Ivan Koturic 
United Kingdom
Playing Ducks
Joins Team Liquid
November 29, 2017
Sportbilly has joined Team Liquid, according to the official Team Liquid twitter page.
Sportbilly has been signed by Team Liquid after a short stint as a free agent. With Team Liquid backing him, Sportbilly may be able to fully finish the transformation he began under the Playing Ducks banner from an assassin main to a support player. Due to the massive overhaul of the support system, most support mains will likely be starting from scratch, so this is a great time to transition him into a support role and potentially utilize him as a major wildcard/flex player for the team. Sportbilly has had some flashes of brilliance in the past, but overall his inconsistency is what always drives teams away from renewing his contracts.
Leaves Diamond Skin
November 27, 2017
Sportbilly has left Diamond Skin according to his own official Twitter page.
Sportbilly has opted out of the rest of his contract with Diamond Skin prior to the start of the next HGC season. As of now, there is no telling whether or not Sportbilly would consider signing on with another team for Phase 1 of the HGC, or if he will decide to retire. Sportbilly is best known for his stint on Team liquid as their main warrior player, as well as his Tyrael play. Sportbilly was never an extraordinary player, however, his role experience as a warrior might be enough to get him signed to another professional team should he play his cards right and find himself the right opportunity.
Role swapping appears to be too much for Billy
June 29, 2017
SportBilly went from healer to assassin to tank in the 3-2 victory against TRICKED eSport at the HGC Europe Phase 2.
SportBilly did an excellent job on Genji in Game 3 on the map Dragon Shire. Whereas his two previous games showcased some fairly bad positioning and mechanics, Game 3 bore witness to a completely different SportBilly. Using Genji's Dragon Blade to great effect, SportBilly was able to finish off multiple targets for his team. This was largely due to Cris on Cassia opening the opportunity for him, and partially due to SportBilly's ability to see it. Game 4 had SportBilly on D.Va opting for Bunny Hop at level 10. At the 11-minute mark SportBilly had a huge misplay. Getting baited by the enemy Genji, SportBilly chased the low-health hero away from his team, letting his allies due to an uncontrolled Greymane. With SportBilly primarily tasked with controlling TRICKED's damage output with Defense Matrix, he sorely let his team down.
The mightiest of Gusts
April 30, 2017
Sportbilly's best success was in the assassin department, especially in the 3-1 series against TRICKED eSport in the Europe HGC Phase 2.
Sportbilly was killing it in the early stages of Game 1 on the map Towers of Doom. Playing the hero Zeratul, he was able to assist ChriZ on Muradin in picking up three kills in under two minutes. Game 4 was Sportbilly's time to shine on the hero Falstad. Right off the bat, at the two-minute mark, Sportbilly flew from the top lane of Braxus Holdout to the bottom lane for a 5-vs-4 engage. While the Ducks were only able to pick up one kill, it was the starting point of something bigger. Having gained some confidence, Sportbilly flew in for an aggressive Gust at the eight-minute mark, pushing four members of TRICKED right into WolfJoe who immediately destroyed them with a Twilight Dream. This play alone would secure Game 4 and the series for Playing Ducks.
Joins Playing Ducks
January 29, 2017
Sportbilly has been signed by Playing Ducks, reports Lydia Mitrevski of GosuGamers.
Sportbilly was playing ranged assassins for Diamond Skin after a player injury required him to swap positions. With more stability on the team, he can now go back to playing Warriors, his true calling. Sportbilly had a limited role on Team Liquid before they dropped their roster late last year. After qualifying for the 2017 HGC, Sportbilly should have another shot at proving himself on the big stage.
Joins Diamond Skin
January 19, 2017
Sportbilly has been acquired by Diamond Skin, according to the official Blizzard eSports page.
Sportbilly has been called to action by Diamond Skin due to some severe health issues of former ranged assassin mTwRaiDbawZ. Sportbilly will be filling the ranged assassin role, rather than making further player swaps to accommodate Sportbilly, who has been playing warriors of late. Sportbilly was last on a professional HotS team over a month ago, prior to Team Liquid disbanding their entire roster and moving away from Heroes. Sportbilly has been a free agent ever since. It is unknown whether or not Sportbilly will again be swapped out, should mTwRaiDbawZ's health conditions improve.
Released from Team Liquid roster
December 17, 2016
Team Liquid has disbanded their roster reports Preston Dozsa of theScore esports.
Sportbilly was only a part of Team Liquid for six months, joining to fill for Lowell who was released from the team. This was the second time he was a part of Team Liquid and his skill has never been in question. With that being said, his dedication and attitude have always held him back and should he choose to pursue other opportunities, this is something teams will be wary of. One thing Sportbilly has going for him though is his ability to fill all roles. His role for Team Liquid was very flexible and he can do whatever the team needs to win.
Sportbilly: Joins Team Liquid to fill out flex position
June 22, 2016
Sportbilly has been signed by Team Liquid to fill the flex role according to Josh Bury of theScore.
Sportbilly has been involved in the Heroes of the Storm eSports scene since late last year, but has never had the opportunity to shine on any of Europe's premier teams. He will be filling the flex position for Team Liquid, and to accommodate this, current flex player Shad will be moving to melee assassin. Sportbilly is taking the spot previously held by Lowell.