Chi Zhang 
Free Agent
Ooz hits free agency
August 30, 2017
Chi "Ooz" Zhang has found himself once again in the free agency pools as eStar completely dissolved their Heroes of the Storm roster. Ooz, the main tank player for eStar and easily their best overall player, will have no trouble finding a place on another team should he choose to go that route instead of hitting an early retirement. Recruited back in early March, Ooz has been an all star for his team. While his teams results have been lacking, especially recently, Ooz has always displayed very sharp game sense and macro management. Ooz would be a welcome addition to any team looking for a strong solo tank or even a competent flex player, as Ooz has demonstrated in the past that he can fill other roles as well; however, it would be wasted talent to have him anywhere but inside of a tanking position.
Great split pressure
July 25, 2017
Ooz did an excellent job at making heads up plays in the round robin loss to CE in the HGC Phase 2.
Ooz had a great rotation on Dehaka at the two-minute mark. Utilizing his level one talent Enhanced Agility, Ooz was able to swoop in and pick up a great Drag on the enemy Greymane. This would secure the first temple phase in favor of eStar in the Game 1 Sky Temple match. The reason for this level one talent choice is its ability to make Dehaka incredibly fast as long as there are bushes for him to move through. On maps like Sky Temple, Ooz was able to utilize the insane amount of bushes in the bottom and middle lane to swiftly rotate for an easy double soak. Apart from Ooz doing an incredible job applying split pressure to CE, he brought very little value to the teamfights after the 10-minute mark. Never getting his Isolation off on the enemy Reghar, eStar fell victim to the CE's Bloodlust composition.