Jing Yang 
The burst is real
July 31, 2017
loktar knew how to pick up a quick kill in the 1-1 round robin match against Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
loktar had a great Game 1 performance on the hero Greymane. Within the first five minutes of the game, loktar picked up three kills against the enemy Gul'dan. While Wang waited out of sight on the hero Anub'arak, loktar baited the enemy Gul'dan into an aggressive position, immediately pouncing on him for a quick kill. For the remainder of the teamfights, loktar was the first in using his Cursed Bullet and massive splash damage to soften up Super Perfect Team. This allowed Infinity on Genji to come and clean up the fight. While this did result in multiple deaths, it was loktar's sacrifice that opened up the early win condition. Game 2's loss was the result of loktar getting hard countered. With SPT running a Medivh, loktar struggled to get his burst damage out in every single teamfight. This single drafting error ended up costing RPG Game 2.