Jinlong Qu 
Super Perfect Team
Led team in ganks
December 18, 2017
Soap did a great job in both Games 1 and 2 when it came to capitalizing on out of position enemies in the 1-1 against Fnatic in the Gold Cup World Championship.
Game 1 had Soap playing E.T.C on the map Cursed Hollow. With Fnatic over-extending in the bottom lane, Soap made a quick rotation from the middle lane. With Fnatic failing to respond to his disappearance, Soap was able to walk in and pick up a kill on the enemy Brightwing at the five-minute mark. Game 2 had Soap on Sonya, using her spin to win to capture the majority of the objectives on Infernal Shrines. At the seven minute mark, MIsaka was able to use E.T.C's Stage Dive to land directly on top of the enemies back-line. Noticing this Soap quickly moved in, aggressively killing three members from Fnatic.
Finding his stride
November 16, 2017
Soap has really made a positive impact on his team, which was visibly apparent in the 2-0 victory against Soul Torturers in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had Soap playing Dehaka on the map Towers of Doom. While Dehaka is currently one of the strongest heroes on this map, it initially appeared that Soap let it get to his head, attempting to take a 2-vs-3 at the two-minute mark. When Soap realized that it was not possible to steal the top Sappers camp he attempted to flee, but was ultimately killed on his way out the door. At the 10-minute mark, Soap had a great flank through a bush near the Middle Altar, landing his Isolation perfectly onto the enemy Brightwing. As soon as Soap made his move, his team should have been able to engage under Bloodlust without having to worry about Emerald Wind. Unfortunately, there was a series of misplays, and SPT was not able to pick up a single kill. When all was said and done, Soap did a great job at playing his Global, using it to constantly apply pressure on the large map. Game 2 had Soap on the hero Ragnaros as SPT's primary objective defense on the map Tomb of the Spider Queen. Using his trait Molten Core, Soap was able to prevent Soul Torturers from taking a single fort until very late into the game.
Retired is now a meme
September 26, 2017
Like pretty much every pro HotS player, being Retired means literally nothing in the face of the next pay check or opportunity, with Soap returning for a 1-1 against KT in the HGC China Phase 2.
Whether or not Soaps return was due to his failure to go pro in any other esport, or just a longing for the 40-kill Chinese HotS match, we welcome him back to the blood bowl we now know as the HGC China. Game 1 had Soap on Sonya attempting to take a two verse one at the five-minute mark over the top Battlefield of Eternity Khazra camp. Getting taken down to roughly 20 percent health, Soap was able to stall out long enough for three of his allies to rotate from the bottom lane. Due to this tenacious play, Soap would secure the camp, a kill against the enemy, and a solid experience lead for his team. Soaps best play was at the 13-minute mark when he was able to turn a desperate escape into a flawless victory. With less than 30 percent of his health pool available, Soap made the call to turn and fight, utilizing zZH's Divine Shield to pressure KT into a full retreat.
Retires from HotS
August 30, 2017
Soap has entered into early retirement after a brief six-month stint on the professional HotS eSports team, eStar. Soap started his professional career with the eSports giant in February of 2017. Being signed on as a warrior player, his partner in crime was a player known as Ooz who would grow to become the star of the show with regards to making flashy plays and carrying the team. Soap improved a lot under the tutelage of his new teammate, but ultimately was unable to make the cut for a professional HotS player. While he had some great moments, for every outstanding play there was another play that left many viewers' faces deeply embedded into their palms. Soap has stated that he would like to pursue other professional eSports games as his career steers away from HotS.
Overlapped heroics
July 25, 2017
Soap showed good mechanics despite overlapping some key heroics in the round robin loss to CE at the HGC Phase 2.
Soap started the Game 1 Sky Temple map off with style, Dwarf Tossing into the enemy Greymane for a quick kill just a minute in. While soap had great accuracy on Muradin's Storm Bolts, it wasn't enough to save him from dying to the enemy Greymane's cursed bullets past level 10. Soap's biggest misplay came at the 13-minute mark, when he used his Stone Form heroic shortly after Divine Palm was placed on him. This ultimately negated Kharazim's heroic and lost the team fight.