience and calculated play allowed Spacestation Gaming to end the series early with a big win.
Mediocre in big win
September 25, 2017
Equinox was mediocre in a 3-0 victory over Gale Force eSports during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Equinox had an average series against Gale Force eSports, and while his team won 3-0 in a huge upset victory, it was not particularly due to anything great that Equinox was doing. In Game 1 he played Valla great and had a 4/1/4 KDA, but in Game 2 Equinox had a pretty poor 0/3/8 KDA on Muradin, missing several key stuns that may have turned into big plays for his team. Game 3 saw Equinox on Battlefield of Eternity, he managed an alright game but had some positional issues that could have cost his team big. In an over 30-minute game, he only managed 75,000 damage, but that was mostly due to the natural order of BoE where teams typically spend the majority of the objective time positioning for advantage. With a 2/3/7 KDA, Equinox left much to be desired.
Signed by SpaceStation
August 31, 2017
Equinox has been signed by SpaceStation Gaming, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
Equinox has been signed to yet another team after once again having a difficult time with a new squad. Equinox started on Gale Force eSports at the beginning of this year and everything was looking great for him. Then, after falling from the top-ranked team in North America to somewhere nondescript and in the middle, Equinox was shipped off to No Tomorrow. Under the No Tomorrow organization, Equinox transitioned from the main tank role to a melee assassin role, which is what he was best known for playing in the past. Despite being on his better role, the results he posted with No Tomorrow were less than stellar and left much to be desired, finishing in the bottom two places of the HGC and nearly losing their spot in the circuit. It is not known at this time which role Equinox will be filling; however, he will hopefully bring his A-game as SpaceStation Gaming is taking a big chance with him.
Dropped after two months
August 28, 2017
Equinox is no longer a part of No Tomorrow, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
Equinox has been released from No Tomorrow just two months after being signed to the team back in June. His signing made many fans hopeful for some solid improvement within the HGC, but Equinox was unable to live up to the hype and has since been swept under the rug. While on No Tomorrow, Equinox filled the role of melee assassin as well as off tank. While melee assassin is what Equinox is known best for, his tanking ability is what got him onto his previous team, the much more successful Gale Force eSports. There is no telling what role Equinox will pursue in free agency, or even if he wants to continue to play on a profession HotS team at all. Only time will tell.
Weak on Sonya
July 31, 2017
Equinox had a rough time in a 3-1 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
Equinox opted for a Sonya pick in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines. This was a good pick for the map, and was even better when considering the triple melee comp that Team Naventic was running, leaving ample heroes in the front for Equinox to get healing from with his Whirlwind ability. That being said, Equinox had a hard time finding a good rhythm, and had it not been for some big blunders of Team Naventic the poor play demonstrated by Equinox would have led to his team losing the first match of the day. While Equinox and No Tomorrow did ultimately pull through, his 2/3/4 KDA did not help much at all. Game 3 was another rough match for Equinox. Playing on Greymane, he was tasked with attempting to team fight against an Arthas/Uther combo that far outclassed the quadruple melee that No Tomorrow drafted. Equinox once again posted a negative KDA at 3/4/6. Equinox needs to play better and stop relying on enemy mistakes if he wants his place with No Tomorrow to be permanent.
Equinox signed by No Tomorrow
June 19, 2017
Equinox has been picked up by No Tomorrow, according to the official HGC Blizzard eSports page.
After being released from Gale Force eSports, Equinox began looking for a new roster as a free agent. No Tomorrow, in dire need of a solid warrior player, jumped at the opportunity to try him out and see if he had what it took. Not only was Equinox impressive on the warrior role, but his melee assassin skills blew No Tomorrow out of the water. Because of this, Equinox will be filling more of a melee assassin role, with some small opportunities to still play in the warrior position he learned while playing for GFE.
Released from GFE
May 28, 2017
Equinox has been released from GFE, according to their official team website..
Equinox was the main tank for GFE, a role he does not prefer, but was forced into due to a vast shortage of tank players within the NA scene. Equinox has stated that he fully intends to go back to his roots and play in a melee assassin/flex position for whatever team he manages to land on. Equinox's tanking skills certainly make him a huge priority for teams looking for a tank, but due to his lack of willingness to continue down the main tank path, it appears that Equinox may have a harder time finding a team, though he should still be able to get settled on a roster before the next installment of the HGC season starts in July.
Too excitable on the Lord of Terror
May 26, 2017
Equinox played very well the entire series, except for when he was on Diablo. Going too deep multiple times would cost his team Game 1. Regardless, GFE was able to pull out a 3-1 victory against Team 8 at the HGC Round 4.
Equinox demonstrated good decision-making and mechanical skills until the very final moments of Game 1. On the hero Diablo, Equinox would throw the very final fight of the game. Using his heroic Apocalypse, Equinox would only hit one member from Team 8. On top of missing this heroic, Equinox was also very deep in enemy territory, as if he completely forgot that his team was the one with a Lt. Morales to peel for. This moment's thoughtlessness would cost GFE Game 1. Game 2 had Equinox on Zarya for GFE's carefully planned cheese strategy. With the goal of ending the game before Team 8 could hit level 10, Equinox's job was to soak as much damage as possible while protecting Lt. Morales at all costs. Doing just that, GFE was able to end Game 2 in just over eight minutes. Game 3 had Equinox on the hero Muradin, landing Storm Bolts as often as you would expect from a professional player. What was most impressive about his performance was the fact the he soaked over 161,000 damage while only dying once, a serious testament to his play.
Arthas Expert
April 22, 2017
Equinox bounced back with a strong showing amid a 3-0 victory over Team 8 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Equinox played Arthas in Game 1 and Game 2 of the best-of-five set, however, he went with a very different play style in both games. In Game 1, he chose the Army of Ghouls ultimate that allowed him to essentially become immortal for 15 seconds while his ghouls are active. This was absolutely a necessary choice as he was the sole frontline hero with a very vulnerable medic for a support. In Game 2, however, he was part of a double tank/double support cheese comp that focused on heavy sustain and outlasting their opponents. This allowed him to take the Summon Sindragosa talent, which enables him to summon a giant ice dragon to fly overhead and shoot heavy ice beams in a long straight line slowing and damaging everything in its path for 3.5 seconds. In addition to this it also disables any buildings it touches for 20 seconds, this allowed his teams Immortal Punisher to push down lanes unabated. The result of these nuanced talent choices were both immediate and appreciated as Equinox expertly propelled his team to a 3-0 sweep of Team 8, the defending champions of North America.
Upsetting blunder in otherwise easy win
March 31, 2017
Equinox was not at his best during a 2-0 victory over Infamous at the 2017 HGC Western Clash.
Equinox and his team had a relatively easy time with the sixth-seeded European team at the Western Clash, defeating them handily with very few hiccups. Sadly, Equinox was one of those hiccups as he managed to accrue half of his team's deaths for the entire series. The first big blunder was on Sky Temple in Game 1 while he was playing E.T.C. Just 20 seconds into the start of the match, a very poorly coordinated Power Slide left him out of position and unable to do anything while Infamous annihilated him for no gain at all on GFE's side. Game 2 was similarly filled with more blunders, despite his team being so far ahead in levels, talents, and experience. At the 11-minute mark, for literally no good reason, Equinox allows himself to get trounced by the entire enemy team, once again for no gain at all. Fortunately for him, the rest of his team was able to win a lopsided teamfight and kill off the Varian and Kharazim, which then led to the Immortal Punisher being summoned for Gale Force, which would ultimately prove to be the final nail in the coffin for Infamous.
Excellent flexibility
February 28, 2017
Equinox was all over the place in a 3-0 victory over No Tomorrow during the 2017 HGC group stage.
Equinox started out in a crazy Abathur comp with Johanna, the sole tank for his team. The Abathur empowerment went a long way for Equinox, who transformed from a bland low damage tank to a fairly decent threat. Throughout the match, on Sky Temple, Equinox would soak empty lanes and cover for his stealthy teammate Fan on Zeratul who would ambush someone with an Abathur buff on his head. Game 2 saw Equinox on a melee assassin, Thrall. This time he was solo laning for his team on Braxis Holdout and squaring off against a better equipped Ragnaros. Despite being outgunned he played a flawless game with only one death to three kills and 13 assists. In Game 3, he was back to tanking again, but on E.T.C. this time. His stuns were superb, so good in fact that his team amassed 26 kills in just 22 minutes, averaging a kill every 50 seconds.
Walked all over the competition
January 24, 2017
Equinox, using the hero Tracer, blinked all over Team Naventic in the 3-0 victory at the North America HGC Phase 1.
Equinox totally dominated with the hero Tracer in Game 1 on the map Battlefield of Eternity. Right away at the four minute mark Team Naventic was severely out of position and Equinox was able to take complete advantage of the situation, netting five kills for his team. The numbers don't lie with Equinox scoring 11 kills and doing over 51,000 damage, the highest in the game. Game 2 Equinox was playing the hero Thrall as the solo lane choice for the map Braxus Holdout. At the 11-minute mark, Equinox positioned himself to split E.T.C from the rest of Naventic with a beautiful Earthquake. This play would set his team up to crush Naventic in a very one-sided fight. Game 3 had Equinox on the hero Dehaka as part of a four-man global draft. Opting for Adaptation at level 10, Equinox was able to make super aggressive plays Brush Stalking deep into Naventic's backline.
Right at home with Gale Force eSports
November 25, 2016
Equinox played a strong set in the 2-0 victory against Chu8 My Hotdoges at the 2016 HGC North America Qualifiers.
Equinox completely dominated in Game 1 on the hero E.T.C. Within the first minute of the game Equinox was able to spot out Zeratul and set his team up for first blood with a well-aimed Powerslide. At the six-minute mark, Equinox used his Stage Dive heroic to cut off Chu8 My Hotdoge's retreat, allowing Fan to pick up a kill on Chu8 and curse point. In Game 2 on Braxus Holdout, Equinox was on the hero Zarya as the integral part of a sustain composition. Paired with Tassadar and Aurie,l we saw Zarya shine. Many times throughout the match it looked as if Equinox would fall, but due to the impressive sustain composition drafted by Gale Force eSports, he always managed to make it out alive, successfully solo tanking an absurd amount of damage on the hero Zarya.
Free Agent
Equinox heading to Gale Force eSports
October 21, 2016
Equinox is now a part of Gale Force eSports according to Josh Bury of theScore eSports.
Jon "Equinox" Peterson has officially joined the Gale Force eSports ranks after bkid's departure last week. While Equinox was mainly a melee assassin player for Astral Authority prior to them dropping their entire roster last month, he will be filling the Main Tank role. This is uncharted territory for Equinox, but GFE Team Captain Michael Udall has stated that he looks forward to having a teammate with this level of aggression, and that this is precisely the playstyle that GFE is looking for out of their Main Tank player.
Dropped by Astral Authority
September 28, 2016
Astral Authority has parted ways with Equinox amid a full roster drop, according to Josh Bury of theScore esports.
Equinox will no longer be playing under the Astral Authority banner, as the organization has decided to part ways with their Heroes of the Storm team for the time being, stating that they will continue to maintain a presence in Heroes esports and recommend following them for future updates regarding what that future will entail. Equinox primarily played ranged and melee assassins for the organization and plans to continue playing in that role with his old team members under a currently undecided banner.