Junfeng Gu 
Impressive Sanctifications
August 31, 2017
Wind made Sanctifications look good again in the 1-1 against Beyond the Game in the HGC China Phase 2.
Wind's positional awareness on Tyrael in Game 1 was very impressive to watch, as he was always maneuvering in and out of every single engage, Wind was able to not only apply pressure with his Smite, but also tank the majority of the enemies' poke damage as well. At the 13-minute mark Wind was forced to use his Sanctification early as Paradise took far too much damage due to a severe case of overextending. While that teamfight failed and CE lost almost all their momentum, it did not dull Wind's reactions speeds nor his ability to make split-second decisions. At the 19-minute mark Wind had one of the best Sanctifications of this HGC China season, protecting four members from a large portion of Beyond The Games' burst damage. This play was the deciding factor in CE's Game 1 victory.
Shutting down the oposition
July 25, 2017
Wind played a good Anub'arak in the round robin victory against eStar in the HGC Phase 2.
Wind did a good job in Game 1 on the hero Anub'arak. His single purpose this game was to Cocoon the enemy Tychus. The reason for this is because Tychus' has one of the fastest attack speeds in the game. With nearly three attacks per second, Tychus is one of the best heroes when it comes to breaking Anub'araks Cocoon (as it only takes 8 auto attacks to break). With Tcyhus being repeatedly stuck in the ball of web for roughly eight seconds, every single fight was became incredibly one-sided. When Wind wasn't busy shutting down half of eStars damage output, he did a great job landing multi-man Burrow Charges. At the 14-minute mark, Wind stunned two members from eStar consecutively, setting up his team for a Boss mercenary win condition.