Jinlong Qu 
Free Agent
Retires from HotS
August 30, 2017
Soap has entered into early retirement after a brief six-month stint on the professional HotS eSports team, eStar. Soap started his professional career with the eSports giant in February of 2017. Being signed on as a warrior player, his partner in crime was a player known as Ooz who would grow to become the star of the show with regards to making flashy plays and carrying the team. Soap improved a lot under the tutelage of his new teammate, but ultimately was unable to make the cut for a professional HotS player. While he had some great moments, for every outstanding play there was another play that left many viewers' faces deeply embedded into their palms. Soap has stated that he would like to pursue other professional eSports games as his career steers away from HotS.
Overlapped heroics
July 25, 2017
Soap showed good mechanics despite overlapping some key heroics in the round robin loss to CE at the HGC Phase 2.
Soap started the Game 1 Sky Temple map off with style, Dwarf Tossing into the enemy Greymane for a quick kill just a minute in. While soap had great accuracy on Muradin's Storm Bolts, it wasn't enough to save him from dying to the enemy Greymane's cursed bullets past level 10. Soap's biggest misplay came at the 13-minute mark, when he used his Stone Form heroic shortly after Divine Palm was placed on him. This ultimately negated Kharazim's heroic and lost the team fight.