Rainer Wob 
Playing Ducks
Makes plays despite poor decision making
June 29, 2017
nande is not a top performer yet he appears to mesh well with his teamates in the 3-2 victory against TRICKED eSport at the HGC Europe Phase 2.
The series started off rather rough for nande as he struggled to keep his opponents locked down long enough for his assassin players to net any kills. Game 3 was a different story with nande playing Anub'arak at a very high level. In the first three minutes of the game nande was able to use his Burrow Charge to catch stitches out of position for not only a first blood, but second blood as well. Despite using the hero's base kit quite well, there seemed to be some confusion when it came to using his heroic Cocoon. Game 4 had Nande back on Anub'arak still using his Cocoon for trivial events like stealing a camp from the opposing team. It's moments like this where you really have to question if a small mercenary camp is worth the 60-second cooldown. In the end nande came through for his team, using his Burrow Charge to pick off a Reghar right before his team began to siege the enemy core.
Good mechanics, mediocre awareness
April 30, 2017
Nande was a solid player in the 3-1 win against TRICKED eSport in the Europe HGC Phase 2.
Nande made some great plays on Abathur in Game 1, often using his Symbiote to empower Muradin in teamfights, greatly increasing the dwarves stature. Unfortunately, Nande was caught out by the enemy Falstad, giving up what little advantage his team had built up. Opting for a full auto attack build Sonya in Game 2, Nande brought very little to teamfights until level 20, when the character has enough self-sustain through hardened shield to stay on her targets. What the auto attack build does do well is burn down static structures, and Nande did just this on the enemies core at the 22-minute mark. Game 4 had Nande on Dehaka for the map Braxus holdout. While Dehaka is considered one of the strongest picks for this map, Ducks were also able to pick up Falstad. With both of the best global heroes in the game, Ducks were able to put both of them in top lane, absolutely dominating TRICKED's solo laner AlexTheProG. This strategy also allowed Ducks to respond immediately after killing the solo lane, rotating both globals to the bottom lane for a 5-vs-4 teamfight.
Signed by Playing Ducks
January 29, 2017
nande has been signed by Playing Ducks, according to Lydia Mitrevski of GosuGamers.
nande the Austrian Heroes of the Storm player has been signed by Playing Ducks after a remarkable performance during the 2017 HGC qualifiers out of Europe. nande is new to the Heroes professional scene although he isn't new to the game as he's been playing for over two years now. nande rotates between all roles and is a true flex player. He will likely be seen on melee assassins and specialists.