Dane Coleman 
Team Freedom
Nearly unkillable
July 20, 2017
daneski was on fire in a 3-0 rout of Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage Phase 2.
daneski was practically unkillable in his 3-0 victory over Team Naventic to start out Phase 2 of HGC's Group Stage. In Game 1 daneski went with Lunara and posted a 2/0/7 KDA with a quick and strong 12-minute victory on Towers of Doom. While daneski was second to Kure in damage output, he more than made up for it with his expert positioning and reliability in game, opting for a safer but stronger playstyle than he is sometimes known for. Game 2 saw daneski on Greymane. The map was Dragon Shire, and daneski came out ready for action, scoring a kill on the enemy Rehgar just before the three-minute mark. This game daneski posted a respectable 2/1/7 KDA and had some outstanding siege damage at 120,000. In Game 3 on Infernal Shrines, daneski went with a risky Tassadar pick in a solo assassin team comp. Thankfully, that solo assassin was his teammate Kure, who had a big game himself. daneski ended the match with a 0/1/10 KDA on the pseudo support.
Precise marksman
June 30, 2017
daneski was meticulous in a 3-0 victory over Even in Death during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
In Game 1 daneski went with his pocket pick Li-Ming on Towers of Doom. His long-range poke and stalling ability proved too much for Even in Death to handle as daneski built up 100,000 damage and had a 5/2/10 KDA. In Game 2 daneski opted for a Lunara pick on Tomb of the Spider Queen and was very precise about when and who he poked down with his damage-over-time auto attacks while pushing hard in the laning phase and keeping pace with the enemy Kael'thas' insane wave clear. Just after the two-minute mark daneski made a small mistake, costing him a death; however, he was quick to recover, and by the 15-minute mark he had amassed seven kills for his team as well as two won objectives. daneski has been consistently showing excellent play in all of his matches throughout both Phases of the HGC. He is definitely a player on the rise.
Unstoppable Nazeebo
May 22, 2017
daneski was on his game in a 3-1 upset win over B-Step during the 2017 HGC Western Playoffs.
Game 1 saw daneski on Nazeebo, a heavy comfort pick while playing the map Dragon Shire. This was daneski's weakest performance of the night as his team could not keep up with the B-Step rotations. daneski ended the match with a 0/0/3 KDA, the worst on his team. In Game 2 the map was Cursed Hollow. On this map daneski opted for another Nazeebo pick. This time he performed much better as he was able to safely farm his level 20 Big Bad Voodoo talent which virtually doubled his damage against enemy heroes. He ended the match with a 2/1/6 KDA. In Game 3 daneski opted for a Li-Ming pick on Sky Temple. daneski showcased his excellent mechanics amid a very strong 4/1/2 KDA performance. Finally, in Game 5 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, daneski went with another Nazeebo pick. This was easily his strongest match of the series as he amassed over 100,000 Hero Damage and topped all statistical metrics, as well as posted a perfect 1/0/4 KDA for a total KDA of 7/2/15.
Excels with Greymane
May 16, 2017
daneski had a strong showing against No Tomorrow with a 3-1 victory during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
daneski had a rough start in Game 1 on Falstad on the map Towers of Doom. The reason daneski chose Falstad was for his late game potential and strong poke, however, No Tomorrow was able to get an early lead by rotating hard on daneski and his teammate zugrug, scoring early kills that put them in a position of power that Team Freedom could not overcome. Game 2 was much better for daneski as he chose one of his pocket pick heroes in Nazeebo on Tomb of the Spider Queen, his best map. In addition to playing on his best map, he got extra value from his Nazeebo pick due to No Tomorrow drafting both Johanna and Cassia, two heroes that thrive against auto attack heroes, but at the cost of being susceptible to mages like Nazeebo. The best match of the night for daneski was arguable Game 3 on Cursed Hollow. In this match he went with Greymane and racked up a 3/0/6 KDA with top damage. daneski was so dominant in this match that he was able to lead his team into an early 16-minute victory.
Solid on all heroes
April 29, 2017
daneski's play was outstanding in a 3-0 sweep of Team Naventic during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
daneski played Zarya in both Games 1 and 2 of the best-of-five series against Team Naventic. In Game 1 on Towers of Doom, daneski utilized Zarya's shields in such a way that the enemy Nazeebo could not whittle down daneski's team with his endless spiders, as well as protection for his teammates that were caught off guard and out of position. In Game 2 on Cursed Hollow, daneski used his shields in a similar fashion, except this time it was to primarily counter the heavy burst damage of Li-Ming's Arcane Orbs as well as Leoric's Drain Life. The utility that daneski provided in tandem with his damage output and great zoning skills allowed him to be a top performer in both of these matches. Time and time again daneski has proven that he is the glue that holds Team Freedom together, and a big reason why these five relatively unknown players have done so well for themselves within the HGC.
Superb mechanics
April 28, 2017
daneski had a good series in a 3-1 close victory over B-Step during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
daneski opted for a Greymane pick in Game 1 of the best-of-five series. While he made some mechanically beautiful plays, he was unable to find momentum and really benefit from the kills he was securing. In Game 2 daneski went for Gul'Dan on Infernal Shrines. His hero choice was partially countered by k1pro on Anub'Arak but daneski managed to make it work and traded off wave-clear/split-push duties with his teammate Insomnia on Ragnaros. By the end of the match daneski put out a staggering 191,000 siege damage as well as 54,000 Hero Damage. Game 4 was another great match for daneski as he chose Anub'Arak in a triple-frontline dive comp. The extra beef allowed his team to bully B-Step during teamfights and hard engage whenever an opening presented itself without fear of getting nuked down. The strategy was a great one and Team Freedom secured a very hard-fought 3-1 victory.
Top tier Artanis play
February 26, 2017
Daneski is starting to make a name for himself as a mechanically skilled player in the North America Scene. Despite this, his team still lost 0-3 to Team 8 in the HGC Phase 1.
Daneski played a brilliant Artanis in Game 1 on the map Battlefield of Eternity. Using his Warp Prism to swap Zugrug's Taunted target at the 13-minute mark made for an epic attempt at blowing up the enemy Arthas. Unfortunately, the damage just wasn't there and with so many heroics spent Team Freedom would end up losing what should have been a sure thing. Daneski spent most of Game 2 solo laning against the enemy Ragnaros, often trading pretty evenly with the enemy hero. While he was able to hold the point on Braxis Holdout for the majority of the early game, Team 8's crisp rotations would throw him off balance forcing him to either Hearth or give up valuable Zerg Wave percentage. The remainder of the game Daneski had a hard time getting to the enemy Morales to apply the needed pressure to finish her off.
Fantastic in epic loss
January 31, 2017
daneski tried his best to carry his team in a 2-3 defeat at the hands of Tempo Storm during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
daneski did a bang-up job of holding his team together despite facing the team who ended the 2016 year atop the North American food chain. In Game 1 he played Artanis, and his mechanics and positioning shouldered the weight of his team and carried them to a huge victory in only nine minutes. This was great momentum for a team everyone expected to come out the gate and lose 3-0. Game 2 saw daneski on Tassadar, and after a hard-fought, 27-minute game, his team barely fell to psalm's insane damage output on Thrall. Game 3 saw daneski on Tassadar again, and despite some phenomenal play he was unable to carry his team on the low-damage support-class hero. In Game 4, with daneski back on an assassin in Tychus, he was able to carry his team with a perfect KDA and top damage to tie the series 2-2. In Game 5 with everything on the line, daneski went for Artanis again, but this time his team did not have the CC needed to win, losing to Tempo Storm 2-3 during the 2017 HGC Group Stage.
Plays the part of the Flex King
January 30, 2017
daneski had an insane series against Gale Force eSports, winning 3-2 during the 2017 HGC group stage.
daneski started off with a Tychus pick in Game 1 and played a strong game, despite losing. He ended the match with a 2-7-1 KDA and overall had the best performance of his team. Game 2 saw daneski on Artanis, a freshly revamped hero designed solely for securing high priority backline picks for his team. This hero design and daneski's excellent play allowed for Team Freedom to tie the series 1:1 in just a 15-minute game. Game 3 saw daneski on yet another hero, Li-Ming. Despite his best efforts and having the highest KDA on the team, daneski was not able to carry his team through this one and lost once again. In Game 4, daneski played his fourth different hero of the series in Dehaka and absolutely killed it, soaking all over the map and keeping pace with GFE's vikings. This gave Team Freedom what they needed to bring the best-of-five series to the final match. In Game 5, daneski swapped back to his original hero pick, Tychus and secured his team an important victory with a 100 percent kill participation rate.
Some inexperience but overall strong performance
December 31, 2016
daneski played an intense 3-1 series against Vox Nihili at the second 2016 North America HGC Qualifiers.
daneski started off a little weak, missing a lot of his skill shots in Game 1 playing Li-Ming on the map Sky Temple. If it wasn't due to his teams ability to play their Globals perfectly in the final moments of the game, Daneski would have surely lost. Game 2 had Daneski on the hero Tassadar. While Daneski showed good mechanical skill he also showed inexperience on the hero Tassadar using his forcewall at the 12 minute mark to try to deny Brightwing from Phase Shifting to his team. Again at the 18 minute mark he unfortunately used his shield on Valla instead of Malfurion, letting Malfurion fall for no reason. Game 4 had Daneski on the hero Slyvanas due to her strength on the map Tomb of the Spider Queen. Landing a great Silencing Arrow at the 29 minute mark onto the enemy Zarya would allow his team to pick up the kill that would finally let Grandmaster Jackets to end the series. If that play wasn't impressive enough Daneski managed to do over 331,000 siege damage in the 31 minute game.
Picked up by Team Freedom
December 21, 2016
daneski has been signed by Team Freedom, according to Lydia Mitrevski of gosugamers.net
daneski is rather new to the Heroes of the Storm professional scene, but not new to MOBAs as an ex-Challenger League of Legends player. daneski has always preferred to play ranged assassins and will continue this going forward as the team's dedicated carry player. Team Freedom has signed daneski for the 2017 HCG season that starts in January. It is unknown if daneski will continue with the team after his contract expires.