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Free Agent
Free Agent
Kicked off of Spacestation Gaming
November 29, 2017
TigerJK has been removed from the Spacestation Gaming roster, according to his official Twitter page.
TigerJK finally got the boot he deserved after months and months of subpar play and off-the-screen behavior issues that caused drama for an already struggling team. TigerJK was the main support for Spacestation Gaming and easily the worst player for the team. It is currently presumed that he will be in free agency as a support player; however, he has played warriors in the past. It is not likely that any HGC-ready team would be willing to deal with TigerJK's bad attitude and worse mechanics.
Still struggles
November 1, 2017
TigerJK had some good moments in a 3-1 victory over Superstars during the 2017 HGC Playoffs Quarterfinals.
TigerJK opted for an Uther pick in Game 1 on Battlefield of Eternity. This pick worked well with Casanova on Diablo but could have proven to be a disaster had Superstars played their cards correctly and dragged out the fights longer. TigerJK should have picked a better sustain support so that Superstars would have played to their strengths rather than weaknesses. Game 3 saw TigerJK on Lucio in a double-support comp that just did not work out for Spacestation Gaming. His positioning was poor and having two supports that were short range/melee made them very easy targets for Stitches hooks all throughout the game. TigerJK has vastly improved over the last year, but still has a long ways to go before he is recognized as one of the best supports in the game.
Unremarkable in upset victory
September 25, 2017
TigerJK had an average game in a 3-0 victory over Gale Force eSports during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
TigerJK opted for a Lt. Morales pick on Braxis Holdout in Game 2 of the best-of-five series against Gale Force eSports. The pick itself was actually very strong, and a solid choice for the map. How TigerJK played it, however, left much to be desired. His first issue was how little damage he was doing. His team was running a two support comp in the bottom lane, and yet he was not taking advantage of that and mechanically getting in extra auto attacks when he could have. Over the course of the game, this added up and he ended the match with only 8,700 damage. Quite low even for a Lt. Morales player. In addition to his poor damage, his healing was far less than it should have been for the hero he chose. While TigerJK did score a solid 2/0/8 KDA, his play throughout the match could have been much better.
Picked up out of free agency
August 31, 2017
TigerJK has been signed by SpaceStation Gaming, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
TigerJK, formerly the support hero for No Tomorrow, was quite possibly the worst player on his old roster. SpaceStation Gaming is taking a big risk by sponsoring him in their first ever venture into professional eSports. One theory as to why TigerJK was signed is an overall lack of talent in the North American scene for support players. Another thought is that TigerJK has played with all of the newly acquired players in the past and would not need additional time to develop team chemistry. To his credit, TigerJK has managed some decent games of late and is showing that he's capable of improving. That said, can he improve with SpaceStation Gaming? Is it worth the risk? Only time will tell.
No longer with No Tomorrow
August 28, 2017
TigerJK is no longer a part of No Tomorrow, according to the official Blizzard team roster website.
TigerJK has been released from No Tomorrow following a long history of abysmal performance, with a sprinkle of intelligent play mixed in as well. TigerJK, long believed to be the weak link in an otherwise decent team has finally lost his roster spot as No Tomorrow's Support player. While he has admittedly shown some glimmer of hope recently, the majority of games No Tomorrow have dropped can typically be identified as going south as soon as TigerJK started playing poorly. Should TigerJK pursue free agency and search for another team, there is still hope for him within the HGC as many teams do not have a support player. Maining the least popular role has certainly worked out for TigerJK in the past, maybe his luck will continue.
Awful Support
July 31, 2017
TigerJK was terrible in a 3-1 victory over Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
TigerJK opted for an Auriel pick in Game 1, which would end up being his best game of the night by far. Playing on Infernal Shrines, Auriel was actually a solid hero choice. The only issue of course was that his mechanics were terrible and his heals were off, always missing one warrior or another and not making good use of the area of effect healing. TigerJK did so poorly that not only did he give up nine team deaths due to poor healing, but he was outhealed by the recently nerfed Uther, which should never happen with an Auriel. Game 3 was probably the worst match of the night for TigerJK. Playing on Rehgar on Battlefield of Eternity, TigerJK went on to feed four times throughout the match and assist his team in giving up a total of 18 deaths, the most of the night. TigerJK had weak heals, poor mechanics, and even worse decision making. More play like this could likely result in TigerJK being a free agent.
Shows some improvement
December 31, 2016
TigerJK is turning out to be a one trick pony on the hero Malfurion in the 3-1 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the second 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
TigerJk did a surprisingly good job on Malfurion in Games 1,2 and 4. Often landing multi-man Twilight Dreams it would appear that not only was is he improving on the hero that it might be the only hero he can reliably play. Game 2's highlight was when TigerJK was able to land a great Entangling Root into Twilight Dream on the enemy Falstad allowing his team to successfully end the game. Game 4 TigerJK was doing a good job at patiently waiting for Erho to stun before following up with his Entangling Root. This patience allowed Erho to make some great plays that ultimately lead up to the enemy Zarya dying a total of five times in under six minutes. TigerJK's best play was arguably when he was able to silence the enemy Zeratul before he was able to blink away, allowing his team to pick up yet another easy kill.
While skill shots appeared difficult, TigerJK could press R for victory
November 29, 2016
TigerJK struggled to land any skill shots with or without the assistance of his team in the 2-0 victory against Dumpster Tier Superstars at the 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
TigerJK played Auriel in Game 1 on the map Braxus Holdout. While he struggled to land any Detainment Strikes throughout the match, he did do a good job at saving his tanks with Crystal Aegis. Having no notable plays, TigerJK merely did what was expected of a healer at the very lowest level: heal and save allies. If he could figure out how to use his Detainment Strike properly, perhaps he could help set up a few kills too. Game 2 TigerJk was playing Malfurion on the map Sky Temple. TigerJK was able to get some good value out of Twilight Dream this game, often punishing the enemy Zeratul for staying too long. Opting for Mule at level seven, TigerJK did a good job at keeping that little guy busy healing structures throughout the entire game allowing No Tomorrow a slight advantage in structural sustain.
Poor positioning in loss
October 9, 2016
TigerJK had few good plays in the 1-2 loss to Imported Support at the 2016 North America Nexus Games Qualifier.
TigerJK on Reghar in Game 1, let ally Muradin die at the 11-minute mark because he was holding his ultimate ancestral healing until it was too late. He made up for his blunder at the 14-minute mark by using a beautiful cleanse on Muradin to prevent Brightwing's Emerald Wind from displacing him, allowing his team to secure an easy kill. TigerJK was on his favorite healer Uther for Game 2 on Sky Temple. This game was a particularly disastrous showing on his behalf. Aggressively out of position, TigerJK was punished by E.T.C and Tyrande just one minute in, getting killed for first blood. His last major misplay was at the 13 minute mark. Slow to retreat from a failed attempt at invading the Boss Camp, TigerJK was picked off, forcing his team to fight for their Core's life in a desperate 4-vs-5. TigerJk's Game 3 on Battlefield of Eternity was disastrous. While he did have one good play at 11 minutes, using Lt. Morales' grenade to secure a kill on Tyrael, TigerJK's overall performance was rather dismal. This was partly due to an exceptionally bad draft on behalf of Level Up and partly due to the fact that TigerJK struggled immensely to be in the right position. Poor use of his ultimate, Medivac, coupled with his ability to walk into Immortal stuns, threw whatever ground Level Up hoped to gain in Game 3.
Needs to work on mechanics
July 29, 2016
TigerJK showed some poor gameplay against Savage Gaming as TNC defeated them 2-0 during the North American Fall Regional Qualifier.
TigerJK started Game 1 with an Uther pick, as he recently switched to the support role in order to play for TNC in the last qualifier for the Fall Regional next month. While his team was clearly the better of the two, TigerJK was a clear liability, as his shaky gameplay provided for some unnecessary close calls early on that could have allowed Savage Gaming an unnecessary lead. In Game 2, TigerJK switched to Kharazim. Kharazim is another melee support and was not the best choice against both Xul and Tychus. Thankfully, this oversight was completely made up for by the superior gameplay of the newly acquired Goku on Sylvanas, who dominated all aspects of the match and gave TNC a decisive 2-0 victory.
TigerJK: Dropped from Tempo Storm
June 28, 2016
TigerJK has been dropped from Tempo Storm according to their team website.
TigerJK was the newest member to the Tempo Storm roster and quite likely the reason they did not perform well in their last NA qualifier. This was his first shot at playing for a major professional HotS team and will likely be his last, as his poor performance definitely played a big factor in the executive decision to drop the entire roster. If you are a TigerJK fan, don't hold your breath on seeing him in the professional scene any time soon.