Yqi Dong 
Medium-sized victory
August 29, 2017
Infinity had his share of good and bad plays in the 1-1 against Hots Lady in the HGC China Phase 2.
Infinity had a pretty rough Game 1 on the hero Falstad, falling prey to a Temporal Loop shortly before the second objective on the map Sky Temple. With this death, RPG was not able to contest the objective, falling behind in experience despite their best efforts. While Infinity had barely any great plays to speak of, he did have one good Gust in the last fight of the game at the 18-minute mark. With Loktar morphing into his Odin form, the entirety of Hots Lady was preparing to burst him the moment the transformation was complete. Noticing this, Infinity was able to Gust them just far enough away that Loktar was able to use his Run and Gun to completely dodge the enemy Uther's Divine Storm. Game 2 had Infinity playing Chromie with similar success to Game 1. He was never really getting out enough damage, while still not being the weakest performer on his team. Infinity's best play was at the nine-minute mark, when he was able to land a perfect Temporal Loop combination onto the enemy Tracer. The only reason this worked was because of the impressive coordination between Infinity and Wang on Anub'arak. With Wang following up with the necessary lockdown, RPG were actually able to pick up a much-needed kill on the enemy Tracer.
Abusive cyber ninja
July 31, 2017
infinity got away with a lot in the 1-1 round robin to Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
infinity abused Genji in Game 1 on the map Braxis Holdout. Using the hero's insanely powerful kit, Infinity moved from to bottom lane in record time. This was largely due to the level one talent choice, Agile Dismount, which allows Genji to use his trait to dismount at a larger range and on a shorter cooldown. Infinity's best plays were in his synergy with loktar and Wang, with all three players engaging from far away to take their opponents by surprise. This dive composition was extremely deadly and Infinity was able to clean up all the low health targets in team fights with Dragon Blade and Swift Strike. Game 2 was a big struggle for infinity as he was never fully able to use Li-Ming to burst down SPT's backline. This was largely due to SPT running a Medivh and Arthas. Arthas who blocked Li-Mings damage with his undead army, and Medivh with Force of will.