Yibo Zhao 
Hots Lady
Bad heroic choice
August 29, 2017
Lius made some questionable talent choices in the 1-1 against RPG in the HGC China Phase 2.
Lius started off Game 1 exceptionally well, using Dehaka's Drag to perfectly grab the enemy Falstad after 365's temporal loop on Chromie. This split-second precision and timing was incredibly impressive. If Lius was off by the slightest fraction of a second the enemy Falstad could have Barrel Rolled away. Opting for Adaptation at level 10, Lius never seemed to use it correctly. A prime example of this was in the last fight of the game, when Lius instantly activated Adaptation when there was literally no one nearby who would have done any significant damage to him. With this heroic completely wasted, Lius would eventually fall without accomplishing anything significant. Game 2 was a strong showing for Lius, as he played the hero Sonya with some good finesse. In the midst of the teamfights Lius did what Sonyas do best: stay in and cause as much havoc as possible. Without RPG running any significant stuns, they were not able to stop Lius from sustaining through the majority of the late-game teamfights.
At the mercy of his support
August 1, 2017
lius only played Illidan in the 1-1 round robin match against eStar in the HGC China Phase 2.
lius really struggled in Game 1 to make anything happen. Opting for Metamorphosis, lius was able to make some serious plays, dodging the enemy Malfurion's Twilight Dream at the nine-minute mark. Unfortunately, Pomii was playing like absolute garbage and was never in a position to land the much-needed Ancestral Healing. Due to Pomii's positional errors, lius would end up dying far too many times without even receiving the slightest heal. Game 2 was a different story with lius opting for Hunt on Illidan. Playing one of the bigger maps, Infernal Shrines, lius would be able to use his Hunt to effectively soak like a global hero, keeping his team one step ahead in experience. lius' best play was at the 13-minute mark, when he was able to hunt a low-health Cassia for an easy kill.