Yqi Dong 
Abusive cyber ninja
July 31, 2017
infinity got away with a lot in the 1-1 round robin to Super Perfect Team in the HGC China Phase 2.
infinity abused Genji in Game 1 on the map Braxis Holdout. Using the hero's insanely powerful kit, Infinity moved from to bottom lane in record time. This was largely due to the level one talent choice, Agile Dismount, which allows Genji to use his trait to dismount at a larger range and on a shorter cooldown. Infinity's best plays were in his synergy with loktar and Wang, with all three players engaging from far away to take their opponents by surprise. This dive composition was extremely deadly and Infinity was able to clean up all the low health targets in team fights with Dragon Blade and Swift Strike. Game 2 was a big struggle for infinity as he was never fully able to use Li-Ming to burst down SPT's backline. This was largely due to SPT running a Medivh and Arthas. Arthas who blocked Li-Mings damage with his undead army, and Medivh with Force of will.