Rouran Xu 
Unkillable in split
July 31, 2017
wang could not be stopped in the 1-1 round robin match against Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
wang was on fire in the Game 1 Braxis Holdout match. Playing Anub'arak, wang used his stuns in perfect timing to pick up first and second blood, all within the first four minutes of the game. Opting for Locust Swarm at level 10, wang was breaking the meta while breaking his opponents. This talent allowed wang to survive through the enemy Malfurions Twilight Dream, Uther's Divine Storm, and Ragnaros' Sulfuras Smash at the 14-minute mark. With Super Perfect Team having a super hard time killing wang, Game 1 was in the bag. Game 2 had wang playing Chen into SPT's team who only featured one stun, a Dehaka Drag. This meant that Game 2 was wang's playground, as he leaped and bounded all over the map, harassing his opponents while drinking the good brew. With no short cooldown interrupts, wang was literally unkillable yet again, especially since he opted for the triple pandas at level 10. Despite wang's phenomenal performance, Game 2 ended in a loss.